How to Be a Good Friend


  1. What are the qualities you value most in a friend? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to turn on notifications so you don't miss future discussions.

  2. Honestly what a great video. I watch it everytime I feel like I'm not doing my job as a friend. Made me realize I've got to change some of my habits and appreciate those that really care for me. Thanks school of life!

  3. Mutual likes, acceptance , vulnerability, fun, patience, connection, respect, similar interests, and doesn't take themselves or me to seriously <3

  4. Reminds me of a good friend I met working at a Whole Foods. He was a good friend but seemingly I was a bad friend, thinking about it now….

  5. I don't necessarily agree with most of this. That's probably why I don't make any friends or maintain close friendships?

  6. I lost a good friend 24 days ago, ‘cuz I could not accept who he is… I forced and pushed him to open up more and to talk more and finally he could not bear any more and left me. I was a bad friend. I hope to turn back time. It hurts so much.

  7. Yes, that's how a true friend should be 🙂 This perspective changes in different cultures, though. In South America for example it seems to be that everyone is called a friend who comes out for a drink and/or partying. When you need a true friend there, you are left alone. There are exceptions, like always, of course.

  8. Friendship is a marathon and not a sprint. Its not only the fun times and laughs, its about growth and the hard times. What is your value?

  9. A true friend to me is someone who is honest, loyal, caring, loving, and they help me gt through really hard times without leaving me to cope with it myself. Someone who acts the same around me wherever, whenever, and with different people. Someone who values time together. Someone who gives me advice and lets me talk to them and get deep in the conversation. Someone who I can hang out with, even when it is quiet between us it wouldn’t get awkward. Someone that can be real with me, and won’t care about my ‘flaws’ and someone that I consider my family

    Yes I have a best friend that has almost all these traits 💕

  10. I wish there were more school of life videos on how to be a good friend, like how to help the people you love without sacrificing your own wellbeing, etc.

  11. Educators may want to preview this video- the "pants down" scenes are not what is considered appropriate at my school- makes it show I can't share this with students.

  12. As we grow up, our friends are becoming less and less. Probably because as we grow older, we tend to give up some part of ourselves.

  13. I have a single friend my first friend we lived in the same apartment we met when we were three we lived in the building behind each other we go to the same school he comes to my house I go to his help him with homework and also he helped me cure my anxiety he was the best friend ever made cus he is the only friend I have also he goes to my classroom as well!

  14. Yeah so i somehow offended a girl in my glass at lunch by telling her ”i don’t have time to care for those hbtq insta posts.” Am i a bad person? Or is she overreacting. Erm.. what do i say to her? We used to be friends and i don’t wan’t this sh*t to continue!

  15. I try to be a good friend, and in fact, I am most of these. It’s just my “friend” who makes me feel like I’m a bad friend.

  16. This made me realize that the entire time I treated my good friends friends like trash. I'm sorry. But ironically, I rest my bad friends good. It sucks for real :/

  17. Maybe it’s me, but every time when I felt like I finally found the right friend, they dumped me like I was worthless. I’m never gonna be anyone’s best friend. If someone could just tell me what I’ve done wrong.. am I too weird? Am I annoying? Am I mean? It seems to me that every friendship I had was one-sided.

    I try my very best to be there for my friends. I listen to them and I try so hard to help. I don’t ask for much, not for them to pay me back, but for them to just, please, realise that they mean the world to me and it would make me happy to just be a small part of their life. It would be good enough for me to be recognise as a good friend of theirs.
    I agreed when my ‘best friend’ asked if she could come over to my house after she had an argument with her mum, even though I was gonna take the mid-term examination the next day. (I wish I didn’t have to use quotation marks for best friend.) I listened to her and gave her advice. I don’t know if they’re good but at least I tried to help. I hugged her and I told her that it’s her fault. It’s gonna fine. I bought her food. I promised I will never tell her problems to anyone.
    But still I got hurt in the end, several times in fact. I gave her second chances, probably one-sided though, and she hurt me again.
    These happened so many times, not just with this particular friend.

    I used to believe so much in true friendship, and now I’m asking only for a companion who would have mercy on my heart and who would not take advantage of my vulnerability and kindness.

    So if you have a good friend, please treasure them. You’re so lucky for having them by your side.

  18. i saved my friend with fighting to a person callled artem i tried to kill my friend mohamed and i saved my friend mohamed and artem cryed up ground coz i punched him L

  19. I watch this in school in the part where his pants fall down my teacher was like okay okay that's part let's exit off of it

  20. Appreciate a good friend. Yes they will get you super mad but sure enough you’ll feel super loved. A good friend will make the best times with you without having to have any money..a good friend will protect you. A good friend will be in your thoughts 💭 when not near them a good friend will make you laugh your ass off.. you will spend the best & worst times together R.I.P Omar the best friend I could ever have 04-09-1998 03-22-2019

  21. I just lost a friend a couple hours ago, summarizing it I was selfish and she didn’t get anything out of it but my problems. I care about her so much but I lost her and now I need to accept live with it and be a better person.

  22. Who else searched up how to make friends? 🙁 this is actually sad I need friends. Pls HMU if ur 12/13, live in Ontario: Windsor/Essex county area, and are a girl. :/

  23. I did everything for you. I did what you ask me to. I stopped doing important things just to answer your call and talk to you for hours. I did everything and it's never enough. What else do you want me to do? I care about you, I don't treat you like trash. Why can't you just accept me for who I am like you did before. All my life I've made people happy and all they do is leave. Why does it bother you so much when I tell you that what you're doing is annoying me and when you called me a rat, when you called me pathetic, when you told me you dont want to deal with me when I'm sad I didnt care even though it hurts me. I know I'm dumb and stupid but that doesn't give you a reason to treat me like I have no feelings.

  24. My friend keeps ticking me off and I rage at him and then when I calm down when I get home I can’t stop thinking about how bad of a person I am what should I do?

  25. I was actualy looking for a video to get my friend more active in our friendship…by this video, i can see (and i am not selfishly opposing this) that i am by any means the good friend to this person. I care for them, ask them how they feel, know their weaknesses and wishes in life, like a lot of stuff. But they do not ask of the same from me. They do not ask about my day, how am i feeling what do i wish….i end up telling it myself but it feels like i'm forcing it onto them. They of course are very happy in this relationship since i am the one doing all the work…Help?

  26. What if youre a good friend but your friend is toxic, you wont have the energy or motivation to be a good friend

  27. It takes an awesome human being to be a good friend – honest, tolerant, supporting, warm, and inspiring.

  28. I'm a loyal friend, a funny Friend..i comfort them ALWAYS, i always forgive them, i have sense of humor. but why do i feel they don't care about me at all, like bitch…when I'm sad they don't comfort me properly (they'll just tap my back and walk away.) or they will say "maybe you did something bad" or they will ignore your problem and tell her problem to you instead. Whyy!? And i can also sense that they're not happy with me

    Two of them are my 9year friends and the other one is 2 year and that last bitch is 1 year

  29. This is great, for the first time in my life I have found a real friend. I come from a reaaally small town so the "selection" wasn't too vast and I never realised how toxic enviroment I come from before I moved abroad for a year, found some alright friends and then back to my home country again to be greeted with a fricking angel of a person purely by chance. I used to struggle alot about how to maintain palotinc relationships but this person showed if it works it just works. Now I'm just practising basic tricks how to make them happier and be better like they so effortlessy are to me😊 (never usually comment, sorry for the lenght, also English isn't my native language)

  30. My problem is I try to be everyone's friend and I always ascendantly say or do something that results in them hate me

    Like the episode of homers enemy (the Simpsons)

  31. it so hard for me to be a good friend I am an introvert who has trust issues and I do not speak that much so I don t contact my friends that often but I sincerely love them so much and I am always supporting and rooting for them but I always feel kinda of guilty

  32. I am ashamed of myself. There is no point now. The people who I did not trust and thought they were lying and calling me "Stupid" or "Dumb", were right. I am stupid and dumb. Don't be like me. Be a good friend.

  33. Load of bullshit! Ideal friends dont exist, because ideal people dont exist! You give a reasonable framework, but this is too specific, each person and situation is different. What about confrontation? How to be a good friend when they aren't? Or when they are having a difficult time?

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