How to have more ATTRACTIVE EYES | 10 model tips from Daniel Maritz

hey guys what’s up!! now this is another
video request because there has been a lot of you guys that asked me hey Daniel
how can I make my eyes look more attractive? so in this video I’m gonna
give you ten tips to make your eyes look a lot better and if you watch the video
until the end I’ll give you a bonus tip as well. so let’s not waste any more time
let’s get into the video now just in case you’re new here to my
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any of my next videos and welcome to DLM model lifestyle. now whether you’re
going for a job interview or for your first date your eyes play a very
important role. why? because the eyes are the part of your body that people
connect with mostly. even if you don’t talk a lot your eyes speak a great
deal they’re kind of the window to the soul right? you’ve probably heard
that before… now how do you make your eyes look more attractive? well, your
eyes consist out of four parts: first of all you’ve got your eyeball, right? then
you’ve got your eyebrows, you’ve got your eyelashes and you’ve got the skin around
your eyes. so to have more attractive eyes you need to improve these four
parts and I’m gonna tell you exactly how to do it. so let’s start with the first
step all right you can use certain eye
solutions to clear up the redness in your eyes and to make your eyeballs look
whiter for example eye-drops can be used to help
the redness from not sleeping enough and even allergies. now if you’re not sure
which kind of eye drops to use I’ll add my preferred eye-drops in the video
description down below. now try not to do alcohol and drugs as well because they
also cause the redness in your eyes just like your body your eyes also need good
rest right so give it the amount of sleep that it needs. if you don’t sleep
enough it can cause popped blood vessels dark eyes, puffy eyes, dry eyes and even
eye spasms. so try to get a good sleeping routine where you sleep between 7
and 8 hours per day. that should be enough now you can also use the right household
items to improve your eyes for example thinly-sliced cold cucumbers or even
granny smith apples will help you to reduce the puffiness under your eyes and
then slices of potato can help you to reduce those dark circles around your
eyes another example is caffeinated tea bags
now what you can do is just soak two tea bags in warm water and then just chill
them for a few minutes in the refrigerator. then what you do is you
just put them on your eyes for a few minutes. why? well the caffeine helps to
shrink the blood vessels around your eyes which reduces puffiness and dark
circles all right now you got to use the right
kind of eye gels and eye creams to improve this area of skin around your
eyes. if the skin around your eyes is mostly kind of dry that’s probably
because it has very few active oil glands so it doesn’t really have a
natural ability to keep your skin kind of moist and glowy. now if you’re not
sure which products to use I’ll add a few of my top picks in the video
description below so you can check it out. now let’s move on to the next step all right, now you probably know this
already but you have to drink enough water
why? well if you don’t drink enough water your eyes will become more dehydrated
and look kinda dull so drink more water so that your eyes can look nice and
fresh now let’s talk about the eyebrows. now
not everybody needs to do this but if your eyebrows are kind of all over the
place right and they’re very bushy like especially if they’re here in the middle
you gotta keep them in shape but never wax your eyebrows just use tweezers
because if you do wax your eyebrows those lines is gonna be too abrupt and
kind of artificial and you don’t want it to look that sharp you just want it to
look nice and natural. so just take a tweezer you know and what I usually do
sometimes if it’s a problem as I just tweeze these bottom hair here. all right
because you want your eyebrows to be a little bit upper you know if it’s down
too close to your eyes people can’t see it that well. all right
the other tip for the eyebrows is sometimes when you wake up your eyebrows
will be down here so what you want to do is just take them a little bit up. you
don’t have to take a brush and brush them unless you have those gonna
eyebrows that you really need a brush but just do this. all right and then boom
that’s fine alright now let’s talk about those
wrinkles than kind off start here in your eyes and they kind of fan out. they are
called crow’s feet. now what can you do to prevent crow’s feet? well before I
tell you let me just say: I like crow’s feet. I won’t mind as I grow older to
have crow’s feet because I think it kind of looks cool. it gives a kind of
character but I know there’s not a lot of people that like it so what can you
do about it? to be honest there are no products that can get rid of crow’s feet
even if a company tells you they can don’t believe them. so what can you do?
well apart from using sunscreen what you can do is use products that are loaded
with superior anti-wrinkle ingredients for example: antioxidants, skin
replenishing ingredients and skin restoring ingredients. now although these
products will help you to kind of slow down the wrinkles and make the skin
around your eyes look a lot better. it is definitely not gonna get rid of crow’s
feet but it is gonna let it look and appear a lot better. check out the video
description if you’re not sure which products to use and you can check out my best options now let’s talk about eye lashes: now what
can you do to improve your eye lashes? well most people want longer
eyelashes because it is well known that if it gets a little bit longer it makes
your eyes look a little bit more attractive. so what I usually do is when
I wake up these eyelashes are usually bended and kind of skew and all over the
place. so what I would do after I wash my face is I would take some lukewarm water,
just rub it here my fingers and then I would take these eyelashes and just
straighten them and then when it dries it is more straight and so it
looks longer. now you can even go further than that. if you really want to you can
use the eye lash curler now I know a lot of guys gonna be like: oh man
that’s for girls and that’s fine I don’t usually use it but if I have a very
important casting for an eye wear company or something like that then yes
I would because it does make a huge difference. it makes your eyes pop a lot
more, but it’s also understandable if you don’t want to do it because that is your
choice ultimately and so I’m just giving you all the options out there, so
you can choose. so please don’t judge me in the comments below I’m just giving
you all the options out there for a better video. now you can even go a lot
further than just the eye curler and that takes us to the next tip. now if you were
born with short eyelashes and you want longer eyelashes the good news is you
can do something about it. you can use eye serums to make your eyelashes grow
longer but just be careful about the products that you choose because there’s
a lot of products out there that is not backed up by a good evidence. now
personally I have not used any of these eye serums but I did do a lot of research
especially for you guys if there is some of you that would like to use it and
I’ll add my top picks in the video description down below so you can check
it out and do your own research all right you gotta eat healthier if you
don’t eat healthier your eyes they’re gonna show it. they’re gonna look kind of dull, so
if you want bright healthy eyes you need to get more antioxidants, more healthy
fats like omega-3 fatty acids and then also certain vitamins like vitamin A. now
I’m not gonna go into a lot of detail but here’s a few foods that can really
improve your eyes like salmon, egg yolk sweet potatoes, spinach, blueberries, carrots
peppers, avocados and nuts. all right guys you made it until the end of the video
so here’s my bonus tip: you gotta wear sunglasses when you’re outside. yes you
do it probably every day when you go outside and when the Sun is sharp and
it’s a little bit bright: you squint so you walk like this and then if
you do it today, tomorrow, a week, month, years you start to get a lot more wrinkles but
when you wear the sunglasses then you don’t need to squint so much
and also if you do wear it it already protects you against the Sun
which means it protects you against wrinkles. now if you’re not sure which
kind of sunglasses will fit in with your face shape the general rule is this: you
gotta buy sunglasses with a shape that is the opposite shape of your face shape.
wow, there’s a lot of shapes and that sentence… but you get what I’m saying
right? if not let me explain it with an example: if you have a round face it is
generally better to buy sunglasses that is square shape or rectangular shape. all
right I’ll add my best options of sunglasses in the video description so you
can check that out as well and that’s it guys thank you so much for watching.
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