Improve Eyesight Naturally with 6 Eye Exercises: Our Story and Tips

Hi guys! Today I wanted to talk to you about
eyesight: regaining eyesight and getting rid of those “eye crutches”. My husband and I
managed to improve our eyesight quite a bit in the last few years, and so this is what
this video is going to be about. It’s not that difficult, all you need is just a bit
of self-motivation and a bit of effort, and you can get your eyesight back, too. So let’s
get started. Three or four years ago we discovered this book called “The Secret Of Perfect Vision”
by David de Angelis. He’s an Italian doctor who had myopia or short-sightedness. He decided
to get rid of it naturally by using eye exercises instead of wearing eye crutches. And he succeeded!
So this book is all about what he learned in his journey. He’s not a doctor, he’s a
lawyer, so he had to prove his ideas. It’s all about different scientific data and experiments,
just to prove his point. But you don’t have to read the whole book. All you need is just
the part where he explains the exercises and what you need to do. Or just keep watching
this video and I’ll tall you what to do as well. This book is amazing. I highly recommend
it. If you have eyesight problems or if you’re a parent and your kid is developing eyesight
problems or is already wearing glasses, it’s brilliant. My husband at the beginning of
the experiment had around -5, and I had around -2.5 to -3. I’ve never really worn glasses,
just because I didn’t like the idea, and I don’t drive, so that’s OK. If I wanted to
drive, I would have to wear glasses. But just for every day life or for walking around,
for being at home, it’s perfectly fine. I’m glad I never started wearing glasses because
if I did, my eyesight would be much worse now. My husband managed to cut his prescription
in half, and now it’s -2.50 in one eye and -3 in the other one. So that’s amazing. And
I managed to reach around -1 to -1.5. So that’s also half of my prescription. But we’re going
to restart the exercising again because we took a long break. We both want to reach zero.
We really want to have perfect vision and I can see it in sight It’s totally possible,
you just need to persevere. So here’s my story. When I was around 11 or 12, they took all
of our class at school to the hospital for a check up. My best friend and I both had
the same kind of eyesight. it wasn’t very bad. It was probably around -3.5 or -4. But
the nurse scared us to death because she said if we don’t start wearing glasses right now,
we’re going to get blind in a year’s time or something like that. I was so scared I
didn’t even tell my parents about it for a long time, until they found out by themselves.
But basically, the moral is that I didn’t start wearing glasses because I didn’t tell
my parents, I kept going the way I was, and I never got blind, and my eyesight actually
got better and better with each year. Instead, my best friend started wearing glasses and
her eyesight got worse and worse and worse. Now I think she has around -6 or -7. The point
is when you’re a kid and your eyes are still growing, if you start wearing glasses, your
eyesight will definitely get worse until you stop growing. If you’re an adult and you start
wearing glasses, there won’t be such a huge difference. But if you’re a kid, it will definitely
make a huge difference. So if you are a parent and you have kids who are starting to develop
any kind of eyesight problems, please take them to eye exercises or teach them how to
do these eye exercises. But don’t buy eye crutches for them. Because if you do, their
eyesight will just keep getting worse. So definitely definitely definitely don’t do
that to your kids. But even if you’re an adult, you can still improve it naturally with these
exercises. Why are there so many people in the world still wearing glasses? I think there
are 4 reasons. So first of all, it’s all about the money, obviously. Selling prescriptions
and glasses is a huge business for companies. They make a lot of money from it, especially
if you buy designer frames, you’re going to pay probably at least 200-300 dollars for
each pair. Very often, when you go for a checkup, they will give you a stronger prescription
saying that your eyesight got worse and in that way they will sell you so many different
pairs of glasses in your lifetime. Reason number two is that not many doctors talk about
eye exercises. Apparently, in Eastern Europe they still do, and in fact when my eyesight
was bad, when I was a child, the doctors did mention that we should go to the eye exercising
classes, which I never went to. I really regret that because my eyesight would be perfect
by now. But in the Western world, doctors seem to not even know about them, not even
talk about them. They just give the prescription for glasses and that’s a real shame because
if you catch this early, it will be so much easier than if you wait until your eyesight
gets really bad with glasses and then you’re an adult, and then you have to do exercising.
It’s still possible, but it’s much harder, so why not catch it early. I just don’t get
it. So reason number 3 is that the society nowadays is all about instant gratification
and getting results right away, right now, right here. Nobody wants to exercise and make
an effort for 6 months until they can get any kind of results. Although with these exercises
you don’t even have to wait that long. You’ll probably start getting results in a couple
of weeks. But even that is too much for people. They don’t want to put any kind of work into
anything. You know, wearing crutches I guess is easier than trying to fix your eyesight.
And the fourth reason is that people are so defensive of their eye crutches for some reason.
I don’t even know why. When we found out about this and started having incredible results,
we started talking to all our friends about it. All the friends who were wearing glasses,
especially with stronger prescriptions, we started telling them about these exercises.
And guess what? They were getting angry and super defensive. I don’t even know why. They
were saying that glasses are a part of their identity, a part of their style, and they
don’t want to get rid of them. You know, that’s fine by me if that’s your style. But you can
just get glasses with simple clear glasses without any diopters. Why wear eye crutches?
That’s something I don’t understand. If that’s your style, keep it, but why do you need to
get the muscles in your eyes weaker and weaker by wearing glasses all the time? I just don’t
get it. But I don’t get many things, so that’s OK. The theory behind these eye exercises
is that your eyes are controlled by muscles, just like your heart and your lungs, and your
intestines, and most things in your body are controlled by muscles. When you look at things
far away from you or if you look at a notebook, different eye muscles are used. The thing
is that nowadays with computers and books, and studying all the time, we mostly use the
muscles in the near-sighted work. In this way, we don’t use the full range of our eye
muscles They deteriorate, they get weaker, they atrophy, and that’s how you get myopia.
I’m not saying that all eyesight problems are because of that because there are all
kinds of problems. But this is the majority. However, these exercises, according to the
author, will work for any kind of eyesight problems: for myopia or short-sightedness,
long-sightedness when you need reading glasses, or even glaucoma – it will prevent those things
or will help prevent any kind of age-related diseases of your eyes. But if you want more
information, just read the book. It’s really really interesting. it will give you lots
more information about this. Anything thing is that when you wear glasses and you go back
for a checkup, for a yearly checkup, very often they will give you a stronger prescription.
And that’s because I’ve noticed that often they give prescription that are stronger than
what you need to get perfect vision. You know that perfect vision is when you have 20/20
vision, but I noticed that when I got my prescription a few years ago, which I needed to drive and
I never got my driving license, but that’s another story. When I got my prescription
and I went back home, and I checked my eyesight, I actually had 24/20, so that’s more than
you need to have perfect vision, so I was thinking, “Hmmm, why are they doing that?”
And then I checked my husband’s vision with his glasses and it was the same. It was also
24/20. Why would they make you see more than you need to see? Well, my answer is that if
your eye crutches are stronger than you need, then your eye muscles will need to work less
and less, and then they’ll get weaker, and if they get weaker, the next time you go to
get a new prescription, you’ll probably need stronger glasses. And so they can see you
another product. I know that this is quite a strong accusation. It might not be like
that. But then why would they prescribe you a prescription that is actually stronger than
you need? I just don’t get it. If you yourself are an eye doctor or an ophtalmologist – something
like that, then please let me know because I’m really curious. I want to know why 20/20
vision isn’t enough I just don’t get it. There are two different kinds of exercises in this
routine. The first kind is stretches, like going to the gym for your eyes. It’s quite
fun. And then the second part is something called de-focusing or fucusing exercises.
So for the first type, there are 5 different exercises, and you need to do them every second
day. So you do them on one day, then the next day is a rest day, and then do them again
the next day. And you need to do them in the morning and in the evening, and each time
it will probably take you around 10-15 minutes. So it will be maximum 30 minutes every other
day, so it’s not that much. The first one is you need to stretch your eyes by looking
up and then looking down, looking left, looking right, and diagonally to all the four sides.
And you need to keep your eyes there for maybe around 10 seconds, as long as it feels comfortable.
Just until your eyes get tired. You need to go as far as your eyes will go. So if it starts
feeling uncomfortable and painful, that’s when you need to stop. It will probably be
quite difficult. I said it’s like going to the gym, but it actually is. My husband and
I were sweating like crazy at the beginning. It was seriously like a gym. But that’s normal.
A slight warning: you might get a bit of a headache for the first week two – that’s also
totally normal. It’s just because your eyes are adjusting and they’re getting tired. You
need to rebuild the muscle, that’s totally normal. But after those two weeks you’ll find
that you can work for so much longer without your eyes getting tired or without starting
to get double vision. I forgot to mention: these exercises also work amazingly well if
you’re astigmatic. I am an astigmatic, and these exercises helped a lot. The second exercise
is the same stretches, looking down, up, left, right, and so on, but with your lids closed.
it’s slightly more challenging, but it’s fun. It just makes you control your eyes so much
better. And then the third exercise is you need to do rotations with your eyes, but without
moving your head. You need to also go as far as your eyes will go. It will be slightly
uncomfortable, slightly painful, but that’s exactly where your eyes need to be. And you
need to do 10 rotations on each side, so 10 clockwise and 10 counter-clockwise. And then
fourth exercise is the same rotations, but with your eyes closed. This is quite challenging,
but doable. And then the fifth exercise is my favourite. You need to pick an object that
is close enough for you to be able to focus on it quite well. So in my case it’s the camera
on the tripod right in front of me. You need to focus on one part of that object and focus
on it really well. You need to rotate your head by keeping your eyes fixed on that object.
if you’re tired or if it’s evening time, you’ll probably find that in some places you’re getting
double vision. That’s definitely normal. It’s just because your eye muscles are tired, not
very fit yet. So don’t freak out, that’s normal. You’ll find that in a few weeks the double
vision will totally disappear and that’s just another proof that your eyesight is getting
better. If you do it in public, people might think that you’re mental, but that makes it
even more fun, doesn’t it? Yes! So these are the 5 stretching exercises that you need to
do. And now the second part is called de-focusing. For this, you need to take some kind of book
or a magazine. So I have a magazine here just for demonstration purposes. You need to put
it at a distance where you can still work out what’s written. It’s kind of blurry, but
you can still work it out if you try really hard. And then stay there trying to read and
you’ll notice that in a while, maybe in 30 seconds or a minute, you’ll actually start
seeing perfectly. Your eyes will get used to it. So once you reach that point, you need
to move that magazine or book slightly further away again until you again can just make out
what’s written. It’s blurry, but you can see. Stay there until your eyes start focusing
perfectly again, and then move it away slightly again. Repeat that for 30 minutes or so. Ideally,
you should do that every second day as well but to be honest we never did it that often
because it is quite time consuming. You need around 30 minutes to do that. So if you can’t
do it so often, that’s OK, do it whenever you remember, it will still be fine. Now,
if your prescription is around -3 or -2, then you need to get reading glasses of around
+2 and do this exercise with them. And that’s called anti-correction. If your prescription
is stronger, then you might have to do this exercise without wearing any kind of glasses
at all or perhaps get slightly weaker prescription, so let’s say if you’re -7, then maybe get
-3 or -4 or something like that. Just to get something that would make it more challenging
for your eyes. it will make them stronger. So that’s it really. It’s super easy. if you
do these two exercises, you’ll start noticing improvements very quickly, probably within
around a couple of weeks. Then you’ll start getting these flashes of perfect vision. i
totally freaked out when it happened once. I was just walking on the street and suddenly
I could read all the number plates of all the cars around me. I totally freaked out.
And then it went away after 30 seconds or so. But as you go along and as you continue
to do these exercises, you’ll get more and more of these flashes, they will be more and
more frequent, and they will also get longer and longer until you have perfect vision all
the time. Once your eyesight starts getting better, of course you will need a way to check
it for yourself. So what you can do is go to the link (I put the link down in the description
box) and download your own Snellen chart, print it out and put it in a well-lit area
where you can check your eyes. So in our old house in London, we used to have a garden
door with the glass, so it was really well backlit. We put the Snellen chart on it and
then we had a long corridor, so we could go 20 feet back and it was just perfect. But
you can set it up in your own home, too. it’s super easy. You just need good lighting. You
need to stand at 20 feet from that Snellen chart and you need to see how many of the
lines you can actually see. We used to do that every Saturday and every single week
there was improvement. That’s what I call instant gratification. And then when your
eyesight starts getting better, You’ll of course need to change your glasses quite often.
My husband used to change them every couple of months or every three months. So you’ll
need a really cheap place where you can get your glasses If you’re in Europe, there is
a really cool website called, where we bought all of the glasses for my
husband. They’re really really cheap. I think we used to spend between 10 and 15 pounds
on each pair That’s seriously cheap. If you go to any normal shop, you’ll spend at least
a hundred. So online shops are definitely the way to go. I know that there are lots
of them in the US as well, so it’s not a problem. When you start feeling that your eyesight
is getting better, when you want to order your new glasses, of course you need to have
a prescription to know your pupillary distance and so on. But try to get slightly less diopters
than you think you need because in that way your eyes will be challenged all the time.
And you’ll notice that in one month or so your eyesight will become perfect again. Your
eyes will get used to your glasses and that’s when you need to move on to a slightly lower
prescription again, and again it will be challenging, but in a few weeks’ time you’ll start seeing
really well again. And that’s when you need to change your prescription again. So don’t
be afraid to change your prescription to slightly less than you think you need. And also if
you’re just walking around the house or going for a walk, don’t be afraid to not wear glasses.
Give your eyes a chance to work without the crutches. It’s definitely going to help them
get stronger. So these are the life-changing tips I wanted to share with you today. it
honestly it changed my husband’s life so much, and it definitely helped me to regain my eyesight
as well. it works so amazingly well. I really really hope that you will give it a try. If
you do, I’d love to hear your success stories because my husband and I are obsessed with
this topic. So please let us know if you try it and if you have any amazing results. So
I hope that you enjoyed this video. If you did and if you know anybody who is wearing
glasses and you’d like to help them, then please share this video with them. I’d really
appreciate it and it would probably help somebody as well. So thanks so much for watching and
I’ll see you in my next video. Bye!


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  31. Hi along with the said stretching and Defocusing indoor exercises do the below outdoor Bates exercises for fast results.

    Outdoor Eye exercise 👁️
    Do these steps properly as mentioned below with out wearing glasses, daily morning between 7:30 to 8:30 AM when sun is not too strong.

    Out door exercises:

    1) shifting: 😉 👍-⛰️
    (near to far and far to near = 1shift)
    (Stay on near for 3 sec and on far for 3 sec and repeat)
    Only right eye 15 times
    Only left eye 15 times
    Both eyes 20 times
    (Shift slowly, do not do rapid shifting)

    2) palming: 🙈🤲
    Do palming for 5 min. (this is to relax your eye balls, While palming your palms should not touch your eye balls)

    3) solarization:☀️😑
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    4) swinging:
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    Try to avoid glasses as much as possible from now on. Try to avoid staring at computer screen or anything at short distance for long time, if in front of computer give brakes every 20 minutes and look at something at Least 20 feet far for 1 min.

    Keep your smart phone and laptop screen in blue light filter mode from 6PM to 6AM

    diet to be taken:
    Eat 1 carrot a day 🥕, take millets, spinach, nuts, beans.

    🤓->😀 in 3 to 6 months depending on how high your prescription is.

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  37. i have to do this exercise with out glasses or with the glasses ? lol sry for lame question but i need answer |||

  38. Can I improve my eyesight in 2 months? My right -0.75 left -0.25 and have vision 20/30 I need to get at 20/20 in 2 months for medical

  39. Mine is -5.25 in both eyes, better from 6. Something…after a traumatic car accident I had an eye injury and after and during rehabilitation and a 3 month coma I still needed to do eye exercises for an orbital injury and I wear contacts but would love love LOVE to not need them at all. I’ve had the same prescription for a long time and I have better than 20/20 vision

  40. What if I see very blurry in one eye when doing these exercises? should I wear glasses while doing the exercise?

  41. Thank you very much! You guys are angels. I just kicked my eyeglasses two weeks ago and I'm doing great. My eyes are perfect like eagle eyes. Thank you again. You are so blessed and loved! Take care. 🙏🙏🙏🌷🌷🌷❤❤❤👍👍👍

  42. Im still young (17) and i had very good vision until recently when i discovered i cant see very well at a distance anymore and i was very afraid of glasses cuz i know it damages your eyes over long periods of time. So here i am looking for other ways and i will try these.

  43. I don't use glasses at all even tho my vision is pretty bad.Do i really need new glasses with a wrong prescription or can I just do the exercises

  44. I'm late answering this, but about why they prescribe you glasses that are too strong is because when you go, you are nervous (of getting bad results) and when you get nervous, you don't see as well as when you're ok. So when you pick tour glasses, you're not anymore so they are too strong… untill your eyes gets lazy

  45. I have school in about 3 weeks and I can’t find my glasses:( I’m hoping to see results before then, my eyesight has gotten worse since I wore glasses for over a year! Will give my results after 2 weeks

  46. The eye doctor from late 30s tried to push bifocals on me even though to this day I can read without glasses.. till in my late 40s I gave in.. next pair I said NO. And I still can read without glasses.. they told me from age 14 that my eyes would improve.. they only got worse every visit.. they lie like regular Drs. I was doing this program a few years ago via Mercola I think but life got in the way.. going to try this again. Remember…avoid cataracts.. eat low on the glycemic index.. take K2 and co send calcium to where it should go and not our eyes knees arteries etc…

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