How to Install EveryDrop™ Ice & Water Refrigerator Filter 4

This is the installation video for EveryDrop ice and water refrigerator Filter Four. To maximize contaminant reduction,
including pharmaceuticals, replace your filter every six months. Step One: Be sure
you have the correct filter. If you need help deciding that Filter Four is right for
your refrigerator, use the filter finder at Step Two: Remove your new filter
from its packaging. Pull the seal off the end of the cartridge. Step Three: Locate your filter in your refrigerator. For Filter Four, you’ll find it inside in the upper
right hand corner of the ceiling. Filter covers will have one of two different
types of releases, push or pull. For the push style filter
cover, release the cover by pushing in on the tab and slightly downward. For the pull style filter cover, release the cover by pulling the tab gently toward
the front. If this is a new refrigerator installation a bypass cap will be
inside the filter opening. Remove the bypass cap by turning it
counter-clockwise approximately one-quarter turn and then pull straight
out. Make sure to keep the bypass cap in case it is needed for future use. Step Four: To replace a used filter,
unscrew and remove the cartridge by turning it counter-clockwise until it
releases and then pull straight out. (Note: excess water may spill from the old
filter so have a towel handy.) Step Five: Time to install your new EveryDrop
filter. With the threads facing toward the back, align the filter with the
opening in the refrigerator and push in until seated. Turn the filter clockwise
approximately one quarter of a turn until the filter stops. Close the
filter cover by lightly lifting it from underneath and pressing upward until it
snaps shut. Now flush four gallons through your
refrigerator water dispenser before drinking. This removes any air and
ensures the fast flow performance of the EveryDrop. For cleaner-tasting water.
Water at the speed of life.


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  2. The amount of water to flush seems a bit excessive. By the time you flushed four gallons before you can drink the water, you've used up a lot of the filter having you?

  3. Have been trying to locate a filter that works for the past year. Whirpool even sent us a filter after calling customer service. This filter does NOT work. There is an obvious manufacturing/design defect in these filters. What is going on, Whirlpool??

  4. I've done all of this and my water still trickles out at the speed of life choice contemplation inducing agony. What is wrong!?!

  5. Pls advise what filter cap is needed to install a EDR3RXD1 in a side by side Whirlpool(purchased at Ikea) with installation at bottom of refrig. Mine is cracked.

  6. This video should explain that to remove the old filter you pull down on the old filter to separate it from the top and then it is much easier to turn because you can grip the filter

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