1. Great topic! Doing good unto others really does help you to feel better. I can be having an awful day at work, but if I make one person smile, then it's a good day. Your video reminded me of those Foundation for a Better Life commercials. =)

  2. Thanks for your comment! Yes, we are living in great times of change and personal learning. That's what this experience is teaching me. That, and sharing what I know. The key is to remember to also be grateful when the universe is teaching a lesson that you don't think you want to learn!

  3. Thanks Mimi. Yes, thoughts are energy and definitely real. I'm familiar with Abraham-Hicks and he has great teachings. The key is to to be mindful of your thoughts. it's very easy for me to allow one negative thought to pull me into the dark abyss and all it takes is a few of them … vigiliance is so important.

  4. I absolutely agree. Our food is not just our physical nutrition and beverages… it's everything that we absorb into our being – though our mouth, nose, ears, eyes and also our sensing of the energy fields of others. Many people can sense a bad vibe before they think it… if you are constantly absorbing or feeding on a bad vibe or atmosphere, it's likely you will likely become sick, so it's important to be aware and to sense the situation and get nutritious food

  5. Thanks for your comment and also that smiling being mandatory in KY :). most people were never taught how to deal with difficult situations – I know I wasn't. I had to learn this stuff on my own. And with the power of youtube, it's easier to share and help others….

  6. Four weeks ago I went into hospital for a major operation, and came out and was pretty much stuck in bed for a week feeling tired, ill, low and a bit useless. So I had depressive thoughts flitting around. Then I saw this when it was uploaded and it helped cheer me up a bit. Ironically it's been since then that things picked up, I've been recovering much quicker and I'm now healing well and almost back to full health. Coincidence? I think not 🙂 Thanks Omar! Big fan of your vids.

  7. Hi, Thanks so much for sharing and for your positive feedback. No coincidence. I am a true believer of things happening for a reason. Glad to know you are back to full health! Keep in touch!

  8. I suffered depression 4 a period last year and also have managed 2 overcome it without medication but it took a lot of things 2 fall into place which thankfully 4 me they did. But i got the ball rolling by writing everything down. I wrote all my emotions wot im feeling why im feeling this way . It was awkward i felt naked but it was exhilarating and helped release me from this darkness i felt in my soul.

  9. Hey Serendipty, remember that you control your thoughts. So look out for them, actively observe them and change them into positive ones. The more you practise this, the faster you can catch them and change them around. Childhood, IMO, is the source of most of our habits. I suggest you watch my video on the spiral of negativity again where I show you how to do that. yt.com / watch?v=p0EH2IlPMqM

  10. That's great westnblu! It's important to recognize your mental and emotional patterns and actually name them so that they don't swirl around inside you like a pinball machine that never stops. Once you have an objective view and can see what's happening inside of you, then you can change your reaction. Congratulations!

  11. Great video! I dealt with long term pain after a car accident and found keeping my spirits up very difficult. My solution was to volunteer for the Look Good, Feel Better program. I would come home from a day working with women with cancer and although my pain had not changed, I felt like I was the luckiest person on earth!

  12. Great solution Dale. By staying fixated on our problems and what we lack, we often forget to be grateful for what we do have, which is more than others. It's awesome to be able to be of service and be appreciated. Then you know without a shadow of a doubt that you are indeed lovable and loved.

  13. Thanks TProdzHD. I'm glad that they helped! Remember to like the video and connect with me on

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    Blog: DepressionHero [dot] com

  14. Thanks TProdzHD. I'm glad that they helped! Remember to like the video and connect with me on social media using the links in the description

  15. Hey, im happy now. (: ive been depressed for a while & this vido made me change a bit. thank you, i love your videos!

  16. Thanks for your comment vniebbn4. I'm not a naturopath or medical professional and this isn't medical advice, but it sounds like you need to get your body in balance first before the affirmations and other techniques can take effect. If I were in your situation, I would see a naturopath or go to a health food store and get one of the anxiety formulas they offer to calm you down. Magnesium is excellent and I use it daily. Let me know how it goes!

  17. hey Amberisification, glad to hear that the videos are helping. From my experience, its important to balance your body, mind and emotions. The important thing is to start the journey! Let me know what insights you get.

  18. Im 14 n I think I got depression problems, I cant focus on something else cuz th reason why im depressed is stuck in my mind. :/

  19. Hi Bass MOnster… it's easy to get stuck in your mind… it's important to move your body – exercise, dance,, get on a bicycle. that will change your focus. Next watch you thoughts and how they pull you into a negative spiral… watch my video on the spiral of negativity where i show yuo how to deal with that … yt.com / p0EH2IlPMqM

    Let me know how it goes 🙂

  20. Pat Mahdick Sorry to hear about your loss. The key things to remember are: it's important to grieve and release the emotions, instead of holding them in, for example by talking to a grief counselor specialist. Also realize it's a process and will take time, so be patient and compassionate with yourself. Be your own best friend – what would you say if your friend was in your position? also watch your thoughts so you dont get stuck in the spiral of negativity. check out my video /p0EH2IlPMqM

  21. I had a dream of the perfect gf and thought it was real then I woke up and got depressed how can I deal with tht?

  22. hey Bass monster… if you're looking for a griflriend and you're finding it hard to talk to someone you like, learn some dating skills. that will help you boost your confidence and self esteem too. Here's some training that works depressionhero com /Dating4men

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