How To Improve Your Vision Naturally

Improve Your Vision — Reduce Your Stress
& You’re Halfway There Stress is bad! It’s unhealthy! What’s new?
Nothing, but how can you leverage that to improve your vision?
When you are stressed all your muscles are chronically tense. It’s a perception that
you are under attack and when we are under attack our vision is different.
Why You Must Learn To Relax To Improve Your Vision
Your vision changes when you are in a dangerous situation. Your focus gets narrow, your peripheral
vision diminishes, and your focus point in pretty close.
A light version of that is your vision under stress. Making out objects or people in the
distance becomes more difficult because your focus is in close range.
The way it works is this: to see a close object in sharp focus, your eye muscles have to contract
so your eyeball lengthens. This bends the lens, which enables you to “zoom” in. It’s
pretty much how the zoom on a good camera works.
The moment you learn to relax, you will be able to zoom out, see into the distance, and
improve your vision again. Distant vision works exactly the opposite way. Your eye muscles
have to relax, so your eyeball is round, which flattens the lens.
Which Stress Factors Are Affecting Your Vision? If you want to improve your vision naturally,
you have to work on the mental stress factors. They cause the physical stress to appear.
The physical stress disappears when you deal with the mental stress.
All the modern day stresses we are exposed are fear-based. Therefore they cause the same
kind of stress in our minds and bodies that we would experience in nature under threat.
But these threats don’t really exist, so it’s easy to get rid of them.
It’s all in the head. I mean that! The threats do not exist for most people who read this.
How to Get Rid Of Stress Getting rid of stress is easy. No meditation
is required, even though that’s a great thing to cultivate, and no yoga classes are necessary.
It’s very simple… Turn off your TV, don’t listen to the news,
and stop watching those drama and crime shows that are broadcast every day of the week.
Start reading inspirational books and listening to relaxing music instead.
You’ll see very fast how your stress disappears! Are you going to miss out on all the latest
news and all that you have to know? Of course not, because in our media-perverted society
everybody will tell you about the next doom and gloom scenario in the economy, the security
threats, and how the world is going to end next week.
You see, we have doomsday scenarios predicted twice a year on average. It always will be
that way. Why? Because fear-based news and entertainment cause such an emotional pull
that they are addictive. The media wants us to be addicted to this
emotional drama and turmoil because they can sell us advertising in between.
The Ultimate Solution Unplug your TV, go cold turkey!
If you need to know about something, everybody will tell you about it. It’s also a great
way to get into conversations. Will you miss when the world ends? No, you will be there!
Seriously, if you want to improve your vision get inspirational books, read about health,
and do things that are nourishing for your body. LIVE this life, and stop wasting it
in front of the idiot box. Decide for yourself which emotions you want
to experience and don’t leave it to the program directors. You will have a lot more life,
and you will improve your vision. Your vision is bad not because watching TV
harms your eyes, but because the programs are stressing you out.
Bonus Tip Go for walks, breathe, and take a bath. Do
stuff you like! For more ideas how you can improve your vision,
download your Free Vision Improvement Toolkit. With those videos we’ll send you, you’ll get
inspired, not scared to death! Give it a go! Try one week without TV, newspapers,
and Internet news. Then let me know how it went and how you feel! Leave comments below…


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