How to Adjust Eye Glasses : How to Adjust Full Plastic Frames

Hi, my name is David with Expert Village and
I’m going to show you how to adjust glasses. Now we are going to discuss how to make adjustments
to a plastic frame. In order to make adjustments to a plastic frame you need to have access
to what is called a hot box. It is a box full of small glass beads heated to a certain temperature
in order to soften the plastic. This hot box is normally only found in a doctor’s, in
an actual doctor’s office. In order to make adjustments to your plastic frame, if your
frame seems to be sitting too wide which is generally what happens to the plastic frame
from people pushing up on top of their head when they are not using their glasses, it
has a tendency to cause the plastic frame to expand out like so. This expansion normally
takes place at the bridge. In order to correct such an error we’ll take the frame and immerse
if for the count of three then remove it and apply pressure evenly on both sides of the
frames like so and curving the frame inward. You want to make sure that you don’t go,
don’t apply too much pressure because that will cause it to move in too far. Once the
frame has cooled enough, by releasing the frame you will see that the frame itself has
moved back inward. You can then put the frame on your face to make sure that it is the correct
height and tightness of which you like. If it is too tight you can again immerse the
frame, remove it and straighten it out, again apply force down in order to move, to widen
the frame. If the frame is still too wide, re-immerse the frame for the count of three,
pull back out of the sand and again apply pressure evenly on both sides of the frame
to cause it to bow inward until you have reached a point where the frame sits comfortably on
your face. That is how you adjust a full plastic frame.

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