How Well Can You See Color? (90% Fail)

How well can you see color? Guys this is a test! Some people might be colorblind and not even know it. It’s absolutely crazy. But, this video is gonna test our color accuracy and we’re gonna find out if we can see color very well or not. I mean I think I’m gonna do very well on this quiz because I actually have pretty sensitive eyes. I can see pretty well in the dark I know it sounds kinda weird. I don’t know why but when I’m outside I usually have to squint really hard because are just really sensitive I guess you could say. But…let’s do this. We’re gonna test our eyes and see if we can determine color pretty accurately So, let’s go! ♪ Did you know that colorblindness more often impacts men than women? Oooooo okay Where is the different shade of red? Okay I see this This looks like a pink Alright I got… I got the first one. That was easy Where is the different shade of blue? Ohhh okay this one’s way darker. It’s definitely this one Imma beast Different shade of purple Alright this one definitely stands out from the rest easily This is easy! This is so easy Make it hard Where’s the different shade of…. Ohhhh I say this one Ohhh I got it! *Stuttering* Oh I think I’m four for four Yeah was there four so far? Yeah I think it was four for four Let’s get a hundred percent It’s too easy Where is the different shade of yellow? Okay… This one is hard for me Wait no? Okay this one looks lighter to me I think it’s… It’s this one I got it I think I got it *whoosh* Alright different shade of green…dark green? Right here! These all look bluish Except for this one. Different shade of orange? Wow! Wow! They all look the same. Oh my god. Yo I think it might have to be this one It is just slightly, slightly lighter than these. I’mma go for it. Imma say this one. Let’s do this. Right here Let’s GO! Different shade of maroon? Oh my god, alright. This one is impossible they all look the same. Wait no this one? This one looks a little bit darker. Just a tad Alright. Imma go with this one actually Or this one? No it is this one. No it is definitely this one. All the way to the right This is too easy. Challenge me baby. What is this?! *Audible laugh* They are all black *Inhale* Where is the different shade of black? It’s here. It’s here I ain’t taking
“L’s” I ain’t taking
“L’s” Lets go What the heck? What the heck?! They literally all look the same. Oh my god I can’t tell the difference. At all. I think I might just have to take this “L” right now I’ll go with this one. I’ll go with this one. Lets go Right here Right here. Come on let’s- Damn it Yo I was close to getting one hundred Alright different shade of white? I think they meant to put grey. Or maybe it just doesn’t show up right. It’s this one. I see it this one looks lighter But they meant grey this is not a white. Right here *Ding* *clap* What do I have like a 93% so far? Where is the different dark shade of red? or shade of red…dark red. This. Ohh I was gonna say…Alright honestly I was gonna pick that So I still got it right? Cause I was just late. I should’ve paused it. Indigo? Right here! This is darker. Just a little bit Aqua? This is just. Oh my god this is just..this is hard. Honestly this- WHAT!? I actually thought it was this All the way to the left but apparently not. Yo this is This is tripping me out right now It is getting really difficult Different shade of pink? This one or this one I think its this’s one Oh I got it guys I got it I got I one… I got two… I go to two wrong this whole game Let me know how you guys did. Please let me know Down on the comments below I want to know really badly did you guys beat me; did you guys get all of it I don’t not know I found you guys use a phone I don’t know how well it’s going to show up Um…I’m using a desktop computer right now so I’m saying I think it showed up pretty well My eyes are actually really sensitive to colors and I’m just a beast you know I’m just kidding I’m probably not You guys probably beat me but I want to know you guys did Yah I want to know if you guys beat me Put down on the comments below And I will see you guys next time Maybe we will take some more creative tests To test out human abilities You know this is color We will see what’s next All right guys take it easy have a good one and peace out


  1. Fact: i cant quite tell but i think he has blue eyes and people whith blue eyes can see better in the dark and the sun is brighter to them๐Ÿ˜†

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