How To Do Warm Compress For Eye | How To Do Eyelid Massage | How To Treat Blepharitis At Home (2018)

Blepharitis is a common condition where
the edges of the eyelids become red, crusty and swollen and it actually affects many people in this video I’ve done research into the best way to ease your symptoms at home through good eyelid hygiene and we’re going to learn how to do it and if you have any tips which work for you please leave a comment below and let us know blepharitis often affects both eyes but
one eye can be affected more than the other now it’s a long-term condition it can’t be cured but practicing good eyelid hygiene can prevent it from
coming back and keep it under control this daily routine consists of three parts now to begin with you need to do it twice a day long-term though you can reduce it to two to three times a week always remember to wash your hands
before and after you do it and now let’s begin start with a warm compress and apply it to your eyes for at least five minutes and here’s how you do it to make a warm compress soak a clean washcloth or flannel with hot water wring it out and place it over your closed eyelids and as it cools rewet it with warm water again and wring out and reapply another option is to buy an eye bag which can be heated in the microwave and it releases heat longer so it doesn’t need to be reheated but be careful you don’t heat it up too much because you could burn yourself warm compresses will loosen dandruff and soften oil secretions around your eyelashes next massage the eyelids immediately after the warmth this helps push out the oily fluid from the glands and here’s how to do it first close your eyes massage along the
length of the upper and lower eyelids sweeping downwards when moving along the upper eyelid and sweeping upwards when moving along the lower eyelid massaging should neither be too gentle nor too firm the idea is that you’re moving the
oily secretions towards the edge of the eyelid so they can come out of the glands and the last step is cleaning so after the warm compress and the massage it’s time to clean the eyelids now there’s a few different methods for this but I prefer the traditional one and that’s what I’m going to show you now add a few drops of baby shampoo to clean warm water the ratio of water to shampoo should be 10:1 next dip a cotton wool bud into the liquid and squeeze any excess liquid to prevent drips getting into the eye in front of a mirror gently rub along the upper and lower eyelids several times away from the eye without wiping the inner margins of the eyelids be careful you don’t poke yourself in the eye as the upper eyelid can be quite difficult and that’s how you clean your eyelids properly and if your blepharitis doesn’t respond to
regular cleaning then it’s important to speak to your doctor or health care professional about it because you may need prescribed treatment I’ve also left a link in the description below which tells you about the complications of blepharitis and what to do about it, which I’d highly recommend reading and let me know if these eyelid hygiene techniques work for you by leaving a comment below and also read some research that omega-3 supplements can help with the symptoms of blepharitis and dryness of the eye so if you’ve tried it and it’s helped then leave a comment below and let us know and if you like this video if you found it helpful then please hit that like button now and if you’ve got any friends or family who suffer from blepharitis then share this video to them or tag them in hey guys thanks for watching this week’s video make sure to click that like, follow or subscribe button now to stay up to date with new weekly videos in this video I’ve done research (DROPPING BOX SOUND) into (LAUGHTER) feel so refreshed now it’s actually quite a nice feeling this I could get used to this and that’s how you clean your eyelids properly and if your blepharitis I can’t say it, blepharitis and if your blepharitis and that’s how


  1. Being a newbie to the pharmacy….working as a pharmacist it makes me so happy that I can actually watch your videos to help me with giving my patients the best advice possible. Please keep making more videos

  2. Thank you so much for this video. About a month ago I woke up from crying with a lump over my left eye lid. After it not going down after two weeks but getting larger I went to a ophthalmologist. I had never heard of Blepharitis. She stated she was surprised that I didn’t have many more lumps because all of the ducts where blocked 😣. I can’t figure how this came from out of no where. My ophthalmologist, said warm compresses and gave me a few ocu scrub pads to scrub my lids. Woke up with what looked like a bad case of double conjunctivitis. Apparently I’m allergic to the eye scrubs I had used the night before. The good thing is that the nasty red eyes cleared up on their own by late afternoon. Nonetheless, it’s been 3 weeks and the lump hasn’t gone down. NOW I see I’ve been doing it all wrong. I would scrub my lashes and apply warm compresses without trying to work the oils out. I guess I thought they would just naturally leak out from the warmth. Thank you so much for this video. Now hopefully I can get rid of this eye lump and keep my lashes happy.

  3. Nowhere do I see anyone talking about the side effects. Blurry vision. Or is this not a side effect? One day is worse than the other and it is annoying as I cannot wear glasses as the vision clarity changes. What can I do about this?

  4. I m suffering from 2 years with this disease and taking treatment almost a year there is little bit improvement bt not cure properly as yet …ur video is very helpful as it is giving me right way to do the things some I was doing wrong thanku so much for sharing with us…jazakallahukhair 😊😊

  5. Really appreciate your detailed, comprehensive, effective instructions. I have dry eye and blepharitis, but no ophthamologist I've visited has told me exactly how to massage or clean my eyelids. Neither have their nurse-assistants–which is actually their job, right? And a lot of people don't know that they can get information like this from a pharmacist, at least where I live (USA). Thanks for a very helpful video!

  6. Baby shampoo is old fashioned advice and can make things worse I can’t even use it on my scalp . Try different eyewipes untill you find the right one. I found I was allergic to blephaclean that all the Uk opticians promote. So use optase.

  7. I've got quite unsual problem, I have blepharitis for a long time. So in short, I had a test done long ago for demodex mites in my eyelashes, and I had them. So over long period of time I used many solutions to deal with them, but I didn't really notice any change. But I went over to an oculist again very recently, done the test for demodex again. Turns out the demodex mites are gone, and I'm again as always diagnosed with blepharitis. So I got rid of potential cause of the problem, but the problem persists. My eyelids are red from the inside, and from the outside they are very dark (I assume because of the blood underneath being seen through the thin skin), I often get teary when I'm outside but somehow never when I'm in my house, even after many hours in front of PC. And also I always experience eyelid itchiness just after waking up. So all in all my symptoms are not hard to manage it's only the visual that bothers me, I look like the worst heroin addict. The oculist checked my eyes thoroughly and then only told me to get standard eyedrops and blephaclean tissues that are available without prescription.
    Appreciate the video but I'm on much higher level of desperation atm, I stick my head in a basket of really hot water for ~10min. My face looks even worse when I get up, but atleast I'm sure the compress was hot enough :^)

  8. Hey thanks for the video I have pain in my eyes feels like needles and my nose feels like it's being pinched please help me

  9. I'm 49 now and have struggled with Blepharitis since I was a kid. After trying everything over the years I finally discovered a very successful and simple routine that changed my life a decade ago. This is what I do: I have a warm/hot shower every morning and after several minutes in the steamy wet air I take an (eye dedicated) facecloth soaked with only warm shower water (no soap) and use my index finger to perform gentle tiny circular scrubs in both a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction along both the bottom and top lids, pulling the lids open slightly with my free hand. This has done wonders for for me ever since. I now feel much more awake in the morning, where before my eyes wanted to stay shut and felt thick and would battle getting styes. I also add to this the warm compresses almost every evening for 10 minutes with a microwaveable eye gel mask and often rinse my eyes using a small cup over the sink with warm (not hot) tap water to clear any cloudy excretions or debris and I'm set. My eyes lids are no longer pink, crusty or swollen (unless I miss a day or two). Seriously, no medications or expenses. Sometimes the answers are right in front of us and can be part of other routines. Try for a week and see for your self!

  10. I have an very serious problem of eye
    I sit straight and look to striaght in oblect but my eye is so unstriaght and my eye looks like lookimf my friend in both side I look to face while talking but my eye looks lolike looking in leg and people said why are youblooking even I am looking staight how to treat plz help my eye donts looks like where I use to look in object
    this problem was started before 6 month and I am very depressed about it

  11. Short and relevant and to the point. No sales pitch. I'm just checking on my ophthalmologist who recently diagnosed the condition and recommended pretty well the same treatment as you which reinforces the message. Thanks to both of you.

  12. I tried soaking my eyes twice per day in a water salt solution. About 30 seconds per soak. It helped. I tried a dry compress twice per day. I was meticulous in using an eyelid cleanser twice per day. It helped. But what appeared to accelerate the style removal was … crying. No kidding.

    I watched a “tear-jerker” movie and I was streaming tears. When I woke up the next day, I noticed my style and the irritation almost gone. Over the next three days, I induced crying and my stye (which I had for about two months) was completely gone.

    I still practice good eye hygiene.

  13. Wow thanks so much for such a helpful and visual video! Someone on a facebook group told me to use baby shampoo but failed to mention the water. Omg I was poking my eyes with a cotton swab soaking in concentrated shampoo and obviously I was not a happy bunny afterwards 🙈(i was so desperate for relief I didnt think to check if I dilute). Will give this all a go a hopefully will get relief, my eyes are so unbearably sore.

  14. My eyes are so crusty everyday when I wake up. I took a pic and shown it to my doctor who prescribed some eye drops which didn't really help. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so I will mention it again. That didn't even know there was a name for this condition. Thank you so much.

  15. It CAN be cured! I tried soooo many things, pharmaceutical and natural. . But when I put on burts' bees cuticle cream…. BEES WAX… It finally FINALLY went away, FOR GOOD!!!!

  16. I have Blepharitis and I take Omega 3 everyday, its does help. After me and my dr experiemented with varies eye drops. My eye drops are now refresh with flaxseed oil. Also, my dr has 2 procedures to help with the blockage in my eyes. Will keep you posted with how it goes.

  17. I have chalazion in both eyes since 6 months…plz suggest me something which will work to get rid from all this plz

  18. My vision gets blurred when i use hot towel. After puting dry eye drops it still take few mins to settle .Did anyone experience the same?

  19. Thank you so much. So nicely explained!!! I have this condition. I will be using all your tips.❤️❤️

  20. I have a stye eye right now and my mom keeps blaming it on my phone i believe that it's not because of my phone because it's the eyelids i mean it's part of our skin i don't know what's wrong with her ;-; i would agree if it's my eyeballs but eyelids? Damn,she won't help me to ge medicines. I will apply your advices on my eye later on,thanks! 😀

  21. Super-helpful as I have a stye on my lower eyelid right now. I have swelling and redness. My doctor told me to do exactly what you said. Thank you!

  22. Myy upet eyelid kind of hurts and im not sure what it is. Its only a 2/10 pain. It also hurts abit when i blink.. i dont knowww im just so paranoid

  23. Hi ,I thought it was the opposite,I was always doing first my eyes lashes washed with baby shampoo after that I did my hot compress on my eyes .

  24. Omg bro thanks definitely leaving a like I’m watching this after my eye i finally healed I can now watch this video with 2 eyes 😂🥰

  25. Sir m suffering from stye from the last 20-22 days …today whn i discuss this with a eye specialist he said that it will be well only with a cut….😔😔😔😔wht should i do??

  26. Is it safe to do this 4 weeks after cataract surgery? Doc said SWIM has severe dry eye and blocked duct. He didn't specify what duct. He recommended warm compress but from my own research I've found SWIM can benefit from warm compress along with eyelid massage. Is it safe to gently massage eyelid 4 weeks post op? Thx for any input.

  27. I heard about taking supplements and so I tried Fish Oil tablets and after a few days it definitely decreased my symptoms of my blepharitis. And when I quit taking them it got worse. I need to check out the eyelid hygiene too though.

  28. Hello I need help please do reply. Im having a stye since last year nothing is helping me even hot water compress what should I do? I have 2 stye in one eyelid. I'm really fed up now Im scared if it turns into any infection or something please reply 🙏🙏

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