Intervene Early to Prevent Psychosis

psychosis is rarely talked about yet it
affects roughly two to three percent of the population and although this may seem like a small
number in a county like Contra Costa as many as thirty thousand people could
be suffering with psychotic disorder many of them young adults our guest today Dr. Ebbert Lead Psychiatrist with the first hope
program says many of these cases could have been prevented with early intervention Dr. Ebbert, can you tell us what is
psychosis? Pychosis actually refers to a symptom that
involves a loss of contact with reality the kinds of symptoms that people
usually notice are a really uhm profound decrease or change in functioning so that the person becomes much more withdrawn or unable to do
their schoolwork they seem to be overwhelmed and overloaded uh… s
perceptual changes usually begin with sites uh… light being too bright sounds being too
loud uh… uh… sometime sleep is altered people
uh… often find that they’re mind just does
not seem to be working right something just doesn’t doesn’t seem right. Can you tell us how
do we prevent psychosis? Intervening very early uh… when symptoms are relatively mild
can really alter their long-term prognosis for young people who are showing signs for signs of mental
illness uh… we used to take a wait-and-see
approach now we know that they had focusing very early on uh… symptom alleviation stress
reduction and sometimes the addition of small amounts
of medication can be very beneficial to young people hank and in many cases keep
them from ever developing a mental illness Well thank you for that very important
information. and thank you for watching Contra Costa
Health Services’ yourhealth.

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