How My Eyes Changed Color Eating FullyRaw

hey you guys it’s Christina people have been asking me to share my story on how my eyes change color when I went fully raw before I went raw many years ago when I was hyperglycemic I used to have eyes that were a very dark Caffe brown color and here I sit eight years later my eyes are almost a completely different color they’ve actually changed to a hazel color with almost a honey lining around my iris and they’re actually starting to turn blue I know this sounds very weird to many people but it sparked my curiosity when I went raw to know that my eyes were changing color why would this be so I actually went to a neurologist so that she could perhaps tell me what was going on not just in my eyes but also within my body what I ended up learning was this is that our eyes the color of our eyes you can actually not only see your soul through your eyes but the clearness and the clarity in your eyes actually reflects how clean your body is on the inside this is very interesting because when you think about all of the toxins that are in your body or all the things that you’re consuming daily you can actually see it you can see it in your body through your eyes I grew up eating a very very very poor Latin American and Lebanese diet and I eat a lot of fat I was very constipated my whole life and going to the restroom one time a week was normal I know that sounds very gross for me to have to talk about that here but it has a lot to do with why my eyes change color the arid ologists explained to me that our colons are literally 31 and a half feet long and health begins in the colon when we have very clogged colons when we have a lot of toxicity in our body when we are constipated when things are not moving through our system we become stuffed up so to say right toxins build up in the colon we’re not eliminating then we see literally all of that toxicity all of that gunk through our eyes when I began eating raw I started going to the restroom more because naturally eating more fibers all of that gets flushed out through your system so the longer that I was raw the more that I noticed that my eyes went from a dark brown color to a light brown color and eventually started turning hazel and then eventually after they’ve turned hazel the only thing that has been left nearly brown is the honey around my iris and if you look closely at my eyes they’ve turned somewhat speckle II and you can see almost every different faucet or color in my eye especially when I’m sitting in the sunshine what I find very cool about this is that I did not know that there actually parts in your eye that are directly proportional to different parts of your body or that are linked to your colon and the cleaner you become the cleaner your eyes become so it’s almost like saying that the cleaner your body becomes you can actually see it not only in your eyes but you can feel it and you can see it in your soul how beautiful is that so when they say that you are what you eat a clean body actually reaps a view of the world it changes your perception on things it changes every little part of you not only are you becoming more beautiful from the outside but you’re feeling more beautiful from the inside and I absolutely think that that’s priceless so while many people feel that eating raw changes you physically and you look better with your body physically they don’t always think that you actually look more beautiful you feel beautiful on the outside and you shine that beauty through your soul and through your eyes and I think that that is amazing so people ask me all the time how my eyes change color and the answer is simple I ate fully raw and I allowed my body to cleanse itself naturally all of the toxins were flushed out through all of the fiber in the foods and all of the colors in the food actually made me feel more colorful this color is a parent not only in my eyes but in the way that I live my life and I think that you can tell when you look in somebody’s eyes if they’re happy or not and if they have a truly clean body and a clean spirit iridology is a very cool thing you guys can definitely check out that science if you’d like but I really wanted to share with you today why and how my eyes changed color because it is something that is not only unique to me but to many different people granted I have been eating fully raw for eight years now and I’ve seen these changes happen progressively over time but I really can’t wait to see if my eyes continue to change color if they will turn more blue I guess we’ll have to find out but I definitely know that eating fully raw helps me to not only feel better but feel cleaner and to feel more beautiful all the time I definitely want to encourage you to eat more fully raw if you want to feel more beautiful to look more beautiful because you will see these changes happen in your life as well if you guys want your eyes to change color or if you strongly believe in the amazing power of the human body – flush clean and to become absolutely pure I think you should give this video a thumbs up because I’m a huge believer I have not only seen my body change from being sick and weak to vibrant and healthy but I only wish to share this with you guys if you guys want more tips tricks or recipes on how to go fully raw please subscribe to this channel fully rock christina as i try and inspire you to eat healthier and to live healthier so that you can feel beautiful from the outside and on the inside as well alright you guys I hope you go and enjoy this beautiful day and that you guys go take a good look at your eyes so that you can watch them shine in a few years from now as well big hugs you [Music] you


  1. My husband has just noticed the change of the color of his eyes, it's just the beginning, but they look incredible just now, they change from brown to blue mixed with green. That's really exciting and I love this what you said in this video. Much of good energy for you🤗, greetings from Poland 🇵🇱 Magda and Radek

  2. I hear you can also change eye color just by focusing on it. Your genes can reconfigure and going vegan gives your body more energy and power to reconfigure genes and gene expression, she probably subconsciously didn’t like her dark eyes and focused on lightening them. Eye color has to do entirely with melanin but changes in color can occur when you focus on such. She seems to have want lighter colored eyes.

  3. My eyes are like that only with green on the outside. If I went fully raw I wonder what would happen to my eyes.

  4. Hello people i sense alot of jelious people out there. From her being a 32 year virgin to her being vegan. You go girl and dont let all those negative response. You are a blessed soul dont let them tanish it with all their negativity.

  5. I have greeny- blue eyes, but Im not vegan. My twin soul has the BEAUTIFUL deep, soulful, mysterious BROWN eyes – I love brown eyes, so much so I hope he stays "toxic" 😉

  6. you’re ageing, eyes can lose pigment when you age. you’ll probably get grey hair early, too. it’s not that deep

  7. I dont think this is the case. My friend was born with brown eyes and as she got older her eyes turned green. She eats junk food ALL THE TIME. I got to her house and nothing but candy and chips. Yet she has beautiful green eyes 😂 i think it just depends on the person

  8. So much ignorance and online bullying, anyone actually have any knowledge of iridology, stop judging and go away if this information is not for you, go back to your junk foods!

  9. There is another reason that u didnt put a finger on it , there is a reason why ur eyes changed but what u said means melanen is a dirt , and that's not true

  10. To be honest, I don’t think losing melanin is a sign of health… Melanin is healthy, good and helpful to protect from the sun’s damaging rays. And I say this as a blue-eyed person who has been overweight and eating a crappy diet for most of my life.

  11. Hi! I found this video that corroborates your video! Ok need to start a raw vegan diet :-p

  12. "And as we let our own light shine,
    We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
    As we're liberated from our own fear,
    Our presence automatically liberates others."
    You're a wonderful example of this, thank you for being you.

  13. So many of these comments are deprived from misconceptions and assumptions.Comment sections on Youtube are so nasty. YouTube should just get rid of them altogether. We get it. You have your opinion but don't deprive us of our right to an opinion. She's not attacking or undermining anyone. She is just basically saying that our eyes say a lot about our health. Take everything with a grain of salt because everyone's body is different. Her reference to the color of the eye goes beyond the actual color (brown, green, blue, hazel, etc) and is more about the lines in the eye and what those small details tell us about our health. Why get so pissed off about someone sharing their story? If you don't like it, don't watch it.

  14. My eyes are light brown changed hazle I don't want blue eyes no affence to people with blue eyes but blue eyes are week

  15. I tried eating raw my sto.ach started hurting it takes long for my body to digest it so I thought to blend my veggies then steam them I want to est clean but I have do diverticulosis and acid reflux so raw veggies give me acid do you thing if I keep doing it it will go away eventually the acid flux ? Oh and wont too much fruit cause diabetes ??

  16. I don’t care what she says about her eyes, I’m just hung up on the fact that she said she was going to the bathroom once a week 😦

  17. It's about melanin, not how healthy u are. I eat healthily, excercise regularly and hard and I have brown eyes.

  18. Dafuq YOUR CALLING ME UNHEALTHY?! My eyes are really dark so im UNHEALTHY? No im very healthy thank you very much

  19. I love u Kristina , but don't mislead us ur fans by telling us iridology is a real thing Iridology is a speculation it hasn't been proven but there is research , just not proven no hate just facts!

  20. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  21. where you breastfed? you're saying that your mother's breast milk was dirty and toxic? You are totally messed up lady. yeah you did…start going to the toilet multiple times a day. exploding bottom is common in vegans just spitting out waste..what a strain on your body to put it they processing garbage all day. what is your obsession with clean? You seem deranged.

  22. Your Video was not informative it was just a ploy to get u to what more of your video fraudulent!! Your tilt was very misleading!!!!

  23. This also happened to a good friend of mine who has always been my health guru..before I met you too. But here eyes were always a dark brown and 7 years later after changing her diet, her eyes turned almost a bright orange! They were beautiful! She heard that if you eat pure your eyes would turn to blue. Soooo interesting!!!!

  24. Using the words "clean, healthy, pure" but only after her eyes were no longer brown is seriously so messed up. Nothing she's saying has any scientific backing! Including raw being the healthiest diet!

  25. I'm having a hard time believing you. All the before pics have bad lighting and the after pics are with light shining in your eye or edited to enhance the natural color…. My eyes go from dark brown to a light amber depending on the lighting.

  26. You still have a long way to go. The brown around your iris is sulphur. Stop eating cruciferous vegetables and when on prescription drugs your body become acidic. Goog luck on your detoxing journey…

  27. I was born with brown eyes but my sister was born with blue and she told me that-when we were children she felt like the lucky one but as we got older her eyes are turning a golden blue hazel and my eyes have gone green hazel all the brown almost gone and she’s been a bit annoyed about it saying that my eyes should be brown does that sound like that green eyed monster 😂

  28. This woman has hazel eyes that can appear brown, green or even blue in different lighting conditions. Also, if a person is toxic they eye color can change, so yes, cleaning up her diet and detoxing would change the color or her eyes because of less toxins.

  29. No it's actually melanin,when you eat antioxidant foods like dark leafy vegetables or fruits like blueberries,pomegranate or bananas it takes melanin of you're eyes and less melanin means lighter eyes more melanin darker eyes.

  30. So Arabs , Africans and Indigenous peoples( with zero European ancestry Indo-Europeans in Asia or Spanish Conquistadores in Latin America and or English/European Colonials in North America etc) will get greener or bluer eyes instead of intense brown to very dark brown eyes?? Yeah so long as they eat raw and clean right? LOL

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