Is Time Under Tension Important For Muscle Growth?


  1. Great video Sean. Glad you're not on the TUT bandwagon like most coaches. There's no need to intentionally go slow on any rep and if the weight is already challenging, you'll naturally bring down the weight in a controlled fashion on the eccentric. Counting seconds between reps will surely keep a person weak as a kitten.

  2. sean, ive been  getting good consistency. increasing weight slowly, seems i hit  a wall and lost strength in all exercises by about 20%. its stressing me out, now to get back to the heavier weights i was lifting. what could be the explanation for this loss in strength ???

  3. When I look around the gym I rarely see anyone utilizing intensity of ANY kind. If you need to count seconds to get your intensity up then by all means do it.

  4. time under tension works very well. however, one needs to understand that the tempo should not change it should be 1-0-2/3. sometimes that TUT will take you to over 12 repetitions and anything up to 20 repetitions. The positives are when you want to stop your set and see that you still got 10 seconds to go and dying in pain, the neural and metabolic stress is massive and it forces growth. In saying that, yes once you find that golly locks set range you do not need TUT as you will mostly end up in it anyway. I would suggest people to try it. But do not sacrifice load, keep the load reasonably high (ca 70-80RM)  

  5. This guy is great to listen to he explains everything clearly and he's easy to understand especially for newbies, keep it up!!

  6. thanks for the information 🙂 question: is it beneficial to leave the arms in an angle to keep the stress on the muscle between reps or should you just stretch your arms full out?

  7. Thanks for the video. Quick question, I do farmers walk around my neighborhood for about 8 minutes with 50lbs in each hand (I weigh 130lbs). Should I opt out for heavier weight and shorter distance?

  8. Hey Sean what do you think about the 15-20 rep range? I seen alot of bodybuilders use this method in their training. Contracting muscles seems more ensential than heavy weights. Would such training be good while going from a bulk to a cut? Let me know bro thanks.

  9. get a stopwatch and put 3 mins on it. pick a weight around 5-6 reps. start the set and the clock when you fail stop the clock. rest as long as you want. when you start again start the watch. keep going to failure until the 3 mins is up. that's real tut and the gains will be amazing.

  10. I always bench and curl heavy but I do about 10 reps and about 4 sets, should I start doing less weight and focus on doing a larger amount of reps? my goal is to gain strength but also get ripped and bulk up some more

  11. but isn't hypertrophy strength anyway? size will equal strength surely.
    john breznk had big arms AND is incredibly strong.

  12. Garbage. Work until you freakin' drop every time you hit the gym. Boil the muscle you're working. If you don't know what that means stop going to the gym because you're just playing.

  13. Like your channel but here you are confused and confusing. To begin with TUT (time undef tension) is mainly a general principle like overloading. In my reading of TUT I have never seen it discussed as a rigid time based training protocol with a stopwatch (although sure it's out there). Your not understanding and then making this distinction just adds confusion. And yes there is no specific research about the protocal but use your brain → there is no research anyone can make conscious deductions either. So we must plug along.

  14. The reason why fitness industry makes so much fucking money is because people like to over complicate simple fucking things.

    Choose a wight that will force you to go BALLS TO THE WALL around the 8th rep without breaking form.
    Do 4 sets of 10 reps of said weight.

    It's that fucking simple.
    You're welcome. Don't skip legs and do your damn cardio!

  15. I never go for time under tension
    It makes my recovery hell because my tendons and muscles are so swollen after it
    And i never made better gains from it
    Total work load>tut

  16. Been 7 years since I’ve been watching videos like these on YouTube. They all have people saying things that make sense, backed up by research and all have people in the comments who are true believers in what’s being said in the video. The only problem is that they are stating contradictory things. For example, just before watching this video I watched another where someone who has a PhD and the physical appearance to back up his claim, was demonstrating how time under tension is THE best way to build muscle. This video here says TUT is not what matters. Other videos will tell you only increasing the load for 10 reps is what matters. Other videos will say volume is the only thing that matters, others will say going to failure is what matters, and so on. It could drive a sane person crazy, honestly. Based on 15 years of lifting I can personally say the best for muscle mass and strength gain is to lift heavier and heavier over time. I tried failure and high volume for about two years each. I haven’t tried TUT yet. Going to try it for the first time tomorrow. I’ll give it a few weeks to a month and see how it goes. Then I’ll know for sure, which video on YouTube is telling the truth lol.

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