How To Connect With Anyone

Hi I’m Joe. I’m David nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too I like your… Oh thank you *laughs* *laughter* It feels like infinity. I feel nervous, do you feel nervous? I don’t know what we are doing. *whisper laughter* *whisper giggles* *whispers* Its alright I should have peed first *Laughter* What mean, you mean starring in each other’s looking into each others eyes Yeah doesn’t seem natural 4 minutes is a long time. No other instructions. You know I have to look in your eyes. That’s it. I just got to rub my eye. *Laughter* I can blink right? Shh, you’re not supposed to talk. I’m going to hypnotize you, shhh. This is intense. It is intense. *Bell chims* I could keep going. *laughter* How did you feel? Weird. In 55 years of marriage, we’ve never really looked into each
others eyes like that but I do look at your eyes sometimes
cuz I’m checking your blood sugar. You check on me all the time. Yeah I wondered what you were thinking. How wonderful it was to just sit here and look at my wife for a change. without discussing work business and situations When I look at you really closely, I realize
how much I need you and what you mean to me an because
that’s the truth and I ah couldn’t imagine being with anybody else. mhm It’s pretty interesting to be able to
sit in front of someone. that you don’t know. That you just met, what 10 minutes ago? Yeah, and just I feel like you can’t not see each other. Yeah we’re going to walk that way, and yeah let’s have a drink. Yeah, nice to meet you! I feel like we can ahhh.. get right to the dance floor after something like this *Swing Music starts to play* Give me a kiss One more time. Okay I didn’t feel that You didn’t feel that one? Yeah I didn’t feel that one. Alright, Nice. *laughter* Nice, just like old times. Just like old times. *Laughter* Say bye-bye. Bye-bye. Should we go this way?

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