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In this video, we’ll discuss the best nutrients
to improve heart health. Hi ladies and gentlemen, I’m Dr. Zyrowski
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our notification community, so that way I can help you excel your health and your life. In this video, we have an incredibly important
topic; that is the topic of how do you improve your heart health. Why is this topic so important,
you ask. Well, it’s because in the US alone, 610,000 people struggle with heart disease
every single year. One in four Americans die every year from heart disease. This is a major,
major issue and it’s not just in America, it’s a major killer worldwide. And one of
things I can tell you is, beyond the heart disease issues, there are so many people who
are on medications for heart health, but yet they’re doing nothing in the way of natural
nutrition in order to improve their health. And the science is there in order to back
all these different nutrients and different things that you can do in order to improve
your heart health. When people come into my clinic and they tell me that they have heart
issues, but they’re not doing some of these very basic things that we’re going to talk
about in this video, it blows my mind because in most cases, nobody told them. So maybe
you’ll hear it here first. The first nutrient we’re going to talk about
here is CoQ10. CoQ10 is incredibly powerful for heart health, and the reason for it is
because it’s highly concentrated in the heart. We think of CoQ10 to the heart as calcium
is to the bones. In the absence of calcium, the bones are going to struggle; in the absence
of CoQ10, the heart is going to greatly struggle. And as we age, we start to produce less CoQ10.
That’s another reason why it’s important for the aging body. CoQ10 is going to help
improve ATP function. It’s also going to be important for the mitochondria, so basically
the energy system in the body. Our hearts are running around the clock, we need that
energy. It’s also going to be depleted through statins. This is something that most nobody
knows about. When people come into my clinic and they say, hey, I’m taking medications
for heart health, my first question is are you taking CoQ10, and the answers almost always
categorically no. That’s just terrible that nobody’s telling them that, because if you’re
taking something that’s supposed to, let’s say it’s supposed to improve your heart
health, but yet it’s depleting you of CoQ10, which is research proven to be very important,
then we have a problem there. Remember that. It’s also going to decrease blood pressure.
It inhibits oxidative damage, and if you’ve seen my other videos on heart health, you
know that oxidative damage is incredibly bad for the cardiovascular system. And lastly,
the last thing I want to say about CoQ10 is that the research has proven to have seen
extraordinary results when CoQ10 was used with heart patients. CoQ10 is a heavy hitter
here and really powerful. Next is the mineral magnesium. Magnesium is
really good for not only the whole body, but also the nervous system and the cardiovascular
system. It helps keep calcium out of the arteries. In the absence of magnesium, what will happen
is you’ll get a buildup of intercellular calcium. When we look at magnesium, it’s
very important, because calcium is good for the body in so many ways, however, we don’t
want a bunch of calcium in our arteries. Magnesium helps stop that. It’s also going to help
decrease blood pressure. There’s a study where they took magnesium and basically, in
a two week period, people taking magnesium found that it decreased their blood pressure
significantly. It’s also going to help support blood sugar balance, and once again, if you’ve
seen my other videos on heart health, you know how damaging sugar is to the cardiovascular
system in the way of oxidative damage and inflammation. Magnesium is also great for
the heart health. This is a heavy hitter too, the fish oil and
omega three’s here. This is important because it’s research proven to help decrease triglycerides,
decrease blood pressure, decrease inflammation, and also improve overall cardiovascular system.
This is another thing I tell people all the time. First of all, it’s great for the brain,
great for the cell, but it’s also very good for the cardiovascular system. I recommend
everybody takes fish oil. Niacin is another heavy hitter. This is one
of things when people tell me, especially professionals, none of this is research proven,
which is the craziest and most ignorant thing you could say, and then they even tell me
that niacin is not research proven, well it’s probably one of the most research proven vitamins
that you can take in order to help improve heart health. It’s been proven to help decrease
triglycerides and cholesterol. It also helps decrease Lp(a), which is going to be a very
damaging LDL cholesterol in the body. It also helps raise HDL and if you’re of the notion
that HDL cholesterol needs to be risen in order to help improve heart health, then it’s
going to help do that. Niacin is a big heavy hitter here. Curcumin is another really awesome nutrient
when it comes to improving your heart health. Once again, these things help your heart health,
but they also improve the health of your entire body. It’s an antioxidant, it works as an
incredible anti-inflammatory, it’s an anti-thrombotic, and that’s basically because it stops the
platelet formation that’s going to form the clots in the body in the arterial system.
Then also it has many cardiovascular protective effects. Curcumin’s very, very powerful. If you haven’t seen my other videos on heart
health, go ahead and check them out right up here; I’ll put a link to the playlist
in which I talk about many different discussions when it comes to your overall cardiovascular
health. When I see people who are suffering from heart conditions, people who are struggling
in taking lots of medications, and then I ask the simple question of, are you doing
some of these things right here. These are very basic. We could get into a whole lot
of other things as far as nutrition goes that are very beneficial for the heart, but these
are some of the basics. If you’re not doing this, but yet you’re having heart issues,
then you’re really missing the boat on that because these improve your heart and the research
is all there to back it. So give this video a thumbs-up, share it with
friends because they may be struggling with some of these issues and we want people to
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  1. Which form of Magnesium and K do you recommend? As most common is Magnesium Oxide but with poor absorption

  2. I will use this information for my sick father,he’s not willing to go “plant based no oil “witch is proven to cure heart disease

  3. The new research on CoQ10 is to now add 20 mg of BioPPQ……Pyrroloquinoline Quinone.
    While CoQ10 feeds mitochondria, PQQ actually makes new mitochondria (biogenesis). Researchers have found that both work synergistically better together than either one by itself.

  4. CoQ10 is great but for older people (over 30) the reduced version of CoQ10 is called UBIQUINOL
    Take ubiquinol at min of 400 mg daily

  5. It would have been more helpful if you would have said how much CoQ 10 to take and how much and what type of magnesium to take since not all forms of magnesium are created equal, so I’m told.

  6. 1) Aren't there different types of Magnesium?
    2) And how many mg's of each should w have daily as a supplement?
    3) If we r taking a good multi complex w all of these should we concern ourselves w taking additional amounts?
    Thank you Dr.

  7. Hey Dr. Nick, Is there truth to the diabetes is related to blood lipotoxicity. I'm asking because I have blood sugar issue when eating a lot of meat dairy eggs. My fasting glucose goes over 100. When I remove meat, dairy, eggs and eat very high carbs (beans, white rice, oats, potatoes and fruit) and low fats.. my fasting glucose goes down. Also inflammation and pain goes down.

  8. i use all those vitamins. Most important is to change diet. Eat less meat and fast food. Quitting alcohol helps a lot too. Like cold turkey.

  9. Go natural yet you are propagating a ton on supplements. What foods are these found In? With so many supplements out there how do we know which ones are legit and which ones are bs since none of them are fda approved.

  10. I was under the impression that the latest fish oil studies indicate that fish oil was not effective in heart health??

  11. Thanks Doc I just was diagnosed with afib and I am on amiodarone and Eliquis. Very worried about being on these drug s.

  12. Hi Doctor I want a link buy from amazon product coQ10 good quality note i live in Iraq, with many thanks?

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