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  2. What happened to the comments that give tough love, serves her right, shes stupid!! celeb or not, never fuk with ur eyes man . ..

  3. I have naturally forest green eyes with a dark blue ring around the outside, and small brown anf yellow specks around the iris. I love my eyes 🙂

  4. You should never think you are ugly!! Everyone and everything is beautiful in their own way! You are all beautiful, please don’t ruin your body just because you think you’re ugly, because you’re not I hope you all start to love your body and your self. Have a great day/Night

  5. Its the most crazy things people will do for looks. Dont change your look like that, if there is nothing wrong with it. I understand people want to change things, if they have deformities or something.

  6. I had no idea anyone was doing this. As an artist, I know adding a tiny bit of blue clay to white clay makes it appear more white, but you can only add it 1 or 2 times and it'll still be white, after that it starts to turn blue. I'm not surprised this happened, this is prob the least of the dude effects these drops cause. I can see how it might work 1 or 2x, but over such an extended period of time, of course you should expect this. I'm glad there wasn't further damage to her eyes and that she got it taken care of. Let's hope this is a lesson to others that it's not worth the risk, this isn't safe to try at all (I won't even try contacts so I'd never try this- to be fair I've never been in her/others' position that she felt like she needed to do this)

  7. I had the procedure done about 5 years ago, it was expensive, very, very painful for about 4 months and really amazing results after that, they were soo white and got so many compliments on how white my eyes looked, then after a year I started getting calcificacion spots on them and to make story short, I am seeing an eye Dr every month because all the issues Iam developing including dry eye and constant infections, my sclera is eating away and pretty soon I will have to get grafts because is looking so bad and it will only be getting worse. My eye Dr. (who is reknown in the eye Doctor community and most of his time is giving conferences and lectures to other eye experts, says that every eye specialist he talks abot this procedure have the same opinion, that is so horrible, unethical and Dr. Batcher most have his License removed because there is so many issues going wrong about this surgery. He says that out of ALL his patients I am 1 out of 2 he looses sleep over and he is so worry about my eyes. I am even developing glaucoma and just starting eye drops to address it. I am a really good looking guy (according to all the complimenys I always get), have beautiful green eyes and I feel so hopeless about the stupid and expensive decision I made, I feel so hopeless and sonetimes I just want to kill myself because of some litte vanity issue about the white of my eyes , I should have just do more resesrch and go to see a dry eye Dr. and do some blinking exercises and starting taking suplements and taking care of the redness naturally. I am just devasted that I can’t go back on time and reverse this horrible surgery done. Please, please, please if you are considering it, do not do it…😢

  8. Delamination in other words dermabrasion, yeah we get it Dr. Ordon we are not stupid. You didnt have to bash at the other doctor by simplifying what he just said. That was not very professional at all.

  9. At first when i saw her she looked normal even if there were those grey spots i wouldnt mind i mean thb its not that noticeble

  10. It’s blue because blue neutralises yellow/warm tones WHEN IT COMES TO PHOTO RETOUCHING AND COLOUR PIGMENTS, however, you would think for eyes they’d come up with something better.

  11. My sister was born with what we always called a freckle on the white of her eyes, It doesn't bother her at all but it's good to know that if it ever does she has options to help her feel better about herself.

  12. how stupid of her … like no one gives an actual frickin shit for 2 mins about how white your eyeballs are. Yet again another fame hungry woman placing ridiculous ideas on the "superficial perfection" pedestal rather than realistic beauty which be achieved by makeup or even just natural beauty.

  13. I didn't know people do this, where i live, i grew up with everyone complaining about my eyes being too white, authorities at school said i was malnourished and lacked enough blood, they actually made me eat in the staffroom. And my mum too complained n then my friends would keep bringing it up, i rarely keep eye contact because someone will always comment about how too white they are.

  14. – is black
    – thinks her eyes will make her prettier

    if you wanna be pretty you need to get your priorities straight 😂😂😂

    no offense

  15. A very clean diet will give you brighter eyes. For 3 days I drunk spinach soup and my skin and eyes are much brighter.

  16. I did used the same eye drops for 2 months , once I drop them into my eyes I have a horrible headache for days , so i stopped using them ,but I still notice black patches in the white of my eyes .
    I really regret doing that to my self knowing that my mom tells me not to use them 😣😢and I'm only 16

  17. Why the crap would anyone put anything in their eyes… this was so stupid! You should be glad that you can see so mething anyway..

  18. I use the eyedrops from japan. Works wonders for the white part of the eyes and I was also getting refreshed feeling after.

  19. I have the same mark except it was when I was a baby my cuz who was I day older then me stabbed me in the eye with a sharp pencil

  20. I see alot of people with that as well men isn't that just a red flag of some serious disorder with eyes or time to change the products?

  21. I have a birthmark on my eye and it's not pencil led or anything because I got it from my mom cause I have the birthmark on my left eye and my mom has it on her right

  22. She doesn’t look the same without her makeup. I thought she was pretty before but she is beautiful. But on the lesser end, at least she was only trying to brighten her eyes instead of trying to get blue or green eye color.

  23. OMG eye surgery TOTALLY FREAKS ME OUT! i think id rather die a gruesome death than see surgical things coming toward the delicate widows of my soul…whoa! i use clear eyes, keep it in the fridge. im in a tropical climate so everything goes in the fridge.

  24. Could someone who did the procedure contact me? I did almost the same procedure with another doctor. Please contact me, I have questions.

  25. Wow, the older doctor just cut the doctor off and took over near the end. I think he does want to be an ophthalmologist. Rude

  26. The only thing concerning me is that he use to have the same thing some years back called the I-brite procedure and people started having issues because of the I-brite surgery…but it’s the same thing, and he’s now calling it eye whitening.. I hope she doesn’t have any issues in the long run… I would like to have the surgery for myself but I don’t want any side effects from the procedure in the long run…

  27. Anyone else watching and thinking “why is she in a nurses scrub outfit” 🤣🤣🤣… I was legit confused like is this something new they doing for their guest?? 🤔🤔🤔

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