1. Retards? Why don't you try something a little nicer. My cousin, born with ds, graduated highschool last year ar 18. No need to be rude towards kids that just have a harder time throughout life.

  2. Down's Syndrome is not a 'defect,' its a 'difference.' and its 'Babies WITH Down's Syndrome,' not 'Down's Syndrome Babies.' People are people first. These things aside, really informative and interesting video, thankyou.

  3. @policelab It's just terrible that when someone thinks of Down Syndrome they think of retards. They are people too. They have lives, jobs, go to school.

  4. It's not their fault they were born like that. We should all be thankful for actually being alive right now, there are so many deaths of babies from abortions, miscarriage and other defects. All humans are gifts from God and we shouldn't discriminate just because they're a lil different, we're all the same in the end.

  5. Timlee19 are you sick in your bloody head, downs syndrome is a difference not a defect. Its a fucking defect with the chromosones.
    And there is ABSOLUTLEY no reason why these babies are still being born when there are tests to check for this abnormality and time to abort, its bloody cruel to bring them into this world, shame on you if you do.

  6. "People are people first" — this is true. But the video is about Down's babies (specifically neonates), as opposed to actual persons who have Down syndrome. And to say that Down's Syndrome is a "difference" rather than a defect is kind of like saying someone who has full-blown AIDS is a little under the weather.

  7. My baby with DS had none of these features, other than almond shaped eyes.  She is now age 6 and bright happy girl with a great life!!

  8. Thankfully the 90% to 93% of expecting parents prenatally abort. Its a waste of emotional and physical capital to squander on such low utility mutants. Nature is not kind to weakness and neither should we.

  9. I would't wever my baby had down syndrome, or not. It still will be my baby, what ever the affects. I'd still love it.

  10. These babies have Down Syndrome. It does not define who they are. They are not Down Syndrome babies, they are babies with Down Syndrome. 🤗

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