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  1. Extrovert in that I love meeting new people! However, I dislike when people talk too much nor am I one who talks a lot. People often mistakenly judge that I'm shy — not true. I'm just quiet at times and don't see a need to talk needlessly about nothing.

  2. This narcissist acts like extroverts are arrogant and annoying. Well we can be but introverts are definitely less self aware.

    Extreme extrovert here, grown and raised by extroverts, and I'm here to tell you that yes most people are ambiverts, and more people tend to "think" they're introverts.

    As an extrovert who knows exactly who i am, (I'm in my early 20s so this is rare) i have no trouble sparking conversation with legit anyone, but you'll realize the wide range of social skills everyone has. Specifically the social skills that most introverts and even ambiverts LACK. personally would consider most introverts to a be a little lazy, socially, and closer to an animal with how little they actually think about other people and how self concerned they are. It shows a lack of awareness of the greater picture.

  3. extrovert with depression and anxiety here. i love being around people at school but i feel like they hate me. i hate being alone by myself but feel like nobody judges me but me.

  4. I feel like I’m an introvert with extrovert tendencies. I like being alone but at the same time I want to go hang out and go outside but for some reason I can’t bring myself to do it. I think it’s my social anxiety and depression that cause this.

    However, although I want to be an extrovert, I’m glad I’m an introvert because of the nature of the social interaction. I love being a great listener and being able to observe everything and understand everything that’s going on when other people don’t catch it.
    I hate small talk and to be honest I feel as if an introvert friendship with an introvert is one that is so connected and amazing and actually has deep meaning.
    I’d rather have close relationships with friends than casual small talk all the time with multiple friends.
    However, I still like meeting new people, but I often don’t approach them because I’m shy and socially anxious.

  5. Is it just me or did she talk slower and softer during the introvert portion and louder and faster during the extrovert portion.

  6. I get hyped when I’m with a couple/one friend but when I’m with a big group of people that I don’t know or any social interaction with people I don’t know makes me want to kashoot myself.
    At the same time I can’t handle being alone.

  7. I find that where I am on the spectrum depends on who I am with. If it’s a group of people that I know really well and am comfortable with, I can be very outgoing. If not, my introverted self comes out. At places like a bar where I may be with people for happy hour, I may not talk much, but I enjoy being present and listening to the conversations.

    Now in terms of group discussions….HATED them. I have specific memories in English class in high school where we had to talk a certain amount of times in order to get the participation grade that I needed for the assignment. I hated this for two reasons 1) It felt very forced with being put on the spot and 2) I never felt like I had anything to contribute, even with having done the work. So when I was chosen to speak, I felt like I was just “tagging along” with what others were saying, and just didn’t feel like I was adding any different perspectives to the conversation.

  8. I would say I’m mostly an extravert, but the older I get, the more I enjoy my alone time. I’ve taken the Meyers Briggs 4 times, and I get the same results. I’m learning it’s ok to have my own schedule and do things myself if no one else is around or available. I feel like I have more forced alone time than I want at times, since people just don’t seem to be available in my life. It’s funny because the Meyers Briggs test has 4 letters, and we spend so much time worrying about extrovert/introvert. The reality of it is that you should just be comfortable in who you are! Americans spend way too much time glorifying extroverts. It almost seems like a cultural advantage of some sort. There are great things introvert can do that extraverts cannot. Let’s praise our differences and see them as strengths instead of tearing ourselves down.

  9. I'm a very social introvert. I'm the only person my friends know that likes to go dancing and clubbing, but
    I also need my alone time, for reading, walking in nature, and just thinking.

  10. I was given a an assignment of which I had to represent In class to my fellow students however I was given this brilliant topic to tackle about introvert and extrovert personality .~# I guess am I hold introvert personality lol

  11. I have been analyzed as an extreme introvert, and knowing myself I can see why (Edit: No, I'm not insane. Sorry to disappoint, Mr Jung). But what I wonder about is, could it be that being an introvert is somehow connected to internalized shame and lack of trust in yourself? What I wonder about is, is being an introvert healthy or the result of bad upbringing and experiences? The result of trauma? That's what I'm wondering about. I find it very hard to do anything on social media too by the way, though I am sure I'm not the only one.

  12. I'm definitely an introverted person and just by hearing about extroverts made me feel exhausted and anxious… hahahaha

  13. This whole introvert/extrovert thing seems a little confusing. It's seems that you can't really be one or the other. Some people are extroverted or introverted in certain situations more so than others. This isn't like were talking about a personality disorder, where personality traits seem to be the topic but instead, where talking about behavioral preferences (so it seems to me).
    Some people like to be alone more than others but this could be due to depression / mental illness or a learned behavioral preference.
    A person that talks a lot seems more like a personality trait but all of us are capable of that under the right stimuli or social stimuli but it's also learned behavior as well.
    Where I'm going with this is, maybe this isn't so much about personality as it is learned behavior. Very controversial, I know.

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