*music* Bro IPL is going to start No i dont see that stupid game My mind gets f**cked up How is that bro? I will tell u bro, u first play Intro *music* Yuvraj Singh was my favorite player I used to wore the shirt of the team in which he played He was in Punjab by the time i wore Punjab’s shirt he went to Pune Team *music* By the time I bought Pune’s shirt he went to Bangalore team *music* By the time I bought Bangalore’s shirt he went to Delhi team By the time I bought Delhi’s shirt he went to play for Hyderabad *music* Then I decided to sit Naked while seeing the match *music* As stupid this game is Their team names are that stupid too Mumbai Indians comes 1st to my mind Bro why don’t u decide whether you are playing for Mumbai or India And what do u mean by Mumbai Indians? Mumbai will definately be Indian Have u ever heard of Mumbai Japanese? Mumbai Chinese? Mumbai Afghanistani? Mumbai Nepali? There was Team in Ipl What was the nameee? Yeah, Decan Chargers What charger ? Which type of charger? Mobile charger or laptop WIll this charge my phone’s battery? Stupid Name! The Comes “Kings XI Punjab” Bro tell me? In which kingdom there are 11 kings? 1 queen of 11 kings Actress Preeti Zinta Who’s married 12th king. Then we have Kolkata Knight Riders Wht type of Riders are they? Horse rider, Bike Rider And why they drives in Night Only? DO they become Blind in day time? Control Bhai Knight Means soldier. What Soldier, Their soldier left for delhi team. *music* Then comes IPL songs First, Mumbai Indians , we will shake the world! No Shake it, World is our dads property, Shake it. *Indian Humor* Shake The World ! Then Rajasthans Song, Halla bolllll, Halla Bolll What Halla bol man? what Halla bol? On what we have to attack[halla]? Are they here to play or to fight for Maheshmati Kingdom *Indian Dialogue* I remember when Farah Khan used to promote IPL like this *IPL Promotion Song* Don’t just watch? What more should I do? Should I j**k 0ff by seeing Chris Gayle *music* Once I was watching IPL on tv My Mother asked which match are u seeing? I said Kolkata She asked, “What is India’s Score?” *music* And when Robin Uthappa was in full form I started to Cheer him, Uthappa!Uthappa!Uthappaaa!!! My Mom brought Four Plate Uthappa for me… *music* I wanted Chicken to eat,but had to eat Uthappas I did shit of Idli in the morning Once I was seeing Chennai’s match on tv with my retired Grandfather Old Guy Triggered, Saying how dhoni went to Australia’s team? Then I decided, I will never watch IPl at home, My mind gets Fu**d Up. *music* I get so upset of Sponsors during IPL There are more sponsored than players name on T shirt. Last night my granny was asking, who is this person name JIO (Its Brand) Everything is sponsored in IPL. Stadium, Boundary Line, Ground, Umpire, bat, stumps, cap, shirt, pant Underpants could be sponsored I Think? I think they do sponsored shit at morning. Sponsored by Phatanjali (Indian Aayurvedik product) Vodaphones pet ZOO ZOO comes randomly in match for no reasons. Indian style rant makes different types of noise, I get confused that it comes from mouth or a*s And i never understood their ad, makes me crazzy Control bhai, control Leave the cricket, come lets watch Tom And Jerry Hey, i have to go for playing IPL bhai IPL? Funny Long form of IPL (Fart competition) where, people comes from other countries and show us their power of FART And you show me your hands power by breaking that like button If your are new then please subscribe. This video is only for Entertainment purpose I Love the IPL *Outro Music*


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