How to Get Rid of Red Eyes

What do you recommend to get rid of red
eyes so red eyes can be caused by quite a few different things obviously dry eye
can be one of them allergies can be one of them you know
infections even I think some people just have you know larger blood vessels than
others so those are all contributors to dry eye so you kind of
have to figure out what the causes for you whether it’s dryness you know you’re
in this group so I’m guessing that it is dry eye but it could be you know
allergies as well so you’re gonna really want to treat that first so everything
that we talked about in treating your dry eye is going to help
with that redness it’s going to help to moisten the front of your eyes and to
get your eyes producing the oils that they should be producing and then
there’s a blog post on our website called what drops not to use look up that
it talks about everything she just went over allergies dry eye and versus all
those so kind of gives you guidance towards which ones to use them which not
to use Hey it’s Dr. Travis Zigler CEO of Eye
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