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So let’s talk about Pre Menstrual Syndrome.
Every woman knows that things change hormonally during the course of her menstrual cycle and
she’ll notice something different just before her period compared with the rest of the cycle. So most women notice a little bit perhaps
breast tenderness, slight pelvic discomfort, a bit of abdominal bloating. But for many women it’s more marked than that
and they actually find that they have quite severe mood change, perhaps become very irritable,
slightly anxious and slightly cross and out of control of their moods. And this starts to impact on their world at
work, their world at home, their relationships with their partner or husband and their children
and they start to worry that they are not really in control of their own hormones and
what’s going on. For other women the physical symptoms become
really quite unpleasant with nasty headaches and very severe breast tenderness and a lot
of pelvic pain. And so a lot of women do come and ask for
help and quite rightly so, because there are many things that can be done to help with
Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. It can be as simple perhaps as just changing
the contraceptive method because a lot of modern pills actually help with the hormones
and even everything out and get rid of the nastier symptoms of PMS. Other women want to take control by perhaps
improving their diet and looking at what their eating in the pre-menstrual part of the cycle
because certainly a lot of women express the fact that they have quite severe cravings
for sweet food in the lead up to their period and very often addressing this will help. A lot of women find that they need to exercise
and it can be very useful to go and work out in the gym in the lead up to their period,
as well as at other times in the cycle but to help with the stress and the irritability
and a lot of exercise really can help with that. Other women may want to try other things to
help with PMS because for some women, a very small proportion, it can actually be something
which starts to rule their life and they find that there are things that they don’t want
to do during that part of the cycle and it can interfere with the quality of their life. But always there are things that can be done
to help and it’s difficult to know as a women whether what you’re experiencing is normal
and on the spectrum of normal or whether it’s a little extreme and something that you can
really get to grips with so that with some advice and help you can have a really good
quality of life.

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