How One can be Born with One Eye Appearing Larger, or Develop it Later in Life

Thank you for the question. You submitted a single photo and you state
in your question about your concern about one eye looking much larger than the other
or one eye actually looking smaller than the other. You are asking if this is normal and you mentioned
in your question about the silent sinus syndrome and you want to know what kind of treatment
you need. Well, I can certainly give you some guidance
as to what you should do moving forward based on the single photo and broad question. A little bit of background, I’m a Board-certified
cosmetic surgeon and Fellowship-trained oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. I’ve been practicing in Manhattan and Long
Island for over 20 years and the asymmetric appearance of eyes is something I deal with
a lot very often because one of the eyelids is droopy compared to the other as well as
one eye being too open compared to the other. So, we will get into some terminologies here
and I am just going to give you my opinion based on just my initial examination of your
photo. So to me, when I look at your photo, your
left eye looks considerably more open than your right eye and the medical term for that
is eyelid retraction. Now eyelid retraction basically means that
the eyelid is more elevated or pulled open. So you can have upper eyelid retraction, you
can have lower eyelid retraction and you can have both. Now since there is no side view, the question
also is whether or not that eye is more prominent or whether it is pushed forward and that terminology
is called proptosis. Now understanding that the question now is,
is this something you’ve always had? There are situations where people are born
with congenital eyelid retraction and it is not very common but I’ve been taking care
of patients and I’ve performed surgery to lower the eyelid of someone who is born with
a retracted eyelid and it has always been like that. So my suggestion, review previous photos and
see if it has always been like this. See if this was present since you were a child. Now another issue that needs to addressed
is the most common cause of acquired eyelid retraction and that brings us to an area called
thyroid eye disease. Thyroid eye disease is often referred to by
a famous doctor called Graves’ disease. Now what this means is that there is a certain
type of antibody and we refer to the whole syndrome as thyroid-related immune orbitopathy. It is a mouthful but the point is that when
it comes to a new onset of eyelid retraction, pretty much every doctor you meet will ask
you about your thyroid and so it is very important that you pursue a medical workup. You know, asking how do you treat this and
you are doing research and you came up with the silent sinus syndrome, it is very difficult
for you to self diagnose and prescribe. But as far as guidance is concerned, I would
say that if this is acquired, it is new and not you are born with this, you need to have
a good medical work up because thyroid-related eye disease is something I have done a lot
of work with and I have done a lot of surgery for everything, procedures like orbital decompression
and eyelid retraction surgery to help normalize the eyes but we are getting ahead of ourselves
because the first line of treatment is not eyelid surgery. It is actually about the medical management
of the thyroid-related immune orbitopathy if this is the situation for you. So again in summary, distinguish whether or
not you always had this appearance and if you’ve had a medical workup and there is
no evidence of abnormalities, that I should say, that your endocrinologist or medical
doctor feels comfortable with the diagnosis not being thyroid eye disease. Well there are surgical options that you can
consider but if this is acquired, then this is just a beginning of a journey. So I highly recommend you meet with your medical
doctor. Meet with an ophthalmologist and get some
opinions about what is causing this asymmetry especially if it is recently changed or acquired
and move forward from that point on. So I hope that was helpful, I wish you the
best of luck and thank you for your question!


  1. hey Amiya i had an eye injury like 5 years back on my right eye.i think because of that my right eyelid looks kinda retracted and now my eyes hav become asymmetrical when in certain angles .is there a mailid where i can send the photos for getting my doubts clarified?

  2. Hello do doc I do have a problem with my right eye it's getting smaller as the yeast go by now it is almost close please can you help me

  3. I have also one eye larger then the other it bothers me alot to the point where i need to see about a getting a procedure done.

  4. I wasn't born with eyelid retraction things but my eyes left eye always itch and gets swollen up. And now one of my eyelid shows and the other doesn't. Can you help me what's wrong?

  5. I have the same problem my left eye is smaller and it bothers me alot i dont even know how to hide it can u heal it naturally?

  6. actually im also suffering that type of condition which is my left eye is small then it doesn't have eyelid. but my right eye is normal. i actually had a surgery were my left eye pull the skin up but the problem is i cant blink my eye naturally. i can do blink but the thing is i need to forcely blink my eye to do blink. And also its very hard that whenever i slept my operated eye doesn't close because of the thing that pull my eye up. and its very hard to deal with it

  7. I have one too, my eyelid moves when I eat and it seems like when I move my jaw my smaller eyelid suddenly appears to be the same size with the other eyelid. im really conscious when I eat, I wear shades. i have this since I was young I always get picked on because of it. its frustrating.

  8. i was born with one eyelid one my left and none on my right so it"ll disappear??? in the future? since i was born with it

  9. Even me also I have one eye bigger than the other. It's clearly seen when I took pictures it bother me alot as my friends used to tease me ☹ when I feel weak its increasing to become smaller and sometimes its paining not all but little.  it bothers me alot ..i used to avoid taking picture bcoz I feel shy.

  10. How can I contact you ? directly… I have this problem my right eye is larger than the other and it's so annoying .. Please reply

  11. Hello sir…….my left eye is little small then nd right eye nd my lift eyes is buller…….what can i do

  12. could this retraction result in your eyes looking slightly cocked. When I look up you can notice that my eyes arent looking completely straight BUT its no THAT bad to say thats it a cocked eye like that. Wondering if this surgery/treatment would help with that… my left eye sits deeper in its socket and my right eye (i guess you could say) bulges out more than the left

  13. hi sir it is a 2 years old kid he have no smaller eye I have another question when he sleep her eyes is open I mean he closet her eyes half and half is open

  14. Doctor i have my right eye smaller than my left eye im 15 , I saw my old pictures and i had it. any tips on how i can solve this problem?

  15. I have my right eyelid larger than the other and my right eyebrow is slightly raised than the left. This really lowers my self esteem as my face looks horrible in photos

  16. I have my right eye is larger than my left. I am very scared, and I don't want eye surgery because I'm only 10. Please help!!

  17. I have my right eys biger than left , this problem is not my childhood , only two weeks ago have a problem . What is this prolem , ples tell me what can i do

  18. I had my orbital floor repaired 8 years ago.. my eye has since appeared larger/rounder than the other. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this issue so that both eyes appear to have the same size and shape ?

  19. i think i have proptosis in one eye due to which my face profiles are completely different. can it be treated and will the treatment improve the looks?

  20. I have this problem, but I only noticed it until now. I don’t know if I was born with this, but I looked at a pic from 2nd grade and I had this problem.

  21. Sir,
    I am from India I am just 15 years old
    I want to say that my left eye is little smaller than my right eye so what I will do. Please reply me
    My friends make fun of it

  22. i have also right eye is larger than left eye but this is god gift for me i look lovely with This i am happy 😍😘 👀

  23. Sir i need your help. While taking photographs my eyes looks weird. The shape of one eye's lower eyelid is differ from the other … It makes my eyes looks diffrent in shape help me sir

  24. Sir even I m having same …I m suffering from exotropia sometimes Nd one of my eye is larger thn other …..sir plz suggest me some exercise

  25. first my both eyes were normal but i got specs in 7 th standard that time also my eye were same but now i feel my left eye is get small then my right eye what is this and still I m wearing galsses but what is this y my left eye become small then right 😥😥😥please tell

  26. none of my doctors mention thyroid at all! i have this problem, my vision is getting worse only in the eye that has begun to appear larger! all my friends and family tell me it looks bigger doctors keep just telling me i have chronic sinusitis and to use flonase for a whole year! can anyone here please help with sharing experience?

  27. My right is eye is more smaller and it bothers me a lot and when I look up to the ceiling and move my eyes to the right and left. my right eye tends to restrict my movement.

  28. Hello sir. I just noticed this is happening to me. About 2 weeks ago I had Nasal Vestibulitis on my right nostril. The pain was so excruciating that it started to spread to below my right eye. I was able to control and eventually get rid of the infection, but now my right eye looks bigger. Do you know if it can be connected?

  29. Sir, when I was born, I didn't have this but as I grew up, I've got this, my left eye is smaller than the right one. I'm afraid of surgery, what can I do? Help me please. Is there a natural way? Would it get worst/ is it bad?

  30. I had surgery done to left eye, as well as steroid injections. My left eye is pushed out it swells up the more I blink throughout the day. It's very painful and it's been 9 months of swelling, pain and discomfort. Can steroid injections be a cause of the swelling? My Dr. Won't see me or do anything else to this eye, and I don't want to live with this pain and discomfort. Is there anything I can do? Or any information you can give me?

  31. I have an uneven eyes. Specially when I look down, the other eye gets really small and the other stays normal. Its so ugly and I feel ugly! 😢😢😢

  32. Sir i have also the same problem bcoz i am a girl i feel very weired plz help me and give some suggestio that what can i do

  33. Sir.. My eyes are not symmetrical..
    When i turn around very quickly.. It may creating one eye is smaller than the other one..
    It may creating me very sad.. 😔 people were thinking that i have squint eye… 😖
    What should i do? Is it necessary for a surgery?

  34. I have this , i see it in the mirror everyday, i look horrible in photos and i am nearsighted and thats causes me to wear glasses. I have congenital version.

  35. I have this and I hate it because when I take pictures it flips right ? . So I look bad because my other eye will look smaller 😒

  36. i also have this kind of situation but literally, i have really small right eye than the other. i am looking forward if i maybe i can put this under surgery. but that's too expensive

  37. Sir i am not now well English language can u tell me how i can solve this problem plzzzz sirrr i need it 😢😢😢

  38. I have this and stained teeth. Can't smile or laugh openly and now one eye appears to be smaller and yes i am also skinny fat.

  39. i also have that same problems and its make me feel uncomfortable because they look weird to me and they laughed and thats the reason i don't go outside

  40. I also have the problem but is it the same as other people like will it do any harm except from like being shy or ugly like any actual harm?

  41. so when I look in the mirror you can see it but not that much as in the pictures, but I’m here thinking how does people see me?

  42. Both of my eyes are like really different like one droopy and the other one is really open and like is deep inside my skull if u get what I mean

  43. after i took of an eyelash that went in my eye this happened to me that one eye that had the eyelash got bigger

  44. sir im confused, when i look at the mirror my eyes are equal, but in pic its look like my eyes are different from each other.. when my selfie pic is flipped, its look like my eyes are not equal..but if my selfie pic is not flipped my eyes look equal

  45. My eyes were all ok 1 year back..but now my right eye looks bigger n bulging than left one and also there is lid retraction in right eye…what can b the thyroid profile is normal…i m upset .kindly help me out

  46. is there a way to fix this ? maybe without surgery? i haven’t been born with it, but i wanna know if i can fix it naturally since its bothering me so much and im pretty young.

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