How Michael Ealy’s Eyes Became Marketing Tools

-Michael, you’re a busy man. You do so many things.
Your new ABC series “Stumptown.” Congratulations.
-Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Tell us what it’s about. What’s it about?
Who do you play? Tell us the things.
-The short version is, it’s kind of a modern-day
private-investigator story. And this actress — I mean, this
girl played by Cobie Smulders, becomes kind of this default
private investigator. And she’s kind of finding
her purpose in life, her new purpose in life, ’cause she was just
discharged from the military. And so, I play
Detective Miles Hoffman who kind of helps her navigate, you know, the kind of quirky
crime world of Portland. And it becomes —
-It is a little weird out there. -It is
a little bit different, yeah. I wouldn’t say weird
but different. -I mean, I’ve been
to Portland and… [ Laughter ]
-It’s a little different. -It’s interesting.
-Yeah, I like calling it quirky. -Yeah, quirky. -How many synonyms can we
come up with for weird? -Um, it’s interesting there.
[ Laughter ] -Very different.
-Russell, to celebrate your 30th year
in stand-up comedy, you taped your latest special,
called “Deported,” in India. Is that correct?
-That is correct. I’ve made fun of Indian people
for the past 30 years. [ Light laughter ]
-Mm-hmm. -Being it myself and/or the
entire country and community of, and I didn’t want Indian people
to feel like, “This guy’s done this
for 30 years. It’s mad disrespectful.”
It was my way of saying, “No, India,
here’s how much I love you. I want to share
this milestone with you of me doing this for 30 years, and I want to shoot my special
in front of you, with you. It’s my love letter
back to you.” [ Applause ]
-That’s beautiful. Well, let’s check out
a clip from your latest Amazon comedy special,
“Deported.” Check it out. -I’m not a drug guy,
by any means. It’s not even my thing at all. I drink a little,
but that’s about it. You know, but people come up to
me after shows all the time, “Hey, Russell, you, uh…”
[ Sniffs ] [ Laughter ] “What?”
[ Sniffing ] “You do blow?”
“What?” “Coke?
You do cocaine?” I go, “[Bleep] do I
look like I do cocaine?” If I’m doing cocaine
and my face is still this fat, I’m doing cocaine wrong.


  1. There's no talk about Michael's eyes. The fact that you clicked on the video already proves the point of the title.

  2. Had to look at this clip twice to ensure that I didn’t miss where Michael’s eyes came up. The title has nothing to do with the clip

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