How to: Use eye drops

How to: Use eye drops Check that the drops are correct and in date. Read the instructions Shake the bottle before removing the lid, place on a clean surface or tissue Wash and dry your hands Looking in a mirror, pull down your lower lid until you can see the inside of your lid Softly squeeze the bottle until a small droplet forms Squeeze a single drop between your lower lid and eye Try to avoid the nozzle touching your eye or eyelashes Place one finger on the inner corner of your eye Gently blink to help the drops absorb Wipe away any tears by dabbing with a clean tissue Repeat on your other eye if using the drops in both eyes Wait 5 minutes before using additional drops Once finished, wash and dry your hands to remove any spilled drops For more information, please visit There are other ways to safely use eye drops, always follow the advice of your optometrist

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