Improve Eyesight with a VEGETABLE :)

Today I thought I’d talk about these purple
carrots. Can you see them? We gave that one a bit of a scrape with a
knife because they do have white skin, which hides the purple a little bit. Now these are fantastic. They’re beautiful baked. Anyway, way back in ancient times around the
17th century, the Romans in ancient Egypt, there were four types of carrot. There was purple, yellow, red, and white. Their first known cultivation was in Afghanistan
around the 10th century. However, later on the Dutch got a hold of
them and they interbred them. They wanted to create an orange carrot to
honour their king, King William of Orange. They crossbred the yellow and the red carrot
to make the orange carrot, but originally, people used to use the purple carrot. We’ve used these purple carrots at home. They’re absolutely fantastic. Don’t boil them, you must bake them. They’re much better baked because when you
boil them all the lovely red goes out. In that red’s a huge amount of beta carotene. In the orange carrot, they’ve tested it for
huge amounts of beta carotene as well, which is very, very good for your eyesight. It’s fantastic. I mean, have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses
on? I’ve never seen one. They eat heaps of carrots, so that must be
why. Anyway, these carrots, I’ve sold heaps of
them lately. People coming back for them and coming back
for them. Make sure you don’t boil them because all
the lovely purple goes out into the water. Bake them and it stays in there absolutely
lovely. Anyway, I thought I’d let you know about these
purple carrots which were the original carrots. Okay. Have a great one. Cheers.

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