How to reduce myopia and improve your eye sight naturally – the natural method

– Hello my friend. Do distant objects appear to be blurred? Do you often have headaches or tired eyes? You may be suffering from myopia. You are not the only one. There are many in the comments that have also asked for a solution. Myopia is caused by lack of light passing through the eye. It can be a lens issue
or an eye shape problem. Using this natural method, I’m gonna show you how to send the blood to nourish and repair the lens. The release of pressure will then correct the enlarged eye and let
the light pass through. Just follow along with me. With your finger and thumb, place on top of the eyes and massage it out with one, two, it may not look like it, but I am really pushing my
fingers against the eyebrow line. Five. With your finger, push on top of your eyes and blink. One, two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four, five. And the bottom of your eyes and blink. One, two. If you are pushing firm enough, you will feel an aching sensation. On the side of your
eyes, push in and blink. One, two, three, four five. One, two, three, four, five. Both palm on the side of your eyes and massage it up and down. One, two. Try to make a large upwards motion as you massage strongly. One, two, three, four, five. Stop, hold it for five seconds. One, two, three, four, five. Place your left finger
in the middle of the eyes and bring it out and focus in the finger and blink three times. One, two, three. Back, two. One, two, three. Three. One, two, three. Four. One, two three. Five. One, two, three. One. One, two, three. Two. One, two, three. Three. One, two, three. Four. One, two, three. Five. One, two, three. Both palm on your eyes and hold it for five seconds. One, two, three, four, five. Bring it out and blink three times. One, two, three. Back. Two. One, two, three. Three. One, two, three. Four. One, two, three. Five. One, two, three. One. One, two, three. Two. One, two, three. Three. One, two, three. Four. One, two, three. Five. One, two, three. Place your palm back to eyes and hold it for five seconds. One, two. If you are doing correctly, you will feel the jelly
texture of your eye. Three, four, five. And drop your hands down and relax. I have now a cold wet towel and I place this on top of my eyes for five minutes. Do this two times a day for three weeks and let me know how you get on.


  1. i have some questions
    1. do i have to do these exercises continuously and consecutively for three weeks or do i just have to do them for 21 days (3 weeks)

    2. if i do see results do i still have to keep doing these exercises to maintain better vision or can i just try to maintain my vision by less screen time, not looking at screen in dark etc.

    hope these made sense

  2. Hey austin plssss replt to my questions i reallt need ur help
    I m 17 years old and i had just now eysight of -5.50 in both eysight i know its very high i want to decrease .how can i decrease it plss help . Without spectales its all blury for me plss help my frnd

  3. After I've done this for 3 weeks, should I continue or stop completely or stop for a while then start again?

  4. Hello i have a question,i need to wear my glasses when am sitting on my phone after this exercises can i wear my glasses after the exercises?

  5. 2 mins silence to those who tried this🤣😂!!Myopia is not a disease it's a refractive (condition)error where the light Rays are focused in front of the retina(it may be due to cornea,lens or eye ball size)It can only be treated with spectacles, contact lenses or LASIK!!eyeball works like a camera(we all know that) So imagine the lens in the camera is like cornea&Lens(there's a lens in ur eye) and the film is like ur retina!!so inorder to focus the light Rays(picture) on the film we need to adjust the lens right??or else we get a blurred image ryt??same thing happens with ur eye if u can't focus the pic(light rays) on the retina u get a blurred image!!If it gets focused in front of the retina it's called Myopia if it's focused behind the retina it's called hypermetropia!!!it may not get focused on the retina due to various reasons but most commonly it'll be due the refractive power of the refracting materials(cornea,lens,tear film,aqueous,vitreous)In ur unless or until the so called massage can change ur refracting materials (WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE)you gotta Wear specs to look clear😂!!!DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU WATCH ON THE INTERNET!!

  6. What happens when you’re 65 and you’re a myopic presbyope with a -5.00 that needs a +2.50 reading add? Is there a way you can massage the ciliary body to make it stronger? What about the crystalline lens how do you stop the process of time from making it rigid? Can these exercises turn an eyeball that is too big (a cause of myopia) into one that is proportional to the strength of the crystalline lens? What about the astigmatism? As this appears to be the thing you’re trying to correct, what happens if you have a compound astigmatism with -5.00 at 25 degrees and -3.75 at 87 degrees? Is it possible to fix both meridians with a massage? How about a mixed astigmatism where rays of light are being focused both in front and behind the retina? Bearing in mind that 90% of all prescriptions contain a level of astigmatism as well as myopia and hypermetropia, it feels very offensive that you would attempt to resolve an ever growing problem with a method that appears to be a fantastic relief for eye strain and peddle it as a cure for a common refractive error.

  7. heyy austin… i just wanna kniw that how much time it can take to get to 20/20 vision back….. im – 3 in both eyes… 😩 need helpppp

  8. I need help, my left eye is -0.25 and my right eye is -0.75, can this help me please answer, plus the doctor did say that my eyes are healthy, I asked the doctor, if I can improve my vision naturally, he told I can’t and the only choice would be surgery, ohhh this so scary, I am so stressed

  9. Hello Master Goh, I have myopia in my left eye, and hyperopia in my right eye. Some people are like this, and I am one of them. Do you think I should try this exercise, as I think that my hyperopia may get worse if I do this exercise ?
    Thanks for all your videos.

  10. Sir I have 3.50(R) and 3.57(L) , if I do this exercise for 2-3 years will I be able to live my life without spects ? Plz do reply me sir 😭😔🙏

  11. Do you all think this is real? Contact a serious optometrist, not a yt channel who promote stupid things for believers

  12. Thank you! I will do this everyday. But still wear glasses when on my computer when programming to not make it worse.

  13. Hi Austin, can we combine this exercise with the one to get rid of the eye floaters? As well, can we do anything for astigmatism? Thank you.

  14. U are nice person but plz don't play with anyone's life. how can u say that it is fine to use glasses durings the days when one is performing eye exercise. O people don't believe this. The most important thing during the days of one's eye exercise is to QUIT GLASSES. U will face some problems but trust me, this is the way. Any exercise be it Bates method. By keeping the glasses on u r allowing ur eyes to consistantly facing high powers.
    Austin bro, i respect u but this forced me to not believe in any of ur videos and ill tell this to my friends also. May god bless u

  15. I’m 13 and have early stages of myopia and need help getting rid of this it just sucks having myopia

  16. I’m going to try this for a month every week I’ll let everyone know my experience I will be completely HONEST see you every week…

  17. Sir, I am having eyesight. When I am sitting in second bench , I am not able to see the board. So how many days will it take to recover my eyes . Sir plz tell me😭😭

  18. I have done this a couple times today. Eyes feel less tension already. Vision is a little clearer, too. I’ll be doing this to help my eyes.

  19. Hello Austin, Is this the same as astigmatism? If not, can something be done to help correct it, and do you have a natural method for it? Thank you.

  20. I have been doing this for 1 week. I see no improvements. I try to do it atleast 2 times a day. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Am I supposed to stop being at my computer as often during the healing of my myopia?

  21. Viewers read the comments of DVR below..He has successfully cured his eyesights using Austin's tips and landed himself a job.. !!

  22. Starting from tomorrow. I will let you ppl know the changes every three day. Also,thank thank you sir this workout really calms my eyes.

  23. Hello, Austin Goh, You know I am following your instructions, inspired me and helpful. Earlier my question was how to reverse " Eye floaters " which is in black colours and only in right eye but not in left eye. Will help this exercises to reverse Floaters too? 🙏 Zz from Canada 🇨🇦

  24. Hello Austin Goh, Thanks 🙏, Regards for prompt reply and advice to me. I will follow, I am thankful, after following your advice by videos channel, my eyes sight far improved. Not only Eyes other health related, feels more energy. Zz from Canada 🇨🇦 Regards.

  25. Hello, Austin Goh, I am astonished, surprised 😳 to your program of" breaking bricks" you gone to " Guinness world Record ", 😲 OMG. Could you teach me/ us about " Chi" , you inspired me, learning so much from your videos. You are a great person. Thanks 🙏. Zz. From Canada 🇨🇦

  26. im -3.75, determined to get to at least -3 lol. im praying this will work – ill write back to let yall know how i get on

  27. I have -1D (both eye) , use spectacle. Doing this excercise from now 21st August. After one I check my eyes and reply. Hope this video helpful. 🙏🙏🙏

  28. Sir my left eye is -4 and right eye is -3.5. Is this exercise really works??
    I m going to do it from today. Tell me how much time I have to do this??

  29. Hey… Austin I really need your help. I started feeling a little foggy in my ryt eye. I consulted to my doctor. He said it's because my specs number is changing. My left eye is little lazy and right eye has floaters + now I started seeing Little foggy. What should I do. I am so young. Plz help me. I am doing eye excercise on daily basis. What else can I do??

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