How to See Without Glasses

Vision is arguably the most compelling human
sense. Words and stories and sounds allow us to imagine strange beasts and faroff worlds,
but seeing makes us truly believe they exist. And that’s why we place so much effort into
correcting the optics of our eyes when they don’t work – whether with glasses or contact
lenses or surgery. But if you’re in a pinch, bleary-eyed or missing your glasses, there’s
a simple trick that will allow you to see clearly – just make a tiny, tiny hole using
your fingers, look through it, and the world will become clear again. This works no matter
how blurry your vision is — take off your glasses and give it a try! Amazing, right?! But to explain this wizardry,
we just need to remember how seeing works. Light travels outwards from a source, bounces
off of objects in its path, travels into your eye and onto your retina, where it forms an
image. If your eye had no lens, light from a single source would hit your retina in lots
of places and result in a smeared-out mess – which is exactly what happens when I take
the lens off of my camera. A lens focuses that spread-out light back
into a single point, corralling it into a crisp image on your retina. And after a little
excitation of light-sensitive nerves and interpretation from your brain, you see. But wait! When we look at an object, the background
and foreground are usually blurry, because a lens can only focus light coming from one
distance away. If an object is too near or too far, its light will again be spread out
on your retina leaving you with a blur. Fortunately, muscles in our eyes allow us to accommodate
by squeezing the lens, which changes its focal length so we can see at different distances
– except when we can’t, or when our lenses become damaged – in which case we need glasses. Unlike a lens, a pinhole or other small opening
can focus light coming from ANY distance: because it’s such a small opening, it only
allows light to come through in one place, and thus in only one direction from any particular
source. So there’s no blur, and everything is in focus! If you’re familiar with photography, this
is why using smaller and smaller apertures makes everything in your photo come into focus. Of course, small openings like pinholes and
camera apertures create crisp images by blocking rather than focusing light, so the images
are much darker — which is a major reason why we use lenses rather than pinholes for
glasses, telescopes — and eyes. And yet, in a pinch, looking through a tiny
hole made with your fingers can help you see. Now do you
see why?


  1. Well i can read the top text clearly it's sooo dark when i make the hole to small and it's still blury.

  2. I did this but because my vision is trash I used a the smallest hole ever! Kinda worked so it's good if you're on the go

  3. Oh this is maybe why squinting helps too. Maybe not I'm no eye doctor just someone on the internet watch the same video as u.

  4. Today is the first day that YouTube algorithm actually worked for me. Thanks for this, it's easily one of the most useful things I've learned.

  5. Looks just as blurry through tiny hole as it does without. Reading without glasses is not a problem since I can just get closer to the screen. Seeing and reading signs 100 yards down the road without glasses is the problem.

  6. yeah, so see, if i do that,
    1 – the hole gets out of my field of vision
    2 – it’s not effective
    guess my eyes are screwed!

  7. I have good eyes, but when I looked through the tiny tiny hole it looked like a lens. I'm high and this is pretty crazy for me. Idk

  8. My 7th grade teacher told me to make a tiny triangle with my fingers because he saw that I didnt have my glasses and I was amazed

  9. everyone who disliked the video probably forgot their glasses and didn't use the tips in this video. so they clicked the wrong button.

  10. I somehow found out this method by my own while highschool years. Still had no idea how i could see until watching this vid 😀

  11. I tried and it worked a bit. A simpler solution is to take an electronic, open the camera and tadaaaaa it worked I tried that when I lost my glasses.

  12. This not works if you have a patology inside the eye. We, the opticians, use this to know if the person have a refractive problem or a patology

  13. I lost my glasses that I use for driving, so I made a little pin size hole in both hands like binoculars I guess you can say, and crashed into a cop car! Lol
    Just kidding! This actually worked great for me! I have am astigmatisms and think that when I placed my eye over the pin hole, it put pressure on the astigmatisms and kinda corrected the curvature!!
    I don't think that this works on every eye condition though!!

  14. But the tiny hole block the light make us can't see, if you want to see in tiny hole you need more light

  15. When I didn't have glasses in elementary school I used to take two caps from bottles and make two holes in the middle of them. I was a little genius 😂😂

  16. I tried this (the making a little hole with my fingers) and my verdict: pish!

    My vision was not at all clearer than if I looked normally (not through the tiny hole made with fingers. Nice idea but garbage.

  17. I figured this out on my own somehow before i saw this video. I absolutely was frustrated with my glasses so i tried using my figures like a telescope and im like hol up-

  18. yeahhh but no ones gonna abandon specs to have to make holes with their hands to see throughout the whole day lol

  19. If you don't wear glasses and want to test this try looking at things without focusing on it and then try the trick

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