Is Red Wine Good for You?

Hey guys. Dr. Axe here, doctor of functional
medicine and founder of In this video I’m going to answer the question, “Is
red wine good for you?” Also answering the question, is red wine fattening and talk about
the health benefits of drinking red wine. You can see here I’ve got a bottle of red
wine from Italy here. My wife and I a few years ago took a great trip to Tuscany. I want to talk about again, is red wine healthy?
And the answer is yes and no. First, let me talk about why it is healthy. First off, we
know that red wine or grapes themselves around the skin of the grape is packed with an antioxidant
called resveratrol. Resveratrol has been shown to improve eyesight. It’s been shown to be
a powerful antioxidant that fights cancer. It’s also been shown to be protective for
the brain as well as for the heart. So it’s great for anti-aging. It’s great for
lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. It’s a key element of what’s known as the Mediterranean
Diet. So red wine can be very beneficial. Number one because of the antioxidant, resveratrol.
There are so many benefits we know of resveratrol, which is one of the world’s most powerful
antioxidants. Also, red wine, to answer the question, is
red wine fattening? The answer is typically no if it’s consumed in small amounts. It contains
another phytonutrient called piceatannol. This antioxidant specifically has been shown
to help your body burn brown body fat. So actually red wine, sipping very small amounts
can actually help your body burn body fat because of its unique phytonutrient compound,
its unique antioxidants. So again, red wine . . . and by the way there
are many medical studies proving, in fact when I did research online, I found over 20
showing that red wine in long term, double blind study benefits can have great benefits
for the heart, for the brain, for weight loss, for anti-aging. We’re talking about some great
benefits here when we’re talking about red wine. Now here’s the warning I want to give. When
we see benefits of red wine, typically it’s a glass a couple days a week and it’s not
drinking in excess. This is really where wine becomes damaging because one of the other
counterparts you have in wine is not just the great antioxidants, but it also is carbohydrates
as well as alcohol. If you’re over consuming alcohol that really starts to burden the liver. Now jumping back to benefits here. A very
small amount of alcohol in your diet, which is probably the equivalent of maybe a half
a glass of red wine, doing that small amount or even less than that actually stimulates
your liver. In Chinese medicine it’s known to increase liver chi or help with liver stagnation.
So if somebody struggles with constipation or if somebody has low energy, just a small
amount of red wine, again, half a glass or less can benefit detoxification of your liver
breaking down bile. But if you’re doing more than probably half
a glass and without a doubt if you’re doing more than one glass of red wine it becomes
very toxic to the liver. So really that actually slows down liver detoxification or actually
overburdens the liver and causes accumulation of toxins in your body which will also increase
fat storage. That can increase your cholesterol levels long term because your liver is not
only responsible for detoxification, it’s also responsible for producing cholesterol
and creating bile which breaks down fats. So here’s the answer. Is red wine healthy
and is red wine fattening? If you’re doing a small amount, a half a glass a couple days
a week or the equivalent of two glasses total a week, yes red wine can help you burn fat
and lose weight. Red wine has tremendous health benefits for the heart and the brain. But
if you’re over consuming red wine, even let’s say two glasses at one sitting, that is over
burdening the liver causing toxicity. You will cause weight gain, heart issues and liver
toxicity. So again, it really is all about how you’re
drinking your vino. If you’re doing it in a responsible manner, again having just a
little bit, a half a glass with a meal a couple days a week, it is fantastic for your health.
But if you’re overdrinking, and this goes for any alcohol especially if we’re talking
about two glasses or more, that really starts to build up toxicity on the body which really
is going to not only negate the benefits but is also going to cause long term health issues. I hope this has helped answer the question
for you, “Is red wine healthy?” And I hope you have learned some of the health benefits
of red wine. By the way, if you want to learn more about the benefits of red wine, go to
my website I’ve got a lot of other super foods on there. By the way, I’ve got
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here to the YouTube channel. This has been myself, Dr. Axe, talking about
the many benefits of red wine and answering your question, “Is red wine healthy?”


  1. So in short, THE MAXIMUM a person can have of alcohol is either, 1/2 serving every OTHER day, or 1/4 serving every day. I believe this IS the best health advice re alcohol I've ever heard of! THANK YOU DR. AXE.

  2. Good for rodents, lab animals & French wine merchants but not human consumers. The so-called "resveratrol fiasco" shows false studies & studies based on manipulated scientific data. I believe that science and religion are wings of truth but this "doctor of natural medicine" needs to look deeper. "Beware lest ye exchange the Wine of God for your own wine, for it will stupefy your minds, and turn your faces away from the Countenance of God.. ~ Baha'i Faith

  3. Thank you very much Dr. Josh Axe for your neutral and unbiased professional advise/comments on Red Wine. In facet, people like you are helpful for the humanity…showing both sides of the picture.

  4. From my Owen experience so far it been going almost 3 months now it’s cost $$ but worth. 2 bottle or less is better of red wine every night with nice taps !!! Blue cheese & row celery nice marinaded steaks. MR
    It reduce the stress & anxiety
    You start feeling some sort of power and energy up your body with high temperatures
    You become hyper and chill on the seam time.
    Wise and mature.
    basically it change your life style to be more happy with your self in good way..

  5. I am late here, but I hope answer doctor, I drink one bottle every Saturday, only that in a week. Is that danger??? If that is danger, what about them who drink bottle spirit??

  6. I can have and finished a whole bottle of redwine almost every night. So will I die early? I have insomnia and wine really helps me to sleep.

  7. Yea -red wine will def load on the pounds – I put 30iibs on from 2-3 glasses most days !

    I’ve cut way BACK , and now it’s coming off !

    So the “ 2 glasses a day “ is not a great idea for weight nor health , I’m sure !

  8. Studies has shown in the last 15 years that Welches 100% grape juice gives you the same results as red wine. With out getting buzzed, that's what most like more the the Health results.😂🤣😂🤣😂

  9. Is it the concentration of grapes? Can't we eat berries and grapes instead? I had a small amount yesterday…

    Is it the process of making wine?

  10. Dr Axe, could you specify pls how many half a glass of wine per week? (small glass wine) is there a specific flavor of wine? Or what kind of wine. Thanks

  11. I have noticed that Red wine helps my breathing issues.

    You have not touched on the chemical side of this which many of those toxins are in wine, due to spraying the grapes. Do you know which places or wines that are organic?

  12. Only Mormons & dumbass's think that one only drinks because something bad happened, I drink for health & celebrative purposes only. If I'm stressed I can just find someone to have sex with lol

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