this video it’s a little bit different I
wanted to talk to you about my good news hey guys welcome back to our Channel
so we are outside with my boys they are actually in the stroller and I just
clipped my camera on the stroller I got my Dubai’s driving license for the first
time I got it on the first try can you believe that
so had a very difficult time getting my driving license actually and now that I
got it this is my tips on how to pass your driving test in Dubai if you are
here before you enroll in a driving school make sure that you do your
research I have a friend in my office which she did it in a better school which
is the number one top school here in dubai and she never had any problems at
all with you know with administration part we testing with everything with the
instructor with everything so I regret that I enroll in cheaper one because at
the end I spent more than were supposed to there are four parts actually before
you get your driving license first you need to get your theory test the second
one would be a parking test third one would be the assessment and then the
last one RTA final road test which if you pass gonna get your driving license
you know its very strict here in Dubai and not like in my country in Philippines we
don’t really have very strict policies with regards to driving that you don’t
really need to go to driving school you can just learn from somewhere else and
then take your driving test so I did take 40 classes by the way because I
don’t have any other license so if you know already how to drive and you have a
license in your country then you don’t need to take 40 classes just
gonna have to take 20 class make sure you do get a good school even
if you have to spend a little bit extra I think it’s still better because you
get better service just better overall I cannot explain how I really feel bad
about my experience with my driving school and if I can go back I would have
chosen the better one in theory test there are people who are failing on theory
test there is an RTA app which you can download and you can practice if you are
going to take your first parking test there are three types of parking that
you’re going to be performing so there’s going to be a parallel parking there’s
going to be a garage parking and then the last one is going to be what do you call that
angle parking all those parking key to passing is make sure you position your car
properly positioning your car before you do the parking is very important
arranging your mirrors is also very important so make sure you do those two
things before you move your car plus if you’re going to do the parallel parking
make sure that you are very close to the right lines on the garage parking though
you have to be close on the left side most the dotted line for the angle
parking you have to be close to the left side as well there’s another thing for
garage parking when I do the garage parking because I can see in the mirrors
you know where I’m going to you can easily adjust your steering because you
can see your right mirror if it’s going to touch you know the pavement or the
corner or not so you can make adjustments in that moment so make sure
that you back up very very slowly and you turn your wheel quickly that is
my tip for parkings the third test is called assessment test the assessment
test is like a pre preparation that you have finished all your classes it’s
basically very easy should be very easy but some of the school they make it very
difficult if you fail just in case you fail and you did your best but you still
fail make sure you ask the assessment officer why you fail and make sure that
you understand why you fail in my end I wasn’t able to ask properly why I fail
so even eight to eight classes again and then retake the assessment I don’t really
know which ones are my mistake that actually makes it a little bit more
harder for me to understand how am I going to improve if you don’t know your
mistakes right finally I hope you do pass your
assessment test I did fail four times by the way in assessment test so don’t feel
bad if you did fail one time and I have to take eight classes every time I fail
can you believe that the last test that you’re going to take which is the RTA final test which I pass the first time first time I cannot believe I pass it the first
time actually at that time when I did mine I tried to be confident as much as
possible and then try not to seem nervous even if you are nervous
follow the RTA officer instructions make sure that you do that
because I have another student with me which he fell because she wasn’t
following what the RTA officer was saying next
thing is make sure you eat before you take the test because if you’re hungry
then you will not be able to concentrate on what your doing and I did take my
RTA test in the morning although I think it helps too because take it in
the afternoon the roads are going to be very busy make sure that you do it in
the morning make sure to check your speed limit because internal roads have
like 40 to 60 and then outside road not the highway outside the two-way street should
be like 60 to 80 so I’m actually doing 50 and then 70 outside so it’s actually
depends on your RTA instructor if he’s going to say make it
faster or make it slower just make sure you do listen and make sure that – you
know you focus on what you’re doing don’t forget to check the mirrors it’s
very important as well do your head check do your mirror check you know just
make sure you do the mirrors I mean you check the mirrors all the time another tip is that
actually before I took the wheel the lady before me I really feel
bad for her because she did a lot of mistake and the RTA instructor was
very angry already but when I did my turn because I was so nervous I tried to
breathe in and out before I turned the wheel and I actually did say a prayer
before I did take my test and I just felt very confident even if my legs are
shaking I was very nervous but I was very confident and just follow
instructions anyway what could be worst if you fail then you’re just going to
take another test so yeah but that’s gonna be another payment for you so and there’s another very important I
forgot to say if you’re not comfortable with your instructors make sure to
change them because it’s really important that you follow or you understand what
your instructor is telling you or teaching you because at the end you know
it’s going to reflect on your driving so make sure that you’re comfortable with
your instructor I did change instructors two times my fellow Filipinos were very
nice and you know best thing that I could understand you know the
instructions well and I could ask them in our own language so there are no
language barrier so that actually really helped for me I would like to take
special thank you to Kuya Joy thanks so much Kuya Joy you know I owe you a lot
thank you for your patience and to you miss Mary thank you too for being
patient with me and to Kuya Joy’s wife thank you for sending me those stuff
for my planner which I forgot to thank you before but thank you so much and
yeah I hope you do pass your RTA test if you have any questions please do
leave in the comments down below or send me an email or anything at all so yeah I
would like to hear back from you and I hope this video did help you
somehow and I hope you do pass your driving test and get your driver’s
license and yes thats just about it thank you so much again guys for watching


  1. Nice explanation on how to get your driver's license there in Dubai. Dito sa japan, ang daming lessons and tests at ang mahal!! Thanks for sharing! Nice video!!

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  3. Hi just came across your video since I am also enrolling for driving now. Can you mention which school u enrolled at? This is such a big help for me! Thanks for the tips!

    Also, did you pass the parking test at the first try? 😊

  4. I hate driving schools here! They are rude, slow inefficient for everything except taking your money! My only wish is to pass already so I never have to go back there again!!!
    Thank you so much for the tips and congrats!

  5. Hi , naka ilan failed na po ako sa assesment ko .. depressed ako lage dun feeling ko ang tanga ko lage kada ma fafailed ako.

  6. Dear madam today my test is fail. 90° parking and angle parking.
    Parallel parking, slope, and emergency is pass.
    Please tell me 90° parking and angle parking trick.

  7. Your video is really helpful. I cleared driving test in first attempt though to clear parking test, i took around 4 attempts .

  8. Maraming salamat po sa mga tips mo kabayan,ka2kuha ko lang po ng license ko nka2stress pala hehehehehe napakalaki po ng tulong ang mga video mo lalong lalu na yong S-M-I-S-H nagamit ko rin…god bles po at sa twins mo 😘

  9. Very good tips.i got my license yesterday.the things which she said is 100% true.Most important point is book your rta road test on Saturday early morning,then your passing probablity will be very me guyz.

  10. hello madam, just wanna ask about the SMISH… hindi nMan sila strict sa sequence? one time nag una ako seatbelt, my instructor said una mirror bago seatbelt…

  11. Lol you got ur driving license in first attempt from my driving school and here ur giving advise to people to go to Emirates. This is how student commonly behave once they are done with their license.

  12. Hey thank you ! Really helpful video. What all things they check in final ? Speed limit , line change , u turn , and what else ?

  13. Hi.. thanks for your videos.. enjoying them alot.. i didn't know that your a filipina… =) thanks po! keep blogging!

  14. Hi pumasa na ako SA driving test last week I have car na at insured kaso bakit ayaw ko pa magsolo drive😥😥palagi ko pa isinasama asawa ko.huhuhu

  15. Hi! Stumbled on your channel in search for videos on Dubai in general. I finished college 3 years ago and plan on moving to Dubai as a respiratory therapist. I have so much questions. like; what do you do for a living, living expenses, how hard is it to transition to dubai from the philippines, how much is the starting OFW rate.. things like that. hopefully i can get in touch with you. or maybe you could make videos! thanks! and have a good day!

  16. Ngayon e mas mahirap ang proseso binago ang sistema sa parking test me assesment test na bago makarating sa parking final at lahat e nakasensor na without examiner sa tabi ng estudyante


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