‘I Think I Was Too Trapped In My Head,’ Says Former News Anchor Of Her Previous Life


  1. crazy she is such a beautiful dancer too bad she can’t teach kids to dance as an outlet instead of all the prescription meds when your that high you are numb just on auto pilot

  2. husband: “staying up late is okay but staying up until 2:30 in the morning is the next day”

    me: * currently watches @ 2:30 am *


  3. She is a very intelligent and articulate woman and you see glimpses of it in the other clips where she almost interviews Dr.Phil. She's in an altered state of mind and has no idea how crazy she looks/sounds. It reminds me of being manic and all over the place but I feel if she got off adderall and had some therapy or other supports, she could have a way better quality of life. Even being sleep deprived or having bad nutrition/not eating enough will make you pretty squirrely and that's not even factoring the drugs and her unique brain chemistry and how it reacts to said drugs. I hope she gets the help she needs!

  4. If I didn't know she was on Adderall I would think she was on Meth. Constantly stimulated, her adrenals must be exhausted.

  5. I need me some adderall 😩 why do they give people with ADHD this I’m very confused aren’t they already hyperactive????

  6. i have add and stimulants literally have the opposite effect and is meant to slow us down so that we can concentrate.her drs irresponsible

  7. she’s so high, she literally has no real grasp on reality.. good god she’s even trying to normalize her addiction and making herself look insane while doing it

  8. Looks like that house would be cleaner as geeked up as she is!
    She's higher than a Georgia Pine!
    When she starts going through withdrawal from not being able to get it, she will regret she ever swallowed that first pill!

  9. Pls remember to not abuse medication. 🙁 it’s hard to watch people who intentionally abuse it for purposes beyond intended.

  10. Who is her Dr.? lucky lady, I have a Traumatic Brain Injury and my brain Dr. prescribed me Strattera for ADHD that I got from my brain injury. I asked for Adderall or Vyvanese but refused because of the weight loss side affect. The Dr's are supposedly doing the right thing for me.She got Adderall because she was depressed? So lucky!

  11. I related alot to when she said she couldnt feel certain thing and pills aloud her to feel.i used booze very much the same

  12. I’m on adderall for ADHD and I’m an adult. I don’t act or feel like this at all, I’m just leveled out. This is crazy. 🙁

  13. Just another example of rich white people getting the amount of drugs they want even when they don't need them. Dr. Phil why don't you discuss that problem?

  14. I've suffered from manic episodes in my life. I tried to clean my whole house at 11 at night then crash and get extremely depressed after. I used to think these episodes were good because I productive but then I went to thearpy and realized they were toxic and exhausting

  15. I'm an student with ADHD and I actually need my medication to function like a regular human being. It's incredibly frustrating to see people exploit medication like this.

  16. 90 mg of adderall could easily kill a person of her size. I accidentally double doses and took 60 mg (recently lowered my dose to 20 mg a day, but I was prescribed 30 mg XR since I was 11) and my heart was palpitating, I was aggressively sweating, I could almost feel my brain boil. At that dose she is doing serious damage to herself, and I hope this beautiful woman gains the clarity she needs to taper off this dose.

  17. Even though she is strung out from the medication, the way she articulated her numbness and entrapment from her younger years really connected with me. It comes off as very human of her to try and reconnect with those lost emotions and experiences. It's just unfortunate that her physician was so grossly misguided in prescribing her such a large dose.

  18. I think the husband needs some medication , madam don’t let them destroy this new beautiful person that is emerging a new rebirth like you put it

  19. She shows all the typical behaviors of an addict, the manipulative talk, BS everywhere, it’s all about her in her mind. No one else matters.
    She looks crazy. Her eyes say it all.
    My heart goes out to her husband.

  20. These are the kind of shows Dr. Phil needs to focus on. You can tell that this is a big wakeup call for this lady. Shame on the doctor who prescribed the med to her. I hope she finds healing and peace soon.

  21. You can tell by listening to her that she is absolutely manic. I’m talking about her just speaking to Dr Phil directly. She has rapid speech and rapid eye movement. When she does have her stroke, she’s going to face a harsh reality and trust and believe it will happen sooner than later. The brain can only handle so much of that.

  22. I fell asleep at two in the morning the other day and woke up at 4 in the morning and was up the rest of the day I feel like that's bad

  23. Adderall has screwed up everyone I know who has taken it. It shouldn’t even be legal to prescribe in my opinion.

  24. I get wanting to be quirky and wanting to feel free – but she's not doing anything but getting high and bouncing off the walls

  25. She looks bad but also the editing is awful. But this is a good example of meth addiction facilitated not by drug dealers but by doctors

  26. The worst trap to fall in when taking Adderall is not sleeping and eating normally. If you are getting good sleep, eating well and drinking a lot of water you can take a lot less and actually get a lot more done and function better. You just don’t get that initial rush from it, but this is me speaking to those who actually have adhd. If you don’t then believe me it’s not worth it

  27. Ngl, the husband‘s concern seems to stem from him wanting his hot wife back rather than actually caring for her wellbeing.

  28. I was addicted to Ambien and my family took me to 2 places for rehab and neither place took me. Said nothing was in my system. I had quit cold turkey about 4 days before and went without sleep for 4/5 days. I quit for a while then I was so tired I got back on. I realized I was doing it again so now I’m off of it. Part of my problem was I’d worked 20 years on nights then retired and couldn’t get on a day schedule. Addiction to anything is horrible. I don’t drink or smoke. Never have. I feel so bad for her

  29. Doctor phill please reach out and help Aaron Carter the pop star,
    He’s mentally de Railing and he needs serious help

  30. Please look into AARON CARTER
    He’s acting very crazy in the media and is saying his brother mi k Carter from the back st boys is trying to have him killed he needs serious help

  31. Your getting high on speed and running around like a chicken with its head cut off…lmao Dr.Phil calls it how it be

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