Is it ADD or a Vision Problem? | Wow Vision Therapy

Im Madison’s mom and we’ve come to vision therapy to help Madison out. Personal work just was not where it
needs to be. A lot of teachers thought that maybe she had ADD and I spoke with
teachers and a lot of them just said, “She was unable to focus in the classroom.. …She was fidgeting a lot.” So that’s when we went to the doctor, for ADD, because that’s what we thought and Dr. Wykoff actually did the visual examination and said, “No. She has convergence insufficiency.” She complained about headaches, quite a bit. More so when she was reading or after she played soccer. I mean, after soccer games she complained of headaches. Vision therapy is miraculous, I’m just
so glad we came here. The changes in Madison has just been dramatic! The other night, I woke up it was 1am in the morning and I looked down the hallway
and see Madison’s lights on. So I walked in her room and I looked over and she was reading and she had been reading for at least a good three hours. No headaches. It just made her feel
more confident in herself and that she can go out and just accomplish whatever
she wants to. We’re really looking forward to the school year and seeing what it
brings and seeing what she accomplishes. She’s excited too, she’s really excited.
She said sitting in class, it’s phenomenal, when she reads she doesn’t have to worry about reading out loud in the classroom. Before, when
she would read out loud, she was afraid that words would switch or she just
wouldn’t get it right. Now she doesn’t have that problem.

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