How to Improve Eyesight through Diet

How to Improve Eyesight through Diet. Eating foods that are good for your eyes is
also good for the rest of your body. Learn the list of recommendations to improve
your eyesight and your overall health. You will need Fish Grains Green leafy vegetables
Yellow vegetables Blueberries Grapes Eggs Onions Garlic Red wine and virgin olive oil
(optional). Step 1. Eat fatty fish, such as tuna, sardines, salmon,
and cod. They include DHA, which gives structural support
to cell membranes and essential omega-3 fatty acids. Grains are also a good source of omega-3 fatty
acids. Broil or poach the fish or cook it in olive
oil to avoid adding unhealthy saturated fats. Step 2. Eat green leafy vegetables, like spinach and
kale, which may protect your eyes from sun damage and blue light. Step 3. Avoid foods high in sugar. Eating a high-sugar diet increases your risk
for diabetes and bad circulation, which can lead to cataracts and glaucoma. Step 4. Eat food high in sulfur to protect the eye’s
lenses. High-sulfur foods include eggs, onions, and
garlic. Step 5. Drink red wine. It contains many nutrients that help your
eyes as well as your heart, but remember to drink in moderation. One glass a day is all it takes. Did you know The retina has 130 million light-sensitive


  1. @wolfdemon001 it's been proven that carrots don't really increase eyesight, unless you have a vitamin deficiency. The whole, "carrots increase eyesight / nightvision" was a myth told to people to cover up the invention of Radar…you should research it.

  2. @Shadowheart0808 Actually, I believe it's been proven that you basically need to eat nothing but carrots for there to be a noticable difference.

  3. 1. Mouse over the CC button near the bottom right of the video.

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