How to improve eyesight fast 2019 – restore vision naturally

here is my latest update on my natural vision improvement journey in 2019 you can improve your eyesight in a matter of weeks following a few simple steps 1 never wear your distance glasses while reading your distance glasses are meant to let you see clearly far away when you use it up close you create a lot of eye strain since you have gotten your eyes used to this through years and years of increasing prescriptions you don’t even notice but this habit is the 1 cause of progressive myopia if you can see your screen or book without any glasses they always take them off if you can’t see your screen without glasses see if you have any of your previous glasses still try them on can you see your screen clearly see how much farther you can see beyond your screen ideally you want the prescription to let you see just as far as you need but no further to improve eyesight by taking breaks many resources tell you this and they are right but they are often not right about how much of a break you need and how to use it first work no longer than two to three hours before taking a break set yourself a timer on your smartphone if need be three hours should really be the limit after three hours at most get the longest break you can an hour would be ideal though at least 30 minutes will do during that time you want to look at distant objects reading street signs car license plates anything that’s at least a few meters away as best three always have good natural ambient lighting the quality of the light matters to your eyes like the quality of air matters to your lungs and the quality of food to your body junk light equals poor eyesight if you can be sitting next to a window while working that would be ideal not an option in that case consider buying a natural light emulating bulb for your desk lamp usually referred to as full-spectrum UV bulbs you can buy these online as well as some local stores you will notice a difference when you have quality light consistently for outdoor time your eyes first started to get blurry at a distance from too much close up called pseudo myopia things got worse from there from wearing your first pair of glasses while reading and spending way too much time indoors in front of a screen or book if you want better eyesight you need to do the opposite of what caused the problem less time in front of screens and not wearing the biggest possible prescription all the time as key to your success 5 measure your distance vision to improve your eyesight you don’t need an optometrist to measure your eyesight you can print an eye chart and test your current prescription using our measurement resources and keeping a log of results we’ll start showing you how much your eyesight changes how you slept the night before stress diet lighting it all affects how far you can see clearly start measuring your eyes keep track of the results and begin to understand strain as well as the impact of better habits subscribe to my channel now I will tell you more about improving the quality of life [Music]

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