How To Use Mindfulness For Depression


  1. Mindfulness seems to help a lot of people but not for me not so much. It messes with my PTSD. Thank you for going into probably the most detailed video I have ever seen on this and actually explaining how it works.. I hope you have a wonderful day

  2. I'm defaulting right now in negative pool of murky thought. Think I will play some music and loose a few hours.

  3. This is great DOC I'm sending this to my daughter in college right away. I hope she watches this several times over and gets to your audio❗️😃

  4. I've just completed an 8 week MBCT course and your video corroborates and reinforces what I've just learned. I especially liked the bit with the baby climbing all over the mom. It's so funny and so true. Thanks so much!

  5. Hello,
    As expected a wonderful video. As someone who's not medicated I find mindfulness really effective. It helps me to see though the lies of my disorders. Just today I managed to set my anxiety aside (okay, it took me three days, but nonetheless) to ask a person a simple question without overthinking of how it will all go wrong.
    I do have a really odd question (I'm not even sure how they end up on my mind sometimes) can submitting yourself into a BDSM relationship be self-harm? If there's consent, clear rules.

  6. Hi, do you think that mindfulness would be helpfull for someone with less severe bipolar 2 ? I mean with people that can lead a "normal" life but still dealing with the ups and downs of BPD. Especially with minor ups and more depressive loops.

  7. Dr. Tracy, I have bipolar 1 and psychosis. I need to ask you about increased hallucinations, sleep talking and realistic dreams, acting on dreams, all of these at night. And excessive cravings and eating at night. I dont even feel hungry. I just keep waking up after 1 or 2 hours on and on till morning and i NEED to eat.
    My doctor increased an anti depressent and i'm quite sure that's making me sleep talk and act. Prior to it, i was already having real dreams. I act even distinguish of i'm actually sleeping or am awake the whole night.
    It's getting out of control. My migrains are back again.
    Another issue with me is that when i'm depressed, meds make me fall asleep instantly. But when im manic i cant sleep, even though im on 11 different meds. No matter what phase im in, i still keep waking up all through the night.
    I dont know what to do. My doctor told me to ignore it. And i cant find any solution over the internet. Please help me

  8. What if you know that there is hope and solution but you are just way too uninterested with the idea of living and continuing? Like you know the world can be an amazing place but it might just not be for you

  9. wow this is exactly my psychologist tell me to do but i find it's hard if i'm doing it alone in my room. it's feel more comfortable if someone can guide me, and finally you come to help me thankyou! gonna checkout ur website soon

  10. I practice mindfulness but I also need my medication. Without it, my suicidal ideation increases. I have tried to live without meds. Unfortunatley, it doesn't work for me. We are all different. Thanks for the video.

  11. Good information. From my observations, mindfulness coupled with EMDR allows for the restructuring of past negative thoughts/experiences to be viewed as important parts in making you a better person today. Instead of ruminating on negative events, one can view them as important events that give experience and insight to help them improve.

  12. Excellent video Dr. Marks. Will these techniques work for anxiety disorders also? Again, I enjoyed the cartoon illustrations. Humor is always a great "Medication" also. 🙂

  13. This is the best explanation of mindfulness I've heard! I've always said I suck at it but now I realize I've been practicing it in some ways all along. Mindless mindfulness??? 🤔 I will definitely check out your download & am sending this video to a friend. Thank you so much, Dr Marks!

  14. My psychologist conducts mindfulness workshops in Asiri hospital. I have followed the course of workshops and it has been very helpful specially against ruminative thoughts and even intrusive-thoughts. Mindfulness is not something you do once and get fixed, but a lifestyle change and a commitment to it.

  15. It is not a complete alternative for medication and other interventions. But I feel mindfulness is a better and effective tool against just intrusive-thoughts than any medication could do.

  16. Thank you so much I have been hearing lots about Mindfulness I am gonna try this I pray it helps with my depression.

  17. Hi dr Marks, I love your videos!

    I am curious what your opinion is about rTMS. For 35 years I have been suffering from recurrent depressions and medication and / or cognitive behavioral therapy, unfortunately not working properly. My psychiatrist told me something about rTMS and that it CAN be effective. Maybe you can make a video about this topic?

  18. Was Joe Biden trolling you? On a serious note…mindfulness has been very useful for me. I believe a vast majority of people would improve their life by practicing mindfulness. Great self improvement tool!

  19. This is fascinating to me, as I just started practicing mindfulness about 8 months ago. Being mindful does help with the intrusive thoughts. I am also on a good med combo now and am stable.
    I'm wondering how mindfulness would or would not help with bipolar disorder.
    Thank you for a great video. I look forward to them each week.

  20. I love your videos. Always inspiring…. I take medications at a greater interval if I mediate or exercise or even practicing on my hobbies like watercolouring, reading, classical dancing or playing the piano. Distraction from the negativities in life is very important, and coming back to it with a fresh perspective later when you are positive. BUT that is soooo hard to do and it engulfs you and only medication at times can give you the boost you need because you have gone too far into the dark ruminating hole of negativity and fear. Love your videos… Keep it up… and keep reminding how to be our best… Thank you…

  21. Great video! Mindfulness exercises are a bit like physiotherapy.. The hardest part is the compliance and adherence.

  22. Dr.tracey thank you so much for this vidios because I could learn english better by them and I want to ask you for some good tips about how to study psychology becuase I would be a psychology scienteste in the futur,I hope you read my comment ,I love you💜

  23. I know this sounds ridiculous.. but I would love to hear what you have to say about being gay or bi. Or in the lgbtq community.. as a person who is struggling knowing that family and friends wound not like me.. I’m having a hard time with it.. (I am a guy, this account is just to hide my identity)

    My dad thinks being gay, bi, etc is a mental illness.. please touch on this subject if you can! I would love to hear some advice

  24. I am so happy that you incorporate mindfulness into your practice. And I am so grateful that you did this video. What many do not understand, is that once you become mindful of your thoughts, you are able to better handle the many things life WILL throw at you…including the kitchen sink. I have went beyond MBSR and now pass the education and "insight" needed to maintain my mindfulness to my children. The great thing about mindfulness is you can become a "positive and uplifting" virus that infects everyone around you in a good way, rather than being a "negative and toxic" virus that can make your surroundings and those around you darker. Some people who were in very challenging conditions and situations that most of us could not imagine were able to maintain their mindfulness – where they do not dwell on the past or the future. They were able to keep their mind from the feeling of hopelessness and despair…even though they were surrounded by it . We need more of you! Thanks again for your work!

  25. hey tracey, I was recently diagnosed as bipolar and am taking 200mg of seroquel at night 50 mg in the morning – however it makes me extremely drowsy during the day and I often fall asleep during school. Is there another medication I should ask my psychiatrist about? The seroquel helps very much with my mania and a fair amount with my depression, but the drowsiness is hard to get used to. thanks for making all of these educational videos- Kelton

  26. I ended up making a terrible mistake 2 months ago I ended up telling a worker my traumas when I wasn't ready to do so not knowing the dangers of doing that and now I'm still having a hard time getting back to being ok again I just recently found out you're not obligated to do so when did people find out that you're not obligated to do that people always thought before that people are obligated to say or mabey people who said that were probrably just weren't egicated in that exact topic

  27. Look I don't really know where else to leave this but I saw a video of yours on bipolar and hypersexuality I was diagnosed with this and major depressive disorder and lately I've been having constant suicidal thoughts , confusion , so much negativity I feel so lost I don't know where to get help I don't think even psych hospitals accept me anymore can some one please help me

  28. Thank you so much for this video and the resource. I have downloaded the mindfulness audio. Mindfulness feels weird but I want to give it a try since I keep struggling with recurrent episodes of depression which I had kept at arms length 'using' an eating disorder. Now that is resolving somewhat, the depression feels very heavy most of the time. Like always in the corner of my vision. I do not want to try medication but know I need something. I see mindfulness as a alternative and potentially helpful type of resource. I am also trying acupuncture. Are you aware of any research into the use of acupuncture in treating depression? I look forward to watching more of your videos.

  29. Dear Dr.Marks, thrilled to have discovered you! Love the way you communicate. This such an excellent video. I will most certainly share. Continued Blessings in your work.💖

  30. Is it possible to have bipolar disorder and antisocial personality disorder? What would that look like? Ive experienced for a long time a lack of understanding in peoples emotions or an inability to feel for them or even understand them. I have issues finding wrongdoing that in things ive done unless I am depressed and I have just general boredom with most people and things unless im manic. I only really feel intense emotion when I am manic or depressed. I am very confused about this and it would mean a lot for your insight.

  31. Thank you for your videos.
    I have been diagnosed with having Bipolar. Would practicing mindfulness help me?

  32. Thank you for another great video! 🙂 I love your content, attitude, and approach to these topics.

    Would you ever consider doing a video covering Paranoid Personality Disorder and how people can support loved ones living with it? I have very strong suspicions that my boyfriend may meet almost all of the criteria of this based on very consistent and pervasive behavioral patterns. It breaks my heart to see him be so distressed all the time and have no idea how to help him through it in a way he will believe that Im being genuine. This has become very detrimental to his functioning and overall wellbeing and it is negatively affecting all of his social relationships. It is particularly important for me to learn how to approach this because I am someone who lives with schizoaffective disorder and I am worried about how his paranoia about people is triggering my own paranoia and fueling some of my own delusions. If he indicates that he is sure someone is untrustworthy, my knee-jerk reaction is to see this through the lens of my own anxieties and question whether they will inevitably hurt me too by spying on me, recording me, or trying to murder me. It seems that there isnt as much content on the internet as there is about some of the other personality disorders so I was wondering if you would be interested in offering your perspective and insights on this condition so I can be enlightened on information I may not know about otherwise.

  33. I like mindfulness but at the same time its hard for me to do because my mind wanders everytime and I can't focus.

  34. This may be off topic, but may I ask you a question ? Can you please make a video of non epileptic seizures/Pseudoseizures . My sister is in the hospital and they claim
    That she has non epileptic seizures because the EEG screening and a camera while she was having episodes showed know signs of unusual activity in the brain while having multiple seizures. The episodes were very intense and at times very hurtful to see my sister this way. Any information from you would be great or recommendations. I also feel this may not be Pseudo I feel it may be something more and they just want to drug her and put her in a ward. Any advice would be great thank you and love your videos, very educational.

  35. Hi Dr Marks! Can you do a video about dissociation/depersonalization? I have panic disorder and depression but when I spoke to my psychiatrist about these weird feelings I had she said it was called depersonalization/derealization. Is depersonalization/derealization normal during a panic attack? I feel completely out of touch with reality.

  36. I have treatment resistant Major Depression, I'd tried every variety of SSRI and SNRI in excess of the 6 week trial period, and had no idea why none of it was helping. Even in conjunction with psychotherapy I failed to improve. What's really interesting is how the new understanding of neuroplasticity as a key factor in depression made sense to me; after a period of de-prescribing, i thought to try 150ug of LSD in a controlled setting, and found it had a very strong therapeutic effect. Upon doing further research I found out that a number of psychedelics, even at very low doses, contribute greatly to neuroplasticity. For about a 6 month period after dosing, I found I had a sense of mood stability that I never had prior. I'd love to know your thoughts on psychedelics; do you think they show promise in the treatment of severe depression?

    I want to add that this is NOT AN ENDORSEMENT of LSD or any other form of self-medication, and people should know the risks associated with its use. There are a number of harm reduction resources available no matter where you are, and you can find resources in your area through links found here:

  37. I've been diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder. I wore an event monitor for 3 wks My cardiologist said he captured Sinus Tachycardia bc sometimes my heart rate would be btw 100-150 bmp. He said he wants to figure out why instead of giving me medicine to slow it down. I'm already on a beta blocker for hypertension and ativan . My body is sensitive to medicine so anti depressants would only mask the problem and give me more side effects. 2017 I was fine I had a friend that have seizures and it triggered me into worse anxiety. I want to live a normal life again sometimes I lay in bed in fear of getting up bc I don't know when I'm gone have an episode. I really want to get in routine of positive thinking with some yoga to find my balance again. Thank you for this informative video. To trust the process even though it's hard.

  38. Great video Dr. Marks! Very informative. Also is it possible to make a video about why our diagnosis can change sometimes? I know of 3 people who started out with Bipolar Disorder who eventually developed Schizoaffective Disorder or Schizophrenia. It worries me because I’m unsure how often this happens. Any input on your end would be greatly appreciated!

  39. Dr.Marks, I have been reading recently about ketamine and it’s use for depression. Does it work for bipolar disorder? How does it work and is it safe? Will insurance typically cover this treatment? I have been practicing mindfulness and have found that moderately successful. I wonder if it also causes the physical changes in the brain that ketamine does?

  40. Hi Dr Tracy 😊 I was wondering if you could educate us (Me) about EMDR therapy? My therapist recommend it but I would like your opinion 🙏🏼
    Either way, Thank You

  41. I hate the word “wallow”, it sounds like being blamed and shamed for your sickness. It’s like saying she’s just wallowing in her cancer.

    (of a person) indulge in an unrestrained way in (something that creates a pleasurable sensation).
    "I was wallowing in the luxury of the hotel"

    she seems to wallow in her self-pity"

  42. Thank you so much for making this video Dr. Marks. Fighting my way out of a mini-depressive spell, this really helps

  43. Mindfulness + Medication really have a lot of questions that needs an answer from a psychiatrist. but my psychiatrist don't want to answer all questions. we don't take medicines for no reason. so i wanted to make the most of it because we wanted a recovery and to be able to live a productive and fulfilling lives. we can't stay forever this way especially we have our own obligations to fulfill. a psychotherapy and counselling + medication i believe will help us greatly improve our conditions. i wanted to know if medication can help manage the symptoms and we can still work like normal people do. if there is a chance for full recovery or its a hopeless lifelong maintenance? 😭🤯🤕

  44. I've recently gone off my depression meds. I got tired of locking down my emotions while others around me get to run free with theirs. I'm seeing glimmers of hope with meditation but was concerned about my progress. Your information is an encouragement in staying the course! Thanks! P.S. Check out the Mindful Movement videos, too.

  45. Thank you for your professional opinion on this matter! I appreciate what you do to help others and bringing the topic of mindfulness up.

  46. Despite the frenzy around mindfulness now, I always had my doubts around the effectiveness, and haven’t seen any complexing scientific discussion around it. Thank you very much for changing my view about it.

  47. Im dealing with my 24 year old son who overdosed on heroin 3 years ago and my husband who was schitzophrenic committing suicide 2 years ago. Will u help me please?

  48. Dr. Marks, what do you think about involuntary commitment for suicidality, and its impacts on patient trust?

    I tend to think locking someone up for 3 days and charging them thousands of dollars per day is less than helpful for depression. I now know that I can't tell my doctors/therapists if I feel suicidal, which just sucks.

  49. This was very very helpful. My psychiatrist yers ago once told me something very helpful. He said “when you’re washing your hands wash your hands. Focus all your senses on it. And it’s the same whatever you do. Whatever you do, focus on the textures, sensations, and put all your attention on it. Whenever someone says something, focus on it if you’re life depends on it.” Man was that helpful. Thank you Dr Marks. Really appreciate the science behind how our mind works. Very grateful for these videos. Susan

  50. very useful videos thank you.btw it is very well done even with the music-sound effects-and all the visuals included

  51. I have been on and off medication for depression and anxiety for several years; however, when I sew, quilt, paint, and draw, I think I go into this mindful state, especially sewing. Every stitch is a prayer for my own health and wellness as well as others I love. Same thing when I walk, hike, bike, and ski.🙋🏼‍♀️

  52. I’ve recently found a weekly Vinyasa Yoga class. I love how the yoga teacher started her recent class with a guided awareness meditation based on the 3 As : Approach, attitude, awareness… I’me determined to keep up the class as I could feel myself getting better during my postures. Having the right approach and attitude and awareness enabled me to hold my balance and focus on the postures properly, correctly and confidently.

  53. Being around my kids was one way I lived life more mindfully. Just the way they see everyday life … we were rushing to get errands done; without her I wouldn't have noticed the beautiful double rainbow in the sky… or just appreciating the colors of the sunset.

  54. I like mindfulness but still needs med. mindfulness however has helped me a lot.
    Thank you so much for your videos. You are so smart..

  55. Hi. It seems that your website is blocking traffic from at least from Poland, Ukraine and Russia, with this as an 'explanation':

    "Access from your area has been temporarily limited for security reasons."

    I get a pop up from WordFence when my ip points to any of those countries as my location. Personally I got around this with a VPN.

    If you can, please stop this. We are, surpisingly, not savages.

  56. I started mindfullness analysing unreaistic negative thoughts into realistic positive ones …. Its been 3 days but it has resulted in emotional blunting .. Am i on the right track?

  57. I try meditating on and off and actually would realy like to do it more. I´m on antidepressant medication too and i´m doing great on them, slowly turning my life around. but once i start a proper meditation practice my symptoms flare up somehow. I get panic and avoidant which gets worse overtime till i get depressed. I just did 2 years of CBT so when i get anxious episodes i can navigate that ok. what could this be about? is meditation just not for me?

  58. Thank you for sharing the science behind mindfulness!😁 I started practicing it 3 years ago from my counselor (who also studies Buddhism). I noticed within a week the anxiety went down and over few months my negative thoughts slowed enough for me to manage life better. The next thing I came across in applying mindfulness is after I went to a drum circle at my church I noticed for first time since I was diagnosed with depression that I had moments my mind was as calm as a lake in early morning. I felt so much relief😁…I bought some frame drums and play along with drumming meditation videos.

  59. Dr. Marks I just wanted to join the body scan audion.. yet I cant access.. I just wanted to help my self because I was diagnosed that I am at the severe Depression when I Had Personality test. Pls. Help me.

  60. Hi, I have tried to connect to your website but there is a safety issue. Maybe you would like to show the error code to your webmaster: 'SSL_ERROR_UNRECOGNIZED_NAME_ALERT'. It should be about a lack of encryption.

  61. I really like how you spoke about mindfulness in a non religious way in a logical way. I've benefited a lot from mindfulness practice and yes, I can attest that it is very useful to help with depression and excessive rumination, especially of negative thoughts.

  62. I remember years ago I was taught this but they didn't call it mindfulness. Thank you for the pdf I see I have some things to focus on😃.

  63. Such a complex topic….The idea that one can be 'organically' depressed is partially driven by the need for professionals to maintain some relevance to the issue.
    Some or more predisposed to depression, everybody is different. And, people get passionate over meds. The problem there is the dependency, in essence you're never free. You weren't designed to need that. You're not a mistake – by any measure…Who am I talking to? I don't freaking know…..

  64. Mindfulness gets easier with practice, like tennis, video games or cooking. Repetition strengthens and confirms. So much better than isolation and avoidance.

  65. Everything is better than medication. My father put me on antidepressants at age 14 with the help of his psychiatrist friend. I was just an angry teenager who wanted a motorcycle and they turned me into a depressed, suicidal zombie. I was on them for a few months and the moment I stopped taking them life went on a downward spiral. I'm 27 now and I've been battling depression for 13 years Stop poisoning people. You and your colleagues are hit men for big pharma.

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