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– Regular medical checkups
are an essential part to staying on top of our health, and these screenings can help
doctors catch problems early so we can get our
health back on track. So today, Jackie’s checking
out what doctors look for during a vision test to make
sure our eyes are healthy. (music) – Hey guys, it’s Jackie and
I’m here today with Dr. Lopez who’s going to give us an up
close look at what goes into an eye exam. So doctor just start out,
what should bring somebody in for an eye exam,
especially an adult. – I believe that every adult
should have an eye exam yearly. One of the main reasons
is that we can diagnose a lot of the diseases
through the eye. Diabetes to me comes number one. You can also diagnose
hypertension, pre-strokes, sickle cell anemia, high
lipids, high cholesterol levels, glaucoma and optic nerve damage. – And when I come in for an
appointment I should have my full family history because
there are so many things that you can diagnose or
that can be an early sign from what you can
see in eye exams. – Yes, I think it helps
immensely for the patient to come with their family
history, and your history too. It is important because
we can add different tests looking for some of the
clues in this diseases. I believe that the eye
exam is a significant part of the whole exam
of the patient. – Alright well should we get
in the chair and get started? – Why not? – For the first part of
the exam, you usually will be reading some letters
of different sizes, right? So I just look right over here? V, K, B. – Okay, let’s switch eyes now. – Switch eyes… Z, C, V. – Okay, perfect you
have 20/20 vision. – 20/20? And what do those
numbers actually mean? – Well 20/20 means that
you are 20 feet away from the projection of the
letter, and that’s a letter that is at a five degree angle. Legally blind people
in our state is 20/200. That person has to be at
20 feet from the letter to see what you would
see 200 feet away. – Why are you testing
each eye separately? Could one eye have better
vision than the other? – One eye can have
pathology disease, and the other eye can
be perfectly healthy so I want to make sure that
they’re both working okay. – They’re both
working okay, alright. – Next up, Dr. Lopez
looked into my eyes with a bio microscope. So what are you looking for
when you’re doing that part of the exam? – Well I’m looking to
see if there’s any issues with the front
surface of the eye. We’re looking at your eyelids, we’re looking at your
conjunctiva which is the white
part of the eye, and then we’re
looking at the cornea, we’re looking the eyes,
we’re looking at your lens which is what can turn into
a cataract when we get older. – Alright so time for the third
and final part of the exam. – Yes this is where you
look at the posterior pole meaning this now the
second room of the eye, and holds the retina which
is membrane that covers all the surface of
the back of the eye. – It’s quick and simple,
there’s no reason not to come in for your exam. – It is a simple exam and
it gives us a tremendous amount of information. As I said before, this is the
only organ in the human body where we can look inside
without doing anything invasive. It’s painless and it’s
extremely informative. – Alright thank you
so much Dr. Lopez, and to find out more about
various medical procedures you can head to our website,


  1. I’m going to the eye doctor today and I wasn’t worried but I wanted to make sure nothing would happen that would hurt. Oh and I don’t want contacts nor do I want laser eye surgery

  2. My left eye power is -0.5 and right eye is -2.75..And I am getting my specs this week and I have to wear for atleast 2 me wid this what can I do..😭

  3. I'm getting glasses because I'm long sighted but I can see perfectly well I'm getting them because my eyes are strained

  4. I'm 13, and I've never had my eyes checked. But now when I complain people are like "You cant see that?? you need glasses!" so I'm likely getting tested soon

  5. Do i need glasses cause i cant read far when im in school and my teacher is writing on white board and im on my chair i cant read it and when im watching tv i cant read the subtitle so i,need to get closer on tv do i need glasses?

  6. Nicely defined!! Thanks for sharing such an informative video!! An Eye Doctor performs a comprehensive eye test and it presents a chance to detect issues early and take remedial actions. So, I suggest everyone to visit their eye doctor to help in performing comprehensive eye exam for you and your loved ones. Hope this information will help. Cheers!!

  7. i didnt understand this video! tell me what do they do to check your eyes.

    Edit: nvm i already got glasses

  8. Thank god for giving 364MP dual Camera with 3dvideo,instant audio recorder (50db),25 pettabyte memory to story the universal storage.


  9. I told my mom that I need glasses cuz I’m near sighted … and guess what she told me that I used my phone a lot😩😂💀

  10. Me and my mom hadn't had an eye test in 5 years. And we went to the eye doctor last Friday turns out both of us need glasses.

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