Icolour eye drops review

hi she won’t bite with another exciting
YouTube video so I’ve seen this on Instagram Facebook Twitter snapchat
people have basically posted about this product but
nobody has really tried it early you know reviewed it on YouTube really so I
thought I would it’s the eye color basically its
eyedrops that can change your eye color over a period of time the website says
six months but I think it might be a little longer than that but basically
this is all you get is the eye drops you put put two in your eye
two and each eye daily for six months and you know people people always say
this doesn’t work that this is a scam but they haven’t really tried it so you
know you can’t really say something really a scam or doesn’t work if you
don’t try it so I’m going to try it and I will be doing monthly updates to see
if there’s any changes throughout the month on my’s obviously you can tell
Mars or hazel here pretty but if this works in six months my eyes will be
brown so can we go let’s start this out I will see you in four weeks bye


  1. I am currently using them. And they seem to be working for me. If you read the bottle, it says it take 6-12 months for them to work. I will give it 6 months and see how it goes. I am on week 2, and i have seen a little bit of change, so i will continue to use them and see how it goes. If they don't work after 6-12 months i will discontinue them and get a hold of the company. Give it a try a little longer.

  2. I purchased 2 (two) bottles, It DOES Not work! i CAN ONLY ASSUME people who say it works are people who invented this/their families/friends.

  3. I've received mine on april 27 and my eyes gotten a bit lighter from 4 weeks ago, you have to be really patient and give it another 4-5 months depending on your eye color, I would imagine if you have lighter eyes the process should be quicker, if you have darker brown eyes you won't see much results after a full month so give it time.. Trust me i was very skeptical at first when i tried them.. as for lite eyez i heard a lot of really bad reviews on that product too. if you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me.

  4. I will be doing one last video on this and i will answer all question about this product thanks for all your comments

  5. this is crazy. I wishmy eyes were hazel instead of light brown.. and here she has what i dream of having but wants my color LOL. Grass is always greener eh.

  6. Hi..my eye color is hazel green..can i change my eye color to dark brown using this product..if yes..do reply😋

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