How to Install EveryDrop™ Ice & Water Refrigerator Filter 3

This is the installation video for EveryDrop ice and water refrigerator Filter Three. To maximize contaminant reduction,
including pharmaceuticals, replace your filter every six months. Step One: Be sure
you have the correct filter. If you need help deciding that Filter Three is right for
your refrigerator, use the filter finder at Step Two: Remove your new filter
from its packaging. Lift the blue cap from the top of the
filter. Be sure the black O-rings are still in place. Step Three: Locate your filter in your
refrigerator. For Filter Three, you’ll find it on the left side of the base grill. Remove
the filter by pressing and holding down the eject button while pulling straight
out on the filter cap. Remove the filter cartridge cap by turning it
counterclockwise until it stops and the ridges align. Step Four: Then pull the cap
straight off the end of the cartridge. Set aside the filter cap and do not
discard. (Note: Excess water may spill from the old filter so have a towel handy.)
Step Five: Time to install your new EveryDrop filter. Place the filter cartridge
cap on the new filter by aligning the ridge on the cap with the arrow on the
filter. Turn the cap clockwise until it stops and snaps into place. Hold the assembled cap and filter unit
by the lip on the cap so that the filter cartridge arrow is facing up. Align the
filter and cap unit with the opening in the grill base and push the new filter
into the hole. Once the filter is completely inserted the eject button
will pop back out. Now flush four gallons through your
refrigerator water dispenser before drinking. This removes any air and ensures the fast flow performance of the EveryDrop. For cleaner-tasting water. Water at the speed of life.


  1. What is the filter remover/installer for the EDR3RXD1 ( Whirlpool side by side/purchased at IKEA. My old one is cracked.

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