I Walked into Jesus’ Eyes in Heaven & Saw This… | Sid Roth & Kevin Zadai

My guest was shown God’s
plan for his life in Heaven. He wants to teach you
how to take a peek at your heavenly book
of life. Interested? Join Sid for this edition
of “It’s Supernatural!” [Applause] SR: Hi, I am here with
Dr. Kevin Zadai. For those of you
that don’t know Kevin, in 1992, he was
having a dental procedure, put to sleep and he
died and went to Heaven. And I have to
tell you, Kevin, one of the greatest
proofs for the skeptics, I’m sure there are no
skeptics watching me right now, of course, but one of
the greatest proofs I know of, of someone that died and
said they went to Heaven and came back was, he couldn’t
play any instruments. And today, how
many do you play? KZ: Right now Sid, it’s 14. [Applause] SR: Fourteen instruments. I remember when
I took lessons, and I’ll tell you
what, it’s not easy. It’s much better to
learn without lessons. So, you’re at a pastors
meeting, coffee shop, and something very supernatural
started happening. And they – these are
properly mature pastors that were there. KZ: But this is how The
Lord works sometimes. He actually walked in; I
saw Him stand behind the ministers as
they were seated. And in that time, the whole
atmosphere changed. And Jesus said
to me, He said, “Ask them, Kevin, how they
would live tomorrow if they knew they
couldn’t fail.” And He stood there waiting
for me to ask them. And I thought, you
know, at this point, they haven’t felt
the shift in the room. So, I did. I obeyed The Lord. And when I did, they
just looked at me.>>How would each of
you live tomorrow, if you knew that
you could not fail? KZ: And I explained to them
that the limitations had been taken off their
ministries and that it’s open Heaven now. And the Lord
was saying to us, we need to let The Holy
Spirit take us to Heaven and look at our
books. We need to pray in The Spirit.
We need to yield to The Holy spirit
because He’s our helper. He’s the one that’s going
to counsel us and show us. So, this is how it all
started with “It’s Rigged.” SR: By the way.
How did they take this? I mean, I can, there
are many pastors that unfortunately for
lack of better words, think they know it all. KZ: Yeah. Well, the thing that
was, it actually stunned them and, you know, that’s kind
of how it goes when you’re dealing with both realms.
This realm down here is a fallen world and
this realm is slow. And so that’s how
they responded to it. They had to let it
seep in for a while. But I can assure you that
that’s what The Lord is saying to everyone right
now in the Body of Christ, is that the limits have
been taken off and it’s your turn. That’s
what He’s saying. It’s your turn to jump in. [Applause] SR: He, He gave you a
phrase, that “It’s Rigged in Your Favor.” What does that really mean? KZ: Well, when I
was in Heaven, Jesus showed me that
everything was already written down before any of
my days came into being, that Jesus Himself wrote
a book about me before He breathed me into
my mother’s womb. And He let me walk into
His eyes and I saw myself being formed in
my mother’s womb. And I saw that the
book was already written. Now everybody has a
book, but if you become a Christian and you
engage with God, then you can ask God to
help you to fulfill what is the perfect will
of God, which is those things that
are written in the book. So, The Spirit of God
is a spirit of truth. He wants to engage every
believer and walk them right into the center of this.
The only thing is, is that, it’s so intense in the
perfect will of God that it causes you to go into
a breakthrough mode where you break through from
the enemy’s strongholds, but then there’s an
overthrow where you literally throw the tables
over that the enemy has set up. Like everything
that is against you starts to go into
an overthrow mode where the demons start to
fly out away from you because of what is happening
from the other realm. It’s coming into this
realm and manifesting. I’ve seen this happen. It happened to me, and
it’s starting to happen in our services and it’s
completely hands free. I don’t even have to
lay hands on people. The whole room fills up
with the glory of God. [Applause] SR: I’ve been in Kevin’s
meetings, and I can tell, well, not only, I mean, you
always carried the presence of Heaven because you were
there, wherever you go. But it appears to me, and
correct me if I’m wrong, there’s a real increase
going on in your life. KZ: Yes sir. And I believe
that this is for everyone, and I’m not claiming
to be anybody special. Jesus sent me back.
He sent me back to a generation that is
chosen at the end of this dispensation to show the
glory of God, to show God out so that everyone in the
world sees that we have a God who is most
powerful and mighty. He’s going to start visiting us.
[Applause] SR: I don’t know why I’m
so sensitive to this, but I see so many people
today, they’re trapped. They feel like
the victims, victims of circumstances,
victims of not enough education, victims of not
having good money, enough money,
victims of not being parented properly, and
they spend their whole life being a victim. When did you realize you
are no longer a victim? KZ: Sid, this is why you
notice a difference in my meetings, because
not that long ago, I woke up one morning
and what happened was is, I was going from breakthrough
to breakthrough. So, you would go
from breakthrough to breakthrough, but then
once you get through, then you need another
breakthrough and then you need another
touch from God. And the Lord said, “That’s
over with. We’re going into overthrow, which is permanent.” Which means that the enemy
starts to know who you are, and he can’t stop you.
He cannot stop you. And I realized that
morning Sid that I was no longer a victim.
I woke up one morning, I can show you where it
is in my house. I woke up and I saw into
the enemy’s eyes and he realized that he had lost
me. He no longer had any influence on me, and he
had become the victim and he doesn’t even
talk to me anymore because I give him a
whooping every day. SR: Did you hear Kevin?
So much truth just came out of your mouth.
There is a new victim in town. It’s called the devil, not
you. And did I hear you say you gave him a
whipping every day? KZ: Yes. Sid, I actually, was
told by the Lord to take a two by four spiritually and
just give him a good one over the head every morning.
So, I just wake up swinging just like Samson did
with that donkey jawbone. SR: I mean, seriously, I
want to get, I want to understand this. What do you
do when you wake up? KZ: The first thing out
of my mouth is I yell yes, because I’m saying
yes to my books. And it wakes my wife
up and then she says, yes, and then we go
into warfare tongues. And when we go
into warfare tongues, we start prophesying. And then I tell the devil
that because me and God are going to be
doing things today, you might want to
stay out of the way. And I start to remind him
about the Lake of fire. Or it’s getting really
hot; I heard these days. And I start to prophesy
his doom and I start to, to pray for people that their
eyes of their heart would be enlightened.
And before you know it, fire from the altar of God is
coming out of my mouth. And that’s how
I start my day. And me and my wife
just start praying in The Spirit, praying out
our books for that day. And we see miracles every
day. We have staff members that watch things happen every
single day, we have a miracle happen. It’s
because we’re synchronizing ourselves with Heaven. [Applause] SR: Kevin saw the plan
for creation of everything in Heaven before it
even began. Fascinating to see how a
human life was created. I want to find
out, be right back. [Applause] SR: Tell me about the time you
walked into the eyes of Jesus. KZ: Oh, that’s a good
one, Sid. I’m telling you. SR: I know it is.
That’s why I’m asking. KZ: Well, I kept looking
at His eyes because I was trying to figure out
what color they were. And I was listening to Him
talk and all of a sudden, He allowed me to walk
right into Him and I walked down inside of Him and I
watched Him think of me. And I watched Him form
everything that He wanted me to do in my life. And then He formed
me inside and then He breathed me out and I went
into my mother’s womb and now I’m standing before
Him in the same spot that He breathed me out of. And I saw that the whole
plan of God was already written and that this
is what He told me. He said, “Kevin, I’m
taking the limits off of you. There’s never been a time
that I’ve limited you.” He said, “No one up
here is limiting you.” He said, “We all love you
up here.” He said, “No angel that’s ever been
sent to help anyone, including you has ever thought they
were going to fail.” And He said, “You know the
Holy Spirit that you have inside of you?”
He said, “The Holy Spirit has never thought you
were going to fail. Everybody is for you.” And
something clicked in me. And so, when I started to
walk in this and I saw the devil start to realize
that he can’t pull it over on me anymore, he started
to back off in fear. And then He showed me,
that Jesus showed me. He said, “You got to take
fire from the altar every day.” So, I started taking fire
from the altar every day in prayer. I just pictured
myself just taking fire. And the angels
just love that. So, they start
coming around me. Before you know it, the
devil is nowhere to be seen. He doesn’t even show
up for any kind of an appointment anymore. And I
mean, I’m telling you, this is overthrow. This is where the devil
doesn’t want anyone to go. So, just so you know, He’s
told me to tell everybody. The Lord has told me to
tell everybody all over the world all the dirty
secrets of the devil. To tell that he doesn’t want
any Christian to hear this. It’s rigged in Your Favor. He does not want
anyone to know this. [Applause] SR: Now, Just so I
understand, when you say it’s rigged in your
favor, you’re saying because you have the
most wonderful, perfect plan for your
life all written out, and everyone in
Heaven is rooting for you, and there’s one liar
that’s trying to get you off of base. But if he can’t
get you off of base, what kind of life are
people going to have? KZ: It’s called favor Sid,
and it’s really not fair to the people that
are just looking on. They can’t figure you out,
but you start to move in this favor because I saw
that the devil tries to make everything look
random in a person’s life, but there’s no such thing
as randomness in heaven. And I saw that he is trying
to fool people into backing off. And I think that the most
important thing to hear here is, Jesus
told me that people, Christians, they back
off from the devil because they’re afraid he’s
going to come at them. And the fact of it is, he’s
not going to come at you. There’s a certain point
where he backs off because he’s looking for weak people.
And, the last time I checked, the redeemed of the
Lord are not weak people. [Applause] SR: Did you actually see your
book of life in Heaven and what does it look like and
what’s in there? KZ: Well, there are things
in there that God’s Heart has already predetermined. This is what I was shown.
It’s so extravagant. The Trinity, I actually
saw The Trinity, they met before they even created the
universes and the world. They met, and They said,
“We want to make someone that We can have
communion with, that We can walk with,
that We can talk with.” And They decided to
make man, but they decided to make him in
Their image, which meant that they had
to give them a free will, which was really a
risk because then, they could
actually change, and change their mind
and not walk with God. So that was the
biggest risk. So, Jesus volunteered
to be slain from the foundation of the world
according to the book of Revelation, because They
already knew that that was the risk and that
was what would happen. So, they met and
determine this. Then They made the world,
they made the garden for us. And the whole thing was
predetermined that The Spirit of God would be
there to always help man. And I saw the future, I
actually was in the future at the end with all the
saints that ever lived, and they were singing
the song of the redeemed. I already have been at the
end and now I’ve been sent back to tell people they’ll
make it. Let’s just go ahead and start engaging the
enemy and push him back. [Applause] SR: How the angels
assist us to fulfill what is written about
us, that is good, that is what we’re created
to do in that book of life. How do they help us? KZ: Well, they actually,
when they’re assigned to you, they get to read your
books and they actually get briefings and they
decide how they’re going to bring it into pass,
what is written there. So, if you are
operating in The Spirit, then they already have a
job that’s a lot easier. So when they come down,
if they start to hear you praying in The Spirit and
then prophesying to where it’s the Word of the Lord,
you can be repeating your book verbally, because you
pray in tongues a lot and when you pray in
tongues a lot, overthrow happens inside of you and
you start to prophesy. And then sometimes it’ll come
out in your known language. The angels hearken
under the voice of the Lord and they do His bidding. If they hear you saying
what’s written already that they’ve already read,
then they’re going to right away be engaging you.
I’ve seen angels grab me. They’ve actually literally
grabbed me and escorted me into my next phase.
They are here, they’re flames of fire and they
don’t take no for an answer. They are so diligent,
and they are so for us. They are wanting to
bring into pass the next transformation that has
to happen in our lives. SR: I have noticed you and
your wife pray in tongues as much as anyone
I’ve ever met. Is that still so important? I
mean, you’ve been to Heaven. You have all this revelation. Why do you spend so much
time praying in tongues? KZ: Because Jesus
told me, He said, the number one way
to participate in the supernatural is to
pray in the Spirit; to pray in tongues. And I have been
walking with The Lord. This is my 40th year of
walking with God and I can’t wait to wake up
to pray in tongues. And it’s like I just
got born again yesterday. It’s all brand new because
there’s new wine coming now when I
pray in tongues. Sid, every time I
pray in tongues now, I start drinking from this
substance from Heaven. I really feel that
coming on right now. Right now, I mean, I feel
the Spirit of prophecy on me and I feel
the new wine. I mean, I feel like I’m
intoxicated right now. I feel like I’ve got the
best that’s been saved for last, that Jesus has been
saving this bottle of wine from the other
realm, heavenly wine, for this time
and this season. And people need
to discern now. Just get over themselves
and engage God because there is mighty warring
angels that are ready to just engage
this next phase. [Applause] SR: I heard Kevin say he had
The Spirit of prophecy on him. When we come back, I want
him to open his mouth and speak it. Be right back.>>When Kevin Zadai,
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your check to Sid Roth, “It’s Supernatural!” PO Box 39222, Charlotte,
North Carolina 28278 Please specify offer number 9672
or log on to SidRoth.org. Call or write today! [Music] [Applause] SR: Kevin, what can we do
to fulfill our destiny? KZ: You do what I
do every morning. You wake up, you say yes,
and when you go to sleep at night you say, yes. And
you agree with God and you just don’t look
at your circumstances. Satan tries to build
things in people’s minds and in their life to show
them that they’re limited, and Jesus has already
announced that He’s defeated the enemy. He’s
made a show of him openly. He’s actually, He’s come to
destroy the works of the devil. And so, I engage God
from the other realm. He gave me The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit’s from Heaven, and He’s inside of us and
He doesn’t know failure. The Holy Spirit is a conquer. He’s an enforcer of the
blessing and we need to walk in the favor and
the blessing of God. That’s what I do every day.
What I just said, I rehearse that all the time.
Praise God! [Applause] SR: Would you
speak out of your spirit right now, whatever
God has? KZ: You just have to
understand something, that the end of this age
where everything is coming to a place where God
has to move again on the earth. That’s right now. You have to understand
something. In Heaven, there were
individuals that you would say were heroes
of the faith, but all those prophets, all the apostles,
everyone that’s ever lived in the cloud of witnesses,
they are cheering you on. They are waiting for you
because you were chosen at the end of this
age to wrap it up. And I’m telling you,
it’s time to go into an overthrow mode to where we
have the authority and we start to walk as sons
of God. Right now, in the Name of Jesus,
there’s lots of you, you can see that the
enemy has tried to pin you in, but it’s time to get
on fire from the altar. Right now, fire in
the Name of Jesus. You are set free. I break
witchcraft over your life. Now, the Spirit
of The Lord says, “You are ready
for promotion. Now you’re ready to listen
to what I have to say. Now I’m going to cause you
to walk as the prophets of old, you’re going to
have fire in your mouth.” The Lord is saying this
because there are many people who’ll be
called to prophesy, prophesy to your
world. The Lord says, “Shift your world
because I’m in it.” Says the Lord. “I’m in your mouth,
I’m in your spirit.” Fire coming out of your mouth
in The Name of Jesus. That’s what the Spirit of
The Lord is saying right now. [Applause] SR: What is going on in
the atmosphere right now? KZ: There is a whirlwind
of fire because it’s time, Sid. It’s no longer a
spectatorship. The Lord said that Israel
was in a spectator mode. It says they saw God’s
acts, but it says that Moses knew God’s
ways. I encountered God’s ways and I know what
He likes, and He likes fire. He likes, He likes – everything
is on fire in Heaven. He likes fire. He likes to
grill things. You know? He’s always cooking. You
know, He likes sacrifice. He likes to
smell burning flesh. So, it’s like as soon as
my flesh starts frying, He gets really happy
because He knows that I’m going to start walking
in it. You know? Do you understand that
this world doesn’t know what a Christian is yet?
They’re about to. They’re about to because we’re
going to be flames of fire. [Applause]. SR: Aren’t you talking to
everyone that is listening right now? KZ: Every single person. I
saw in Heaven that no one is left out. God has
already provided this because they
had a meeting before, SR: But there is a free
will and they can lead themselves out. KZ: That’s why I
was sent back. I was inserted back in
this generation from their future to speak to them
from the fire to get them encouraged into walking
out their books completely because there are so many
in Heaven right now that are cheering us on.
They have done their job, now they’re waiting
for us to finish ours. They are cheering
us on from the fire. There’s this fire in
that alter room right now. I can see it because
there’s sapphire floors and there was fire everywhere
and I got a dose of that. And when I came
back, Jesus said, “Don’t hold back.
Give it to everyone. Tell everyone that
the limits are off, that they can see
their books fulfilled.” Praise God. Hallelujah. [Applause] SR: I’m hearing you say that
everyone watching us and in the studio audience is
pre-programmed for victory. KZ: Yeah. SR: Pre-programmed to be
the head and not the tail, pre-programmed to have a
life of joy and peace. All you need to do
has been done for you. You need to receive Jesus.
[Music] You need to tell Him
you’re sorry for all the bad things you’ve done.
Believe His blood has covered them and removed
them and then ask Him to live inside of you and
be your Lord. You’re a winner! [Applause]


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    I love you believe you Lord
    And I wanna be close friend with you more and more

  28. I pray that the workers will be sent in Jesus name!!! Jesus reveal yourself to many people in Asia and other parts of the world, show them visions and dreams!
    My prayer 🙏🙏🙏❤️🔥

  29. God bless you more and more Sir Sid and Sir Kevin. I am so blessed with God is doing in your lives. Continue to be a blessing to others. Keep the fire burning!!!! I am so filled with the excitement of joy! God bless you in the mighty name of Jesus

  30. lord jesus…there is nothing impossible for u… plzz change my heart…iknw i am disobidient and iam a sinner…i also judge people but leave my heart…plzzz help me to read the scriptures fearfully and plzzz renew my strength ….i knw u will never leave me bcz iam weak…u r my father….don't leave me…. amen…. thankyou lord for hearing my prayer…🙇

  31. I watch you late at night and when I was a little I was like light. A week after my grandfather was blown out by trauma one my heart has stopped from a seizure that I have or not half an hour when my mom and my grandfather got up there I was sitting in the hospital bed like nothing had happened my mom was told that I would never walk I would never talk I've been told two times that I wouldn't make it through the holidays because my seizures I've been in two car wrecks survival one of them I hit my head I used to be a chronic migraine sufferer and now I don't have the migraine so I don't know but I believe God's real I believe Jesus is real and I believe in guardian angels cuz I know I have one the morning of the 25th of 2013 of March I told my husband before he was my husband to get up out of bed get dressed we're going to be getting a phone call about my dad he had cancer at the time he had stage 4 lung cancer and a type of stomach and I told him we're going to be getting a call from my sister I knew it I woke up I used to be able to my grandmother someone was coming to the house are used to be able to tell her that there be a phone call about two minutes later there's a phone call to minutes later someone will showing up

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