How To Use PS3 Eye As Webcam On PC (Skype,Facebook,recording etc.)

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  1. No one shows on skype, in addition to where the drivers are, the drivers of "CL-Eye-Driver-" only work for programs, it does'nt work on skype, hangouts, windows camera

  2. Today I'm going to clear some of your questions.See basically when I tested it with my PC, it was working fine, I.e. recording, capturing etc. but some of you R not satisfied.So let me clear you that it was working with my fb, I didn't tested it on skype so I am not sure about that.It might not work in some conditions.So I will upload a new video regarding these problems soon>

  3. Hello, I found a fix for cam only work on "cam tester". I tried to go to omegle and the browser wasn't recognizing the webcam, so I tried a bunch of things(check windows 10 privacy settings,etc) but nothing was working… Then I remembered a video that I saw some time ago telling that the Eye Cam works better with 32bits apps! So I installed firefox 32bits and voila, the cam started to work! If you use OBS install OBS 32bits and you'll be fine 🙂 Try Skype 32bits too Share the word people

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