How to Bring your Instagram Aesthetic to Life with Later 🌿

Alright guys we’re almost done. So far in
this course you’ve learned what makes up a good Instagram feed and why it’s
important for your business. We’ve shown you how to take and edit photos for your
feed. How to curate content. How to fill your feed with gorgeous photos. Now it’s
time to put it all together and plan your own feed. We have Sarah Panton from Vitruvi Here which is an essential oils company that is super popular on
Instagram. Sarah I want to ask you because you guys have had so much
success on Instagram, why is your Instagram
aesthetic and how do you decide what you’re gonna post or how you’re gonna post it.
Yeah that’s a really good question that I’ve gotten asked before and for us
it’s really about knowing your customer and we know the Vitruvi woman. We
know what she cares about and the other things she loves. For us we know that
her days are really busy and so we’ll never put out a piece of content unless
one, she’s learning something from it or two, maybe it’s inspiring her
to live a better life. I love your mix of product photos, UGC and you have a
little bit of lifestyle related content in there too. Can you walk us through how do you guys plan your Instagram feed? Yeah for sure.
We do shoots once a month and for us our feed is really about following our
woman through her day. At the beginning of every month, we think about
what her theme of the month is and what she’s going to be doing and it’s a mix
of UGC (user generated content) and our own photography that I have said, we take once a month. Basically we’re following
her through the day. We post two to three times a day and it could be
anything from her tabletop, to her at the farmers market or the smoothie that
she’s having for breakfast but it’s really just telling a story of her day.
Okay so do you want to show us how you put it all together with Later. Sure.
Our team like I said thinks about the theme for the month and then we’re gonna put photos in that help tell that story or educate our woman on our products and what they do. For example, this is from one of our shoots a month
ago and this is on grapefruit so we wanted grapefruit to be a larger
focus in it and that she can read the label and we’re going to talk about
three things you can do with grapefruit. It’s obviously something that’s
useful to her and she will get benefit from. Some of our user generated content would be, hey this is a photo we haven’t seen before and it
looks like they’re doing a cool recipe at home so I’ll add that in. And
then something more lifestyle, like how one of our mist fits into a day. This is
her morning ritual and we would post that at a morning segment
Instagram feed so that when she’s waking up she’s reminded, “Oh I can use this
mist to set my makeup in the morning.” It’s that like seasonal? It’s seasonal, its quarterly
and then we kind of break it down by month and sometimes we’ll use a really
random piece of inspiration. For example, for summer it was watermelon. All of our tones and our photography pulled from the colors of a watermelon.
Whether it be a cream rind and a little bit of green with pink and our
black bottles being the seeds. It was a theme that we used throughout the quarter and you probably wouldn’t pick up on it but it’s just a
subtle way of talking about what season it is through our photography. Are you able to choose the images that you’re curating from your UGC, that is based on that? Yeah a similar tone and a feeling of summer and a feeling of fresh
and just as an undertone of photography. So we’re almost done, you guys did so good. In the next video we’re going to show you how to plan an entire
week’s worth of Instagram content in under 20 minutes using all the steps
that we’ve gone over before. So fast. You’ll need your Later account for this
one so if you haven’t signed up yet, you can do it at

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