How to Be Free From Depression | Sadhguru

This audio session combines eye-opening
speeches with binaural beats technology Please use headphones and listen carefully! If you are capable of causing depression to
yourself… I’m saying this not without any concern
for your illness or not due to lack of compassion, because that is the nature of what’s happening
to you. If you’re causing depression to yourself,
you are able to generate substantial amount of intense emotions and thoughts, but in the
wrong direction. If you don’t have very strong emotions,
very intense thoughts about something, you cannot get depressed. It is just that you are generating thoughts
and emotion which work against you, not for you. So you are strong enough to cause depression
to yourself, because for you to cause a mental illness for yourself… unless you are pathologically
ill which is just a small number of people, rest are all self-created. Most of them are self-created. A few are pathologically ill, it’s… they
cannot help it. It just comes from within because of genetic
and other factors. Almost everybody here, if we train them towards
a certain kind of thought process and emotion and push them a little bit with the outside
situations, almost everybody will go… lose their mental balance, they will become clinically
ill. They can be driven to madness, I’m saying,
because the line between sanity and insanity is very thin, people keep pushing it. You get angry, you’re pushing the line;
it’s a thin line. In fact when you get angry you know you’re
pushing the line, that’s why the expression, ‘I was mad at somebody.’ You are not mad at somebody, you’re just
going mad. You cannot be mad at somebody, you’re just
pushing your sanity, the boundaries of sanity and moving into insanity, for a certain period
of time and coming back. You do one thing, every day you try this – 10
minutes a day try intense anger on somebody. You will see in three months’ time, you
will be clinically there. Yes. Just try it, if you want. Because if you keep pushing the line – you
go mad and you come back, you go mad and you come back – one day you’re not able to
come back, that’s all. One day you’re not able to turn back, then
you’re clinically ill. You must understand even if you got angry
for a moment, you’re already ill; maybe you don’t get the certificate of diagnosis,
they don’t slap a certificate on you that you’re gone, but you are going, isn’t it? You think it’s your right to throw tantrums,
you think it’s your right to get angry with people, you think it’s your privilege to
be depressed so that you’ll get attention from somebody. You keep playing this, one day you will not
able… you will not be able to turn back. Keep crossing the line every day, one day
you will see you cannot cross back, that day you need a doctor. Till then everybody needed a respite from
you but the day you can’t cross back they get the respite, because now they can catch
you and give you to a doctor. Otherwise you’re temporarily going mad,
every day many times a day, they cannot even send you to an asylum, they have to bear with
you – your family, your friends, your people around you. If you get at least truly clinically ill,
we can hand you over. There’s one temple in Tamil Nadu, you know? Where they chain you and keep you? Where there’s no hospital. No psychological… For ailments there is no hospital. There is a temple that somebody created which
is supposed to push people back into sanity. So families just take them and leave them
there; they’re shackled and left in the temple. You give them some money, they will feed you,
and you’re just there like an animal, tied up. I think if hospitals were run like this, lot
of people wouldn’t go crazy, they would maintain their sanity. Right now it’s too deluxe. If you make hospital extremely comfortable
it will become an incentive to become sick, and you have incentives in your life to become
ill. Right from your childhood, you got the maximum
attention only when you fell ill. When you were happy they screamed at you. When you squealed in joy they screamed back
at you – adults. You do… Then bubbu bubbu bubbu bubbu… when you are a child, physical illness is
good because you’ll get attention from your mother and father and everybody around you,
and you don’t have to go to school on that day. So you learn the art of falling physically
ill. Once you get married, you’ll learn the art
of becoming mentally ill because if you want to get attention you go sit in a corner act
depressed, people will pay attention to you. So you keep playing this game, one day you’re
not able to cross the line back, that day you’re clinically ill. Unfortunately, in many ways, not just in the
way that I said now, in many different ways, I would say 70% of illnesses on the planet,
all kinds, are self-created. Even if you get an infection, there is a way,
if you keep yourself in a certain way physically and mentally, the virus and the bacteria will
not work the same way as it works upon somebody else. If you set yourself like this, ‘No matter
what’s happening, anyway I have to go and do this, this and this, there’s no break
from that…’ In the last 29 years I have not been able
to cancel one program because I’m running temperature or I got a cold, I got this, I
got that. It doesn’t matter what’s happening, what
you have to do you anyway have to do; you can’t turn back on that. Either out of your commitment or you have
a boss like that, one way or the other if it happens, then you will see you will not
at all fall sick so often; because if you have temperature you still have to go. If it’s summer you still go, right? No, lot of people don’t go. It’s little hot outside, they don’t go
and work. Little cold outside, they don’t go and work. Little raining, they won’t go and work. A snow flake, they will not go and work. This is just weather. So for every change in weather, if you have
the comfort of covering yourself in a blanket and lying down, once you create that, your
body will learn to fall sick as often as possible. If you just keep it this way it doesn’t matter
what it is, anyway I have to go and do what I have to do, you will see your body will
just bounce back as quickly as possible, even if it gets the worst kind of infections. So you just have to set the necessary conditions
for health, necessary incentives for health, both for yourself and your children if you
have them. Do not set incentives for sickness. The child is sick, observe him from a distance,
never go cuddling – he knows that’s the worst time of his life, and he knows he has
to get well soon. And give him the best attention when he is
joyful, you will see he naturally learns from within, his very chemistry will learn that
it pays to be joyful, it doesn’t pay to be sick. If you make this very clear to your own biology,
to your own chemistry and to everybody around you, you will see people will not fall sick
as often as they are right now. So set that up for yourself, you will see
you will get healthy. If you can turn your mind this way, you can
also turn it this way, I want you to understand this. ‘No, no I am like this because my father
abused me when I was 7 years of age.’ If you know all that bullshit, you can as
well turn yourself around, isn’t it? It’s time. You must understand mentally, physiologically,
chemically, energy-wise – you must clearly understand it doesn’t pay to be sick, unhappy,
depressed; it doesn’t pay. To be joyful and ecstatic, it pays. If you make this clear to all this people
inside, they will all behave properly.


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  3. boa,voce esta gerando pensamentos e emocoes que funcionam contra voce e nao para voce,vc esta conseguindo gerar depressao,agora que as pessoas geravam a propia doenca para chamarem a atencao e a melhor explicacao que ja ouvi em toda minha vida,simples facil e que ensinamento ,grata sempre pelos novos videos

  4. You make it sound as if there’s a switch in the mind to make someone think joyful thoughts and stop thinking sad thoughts. This video is garbage and completely useless.

  5. Depression is a Virtual Labyrinth with (good and bad doors and signposts).
    One must know and above all accept mental things which are "yin and yang" good bad.

    If you do not accept the right way Mental runs 1000 times past it in the depression = self-flagellation

  6. Dear Sir,
    Depression is not a personal choice.
    You must be way more knowledgeable than many of us. But, have you been depressed by yourself ever? If not, then let me tell you that you cannot empathize with the people who are depressed or who have come out depression.
    I agree with the attention seeking characteristics of people who get depressed as you mentioned. Did you ever wonder why are they trying to seek attention? Maybe her/his parents or friends are ignorant?
    You talked about depression being a mental disorder which is intentional and self-created. I would really recommend you to take some time out of your busy schedule and read about the depression and it's causing factors
    The brain is an organ which can malfunction. Telling someone that "it's nothing, it's just you and it's just in your head" is like telling a person with asthama that it's just in your lungs.
    Bacteria and viruses do not work like how you mentioned in your speech. You should've taken science in your high school. Anyway it's too late.
    I respect whatever you said but I do not agree with you is all.

    P. S. At times, People who have never smoked in their lives ever dies of lung cancer and the people who smoke regularly donot. Ironical isn't it? Proves you wrong, doesn't it?

  7. Nobody gets clinical depression ( Illness ) to get attention from anybody. Sadhguru doesn´t really understand what clinical depression really is, because he doesn´t suffer from this problem. Depression is so bad, that people who has it, doesn´t communicate their suicide intentions, they simply suicide without calling attention. I respect Sadhguru so much for his knowledge in other areas, but about depression, he must learn a lot. Depression is not a childish behaviour, it´s a serious disease. When Sadhguru says that the only physical suffer on 20 years was a mosquito pick, of course, he is anaware of the great human REAL suffering, such as cancer, accidents, and other terrible illness. There´s no suffering with a mosquito, but with cancer, yes !

  8. did not appreciate him referring to trauma as "bullshit" 🙄. it will be interpreted in many ways but one way I interpreted was that it is insignificant. I listen to him and take what works for me because clearly no one on this planet has the answers therefore no reason to idolize him, but for sure take some of his wisdom. That is one of the benefits of our intelligence, the ability for discernment 👍

  9. First sorry for my English limitations… But I need to comment this one : I have been suffering from depression for 15 years, I am not the type who lives in clinics and I don't take medicine, I try to treat myself with natural resources such as good nutrition, herbs and exercise. I admire the speeches of this guru … But in this, especially because it is a problem that I face alone for years, I do not agree with the words of the Guru, completely disagree, you can not simply claim that depressed are seeking attention, while On the contrary, many of us spend our lives in isolation, reserved and the last thing we do is want attention …. I found this video biased … And I was very sad to hear a speech demolishing the image of someone who suffers from this type of problem. Depression is not fragility, it is not seeking attention, it can take lives … And to see someone so influential trivialize the subject, indicating that it is all a drama of spoiled people has made me worried … I am sorry for the unhappiness and the ignorance displayed in this unfortunate video.

  10. Truth is truth regardless of who, where or when it's said. And all basic truth is simple and obvious. The people who keep it simple are most joyful and happy. It's a studied art or babbling nonsense. He's a studied artist.

  11. First of all thank you Guru. Im going to always remind myself from now onward those last statement. It pays if you are joyful.

  12. That's how i reacted to one of his utube videos about depression:"
    I just hope i can get myself down to continue writing about the importence of relising bad amotions as sadness and anger . Of experiencing them as they r and not supressing them inside or masking them with hapiness . Which will cause a clinical physical and mental ilnesses . Traumas should be prossesed threw anger and sadness . Getting stuck is when u dont. And it takes a brave human being going threw them in order to heal. No-one wishes being sad or angry . Yes some r manipulative and use it to get attention . Some r using it to getwhat they want . but some r really dealing with inner conflicts that cannot be solved by turning the brain into happiness. These conflicts needs to be adressed and listened to and taking care of. Clearly sadhguru is a great teacher but some of his lessons, like this one, r not totally correct. Thats my opinion. Maybe it will change one day. Anyway i have to go down to buisness and continue writing "

  13. Yes, what he says, overall is true. The thing he misses is mental/emotional trauma alters the brain function & the brain chemistry. That is what creates the continuing loop of thought/feeling of unhappiness that, if not treated by self examination & resolution of the issues or circumstances that created the trauma, brings the state of depression, growing in scope until it literally consumes all other aspects of being. The brain simply malfunctions until all thought process is impacted. everything is out of kilter, and basic common sense and rationality is gone. Coming back to center is what brings the brain back to normal & thus the mind as well. But while it is true that people have the choice or power to reboot their own mindset, most don't have the awareness or understanding to do so. That's when outside help is needed to make it work. Not everyone is self aware. Not everyone is self realized even though everyone is, they are not aware of being aware. Not everyone is aware that they dream, yet everyone does. Not everyone dreams in color, so for the ones who don't or don't realize they do dream is a state of awareness. And the issues involved in dreaming cannot be dealt with by a blanket statement as he does regarding depression, even though he is basically correct in his understanding. Basic math is one thing, advanced math is something else. It's an entirely different thing though the thought process is the same, the thinking or abstract thought involved is something else. I can go on but I think the point has been made. Namaste.

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