How To Use Eye Drops (2018)

This is going to be the best eye drop
tutorial video you’ve ever seen Trust me so you’ve been prescribed
eye drops and you want to use it properly but it’s going everywhere well not to
worry because Abraham the pharmacist has got you covered and I’m gonna make you
an eye drop pro at the end of this video we’re first going to learn how to use
our eye drop but make sure you watch the full video because at the end of it I’ve
got some really useful pro tips for everyone to follow okay so the first thing you do is you get ready and you wash your hands with warm soapy water
you’re about to touch around your eye and the last thing you want is an eye
infection because nobody wants that next check the expiry on the bottle and
make sure that it hasn’t been open for longer than it’s meant to be also shake
the eye drop bottle if you’re meant to now all this information is in the
information leaflet lastly open the lid and pop it on a clean tissue because the
surfaces could potentially be a bit dirty now we’re ready so let’s move on
to the fun bit first sit comfortably in front of a mirror or if you prefer do it
lying down then tilt your head back next form a fist and pull your bottom eyelid
with your knuckles so it forms a little pocket, the pocket will prevent the drop
from falling out now the fist is critical for the wrist knuckle technique
because it’s like the foundation so we’re able to balance our more dominant
hand holding the eye drop and administer it safely
now let’s observe it look upwards and rest your dominant eye drop hand on your knuckles so the eye drop is above the eye but do not let the tip touch your eye,
finger or any other surfaces next gently squeeze one drop into your eye then
close your eye and gently press softly on the inside corner of the eye by the
nose with a finger for one to two minutes this is called a punctum hold by
performing a punctum hold it’s going to reduce the rate at which the eye drop
flows down the tear duct into the throat so you’re gonna have more of the eye
drop where it’s meant to be so hopefully it’ll be more effective lastly screw the
lid back on and store away now you know the basics but here are my pro
tips that are going to take you to the next level tip 1 if you administer a different eye drop into the same eye wait at least
five minutes before you do so now the eye can only hold a certain amount of
liquid in there so if you administer another eye drop is just gonna flush down the tear duct into your throat and it’s a waste of your medication tip 2 if you have to administer an eye drop and an eye ointment then administer the eye drop first wait five minutes and then administer the eye ointment don’t do it the other way around because eye ointments are very thick tip 3 if you wear contact lenses never put in your eye drops whilst you’re wearing them
unless you’re told so by a clinician so take your contact lenses out put in your
eye drops and wait 15 minutes before you put your contact lenses back in now
contact lens wearers should avoid using eye drops which contain preservatives
because they’ll damage your contact lenses so speak to your pharmacist about
finding an alternative eye drop which doesn’t have any preservatives in them I
told you these tips are pro tips tip 4 when you open a new bottle of eye drop
right down the expiry date on the bottle or on the box and then read the
information leaflet to find out exactly how long it lasts once opened and write down the new expiry date on it too so you don’t go over it this also applies for single
unit eye drops that come in a sachet or the pouches so once they’re open they
also have a limited expiry date so check that too and if you use your eye drop
after this date and I’m afraid you’re at risk of an eye infection so please don’t
lastly if you’re still struggling to administer your eye drops or to squeeze
the bottle because it’s quite a common problem then speak your pharmacist as
they can recommend various different devices that can really help with this
congratulations you are now an eye drop pro I hope you find this video useful
and as always please help spread the word to friends and family if you think
they’ll also benefit from this video hey guys thanks for watching this week’s
video make sure to click that like follow or subscribe button now to stay
up to date with new weekly videos so take your eye drops out put your eye
drops in, did I say take your eye drops out? trust me (Telephone ringing sound) good timing on that and you want to use it properly but it’s going, if it comes out


  1. He has legit made me smile with every single one of his videos. Like how. Like I can't even find a single ounce of dislike in myself whenever I watch his videos. I hope you NEVER stop making videos because you are literally in the very sense of the word, YOUTUBE GOLD.

  2. I honestly love you bro! So so genuine! By far my top 3 favorite youtubers! You've taught me so much through these videos! Inspired me too actually to possibly pursue being in the medical field! Gave me A lot of inspiration. Thanks for everything that you do man! Blessings!!

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  4. Such a good video!! Didn't know half of these tips or even some of the information you said! Look forward to your next one!

  5. "Congratulations you are now an eye drop pro" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Awe, I was smiling throughout the whole video. Awesome video Abraham, you explain everything so clearly!! πŸ’

  6. super informative, down to the point. Totally not a waste of my time, and I will spread the word like you said, thank you very much! πŸ™‚

  7. Loved your video and great tips! You make using eye drops look like so much fun! The whole profession actually! Your patients are lucky πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

  8. thank u so much. I use to be very bad with eye drops. I have to put multiple drops each day for my scheduled lasik. Your method made me a pro. πŸ™‚

  9. omg thought i am watching this video late i was teaching my students the anatomy of human eye and this video is going to act as an excellent tutorial when i move on to teach ocular pharmacology.

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  12. Hi Sir, so what if you left your eyedrop bottle on the bedside table in full sunlight….is it ok to put it in the fridge to cool down? what is the ideal temp? I guess hot drops would cause damage to the eye? Should you disgard the bottle altogether and start with a fresh one? would direct sunlight degrade the effectiveness of the drops. Cheers

  13. Excellent video. I had been searching for a description of the "punctum hold". Thank you. (Background music not necessary, your voice is pleasant enough!)

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