INEXPENSIVE AESTHETIC POLAROID DIY (present, room decor); how to edit pictures like a polaroid

hello everyone! I’ve always liked a look
of pictures taken on Polaroids so I’m gonna share a simple, inexpensive, but
really sentimental DIY that literally makes an amazing present. it’s so fun and
aesthetic and I’ll explain how to edit the pictures, print them out, format them,
and put together the project as well. so for this project you’re gonna need
string. I chose this nice textured one because I felt like it would add a
little bit of extra texture to the project, some paints so you can paint
your clothes pins, some wooden clothespins, and some pictures which I
will show you how to edit and format in just a second.
so I edited all my pictures on VSCO cam (which is an app) and this is because I wanted them to look like they were taken from a Polaroid. I can’t say this is exact but
it’s pretty close and the pictures look great. you want to choose one of the HB
filters and the ones I’m using are completely free.
I chose the HB2 filter because it looks nicer with the colors in my demo
photo but you can choose the first HB filter if you like. so you’re gonna want
to decrease the exposure after you’re done choosing your desired filter. keep
in mind that every picture is different so your edits may not match to mine
exactly. after that, increase the skin tone and
add a very little bit of contrast. to balance it all out add some fade and
increase the yellow shadows just a little bit. I added a tiny bit of grain
as well. once you’re done with the editing send your pictures to your
computer to format them and print them out. okay so to format the pictures I
used a website called Canva and I really recommend it it’s free and has such
amazing options that you can use for school projects or anything you want to.
just go to the template that I have provided in the description box
and upload your pictures to Canva and adjust them as you like. once you’re done
go to the top and download them as a PDF. this part is very important because the
quality of the pictures is much better if you export it as a PDF and then
convert it to a jpg later. I made this template on canva because
it’s a four by six template which is a standard picture size and the red part
on the outer edges is the part that I’m gonna cut out because if you get a
smaller picture (on Walmart at least) it’s gonna be much more expensive so I wanted
to make this as cost-efficient as possible. the pictures come out really
nice but if you want to change the size of the pictures just make a copy and
adjust the white border and the picture area in the middle. once your pictures
are saved to your computer go online and search up PDF to jpg converter and
convert them to jpg’s again. I then went on to the Walmart Photos website to
print them out and I chose a matte finish, but you can use a glossy one if
you wish. as you can see the pictures are very inexpensive. I actually printed out
eight and they cost less than a dollar. while you’re waiting for your pictures
to arrive, paint your wooden clothespins. I painted mine a dark pink on one side
and let them dry for 25 minutes then I painted them a lighter pink on the other
side so the clothespins could be switched over depending on my friends
mood who I was giving the present to. when you’re finished painting the other
side let it dry for about 25 minutes as well. the painting part is completely
optional. I actually got all the paints at Walmart
for $5 and they even come with a plastic palette. I’m using a different one in the
video but they come with two paintbrushes as well and a pad of paper
to paint on, so it’s pretty good price. the wooden clothespins were about two or three dollars for twenty clothespins. so once my pictures arrived, I cut the red
part off the pictures and now I’m just putting them on a string with the clothes
pins to see how much string only to give to my friend. now I’m showing a few ways that you can
give them to your friend as you’re making a poster for their birthday you
can attach the pictures to the poster, using some of the clothespins I actually
just put the pictures, string, and clothespins in a bag with a nice note.
but you can choose how you want to give them to your friend. and that’s basically
it this project was easy and fun to make
and my friend loved it and the pictures too. here’s how it looks
if any of you attempt it let me know how it turns out! thank you for watching

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