[laughing awkwardly] What a weird beginning for a video that’s titled this. Hi guys, my name is Grace Helbig. If you did not know, now you know and your life is different now I could not think of a video idea that I wanted to post today, and I realized a lot of the reason I couldn’t just allow myself to think… clearly was because I was feeling a little depressed, and spoiler alert this happens to me kind of frequently and as an adult I’ve talked to some professionals and I can identify it and it’s okay, and everything’s fine and it’s normal but I thought, “Hey, why don’t we just embrace this and make this the video?” I’ve been managing my own anxiety and whatever feelings for years and years now, so I thought hey let’s use this video as a way to show you guys things I’ve learned over the years that helped me… calm the bad I like to engage in passive creative activities. For me that’s cooking, but then I realize that I’m not cooking I’m just using this activity to avoid my inbox and unanswered calls from family members and loved ones, and then I just– Another tactic I use is watching reality television. I love it. I think it’s so dumb and so fun, until I realize that perhaps I’m using it as a tool to watch people that I subconsciously think are in deeper pain than I am and then I just– Another major tactic is playing with my dog who gives me nothing but pure love energy because she thinks that her job is just to love me and it’s absolutely amazing, until I realized that I voluntarily linked myself up with something I would likely outlive and then I just– Sometimes I do my hair and makeup to feel better and then I realize the fleeting side of vanity because my body is a vessel for my personality, it doesn’t actually represent who I am or what legacy I want to leave because it will decline rapidly and then I just– Sometimes I like to read very intellectually inspiring books that have been recommended on Instagram before I realize that the person that recommended this on Instagram and also myself are just trying to seem cool by association rather than actually taking into thought any of the intellectual, inspiring material inside the book, and then I just– Exercise is my number one go-to for any sort of anxiety that I am experiencing until I realize that I’m alone with my thoughts, and what am I actually running from, metaphorically not physically? And then I just– Well there you go. There are a few ways that I manage my personal anxiety and depression. If you liked this video give it a thumbs up. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel I make videos Monday, Wednesday, and Friday infrequently… unless the demons in the head come out to play. I don’t know. I think we got that one [snorting laugh].


  1. Anxiety and depression is the worst combo… glad I found this video to help me realize so many other people cope with it too.

  2. when she said "the demons in the head" i instantly thought of "Narcolepsy" by Third Eye Blind. one of my favorite songs ever. "and there's a demon in my head who starts to play a nightmare tape loop of what went wrong yesterday, and i hold my breath till its more than i can take, and i close my eyes and dream that im awake". .. ya know, just keepin it light for everyone here lol

  3. The part where you were playing with goose and said something along the lines of "but the. I realize I voluntarily associated myself with something that I will inevitably outlive." This is literally me. My cat is my ESA and I think about it constantly when I'm depressed. I hope you have better days soon <3 I appreciated your realness

  4. I had anxiety and depression ever since I was 9 years old, but now I take medicine and I am doing great with it! 👍

  5. Was that book "milk and honey"? I bought it online, thinking it was a novel, which it is not. Turns out I love poetry

  6. Avoided this video the entire week thinking it was an emotional burst or something & in fact it turned out to be exactly what I needed. Too relatable Thank you G.

  7. The one thing I got from this video is that Smelbig and I have the same lamp from TARGET.

    jk love u so much grace

  8. I've struggled with depression since age 13 or 14. Later I developed anxiety. I get the joke, and I laughed! Great job!

  9. Darn it Helbig, when you're genuine and human, you make me feel guilty retrospectively, about being blunt and harsh. it's no fun.

  10. I relate to this so much! Apart from having cats instead of a dog – they only interact when they feel like it and it's like 10 mins a day. 1 cat plays fetch though, maybe that counts…

  11. I was literally feeling down depressed today, and me being such a goof ball, I found myself cracking up to your video Thanks Grace, keep your beautiful sense of humor!
    Much Love, Kassy from Whittier Ca.

  12. “When watching after yourself, you watch after others. When watching after others, you watch after yourself.”

  13. OMG, so spot on! Thanks for this! Now maybe next time I can laugh and get past the thoughts of anxious uselessness instead of being hung up on the high electric fence topped by barbed wire surrounding my brain.

  14. Oh, I'm a rich white woman–please feel sorry for me. I have a big house and a nice car, my life is sooo sad;)

  15. I love your communities support of you. I hate your exploitation of depression. Being borderline suicidal isn't fun. I hope you have fun exploiting it though!!! YEAH YOUTUBE!!!!!

  16. I FINALLY was able to buy your books this week and reading them has definitely cheered me up after a lot of stress and exhaustion!

  17. I was depressed on and off for a month. Bed was the best place for me. I've had this going on for 22 yrs now. I get you Grace.

  18. regardless of the subject of this video and/or your facetiousness, you have the most precious, sexy tummy i could ever imagine. love u

  19. I have anxiety and depression.  My therapist of 2 1/2 years just moved out of state.  I made a lot of progress with her and now have to start with someone else.  I won't go as often because I don't really need to, but thinking of sliding out of my chair in middle of talking to the new therapist.  🙂  Thanks for showing the lighter side!  I love it!

  20. I always play video games and watch YouTube, but when I get bored of that or tilted by the game I have no distractions anymore and I'm alone with my stupid thoughts

  21. Thank you thank you for putting this out there! I loved your "deflation" move, & can really relate to that. Depression is not only common, but if more people discussed it, they'd know how prevalent (?) it is. Also, depression is fairly typical in funny, social-loving folks like you & I. We just learn to hide that side of us around others. <3

  22. I love how even on a serious subject you can still joke and have fun ,no that isn't always good in some situations, but this didn't want to make me cry like every other youtuber who does this video , .You turn a bad situation for yourself into a joke and laugh about it which i think is the best way of dealing with any thing you might have. If you laugh and make jokes about it yourself no one else can and it just means your stronger than you think you are. Grace you are so strong for making a video like this but joking about it, your amazing x

  23. I never thought a woman like Grace would ever have to see someone for depression or even have to deal with depression. I know everyone gets down but she's so successful and energetic. She always seems like she's moving forward. This makes me think that she's just simply a stronger person than me. I have depression and I can hardly get out of bed. I guess I'm just weak/pathetic. I wish I was strong like Grace.

  24. I have been prescribed anti depressants but I have had to switch them around because they mess with how I think. All in all it seems like having any sort of mental issue is a balancing act. You have fo balance your goals with the limitations of your mental state but I think it is entirely possible to work and achieve your aspirations albeit it may take a little longer.

  25. I can always depend on Grace Helbig two pull out what I'm thinking out of my head and put it into such wonderful words<3♡♡♡♡

  26. Me! Too! Very relatable but let's all just be safe and struggle through for the sake of others, good? Good.

  27. You wanna try having depression,anxiety and Ibs! I don't know if I wanna cry,shake or crap my pants! Sometimes I do all three! lol

  28. This video reminds me of the old Goofy "how to" cartoons with the narrator. It was glorious. I loved it!

  29. I always watch your videos when I feel sad, Grace. I've watched this one at least 4 times which helps me "calm the bad" and then I just

  30. This video is my life! Scarily accurate 😜 I launched my comedy channel 'Don't Be A Psycho' today with a video about being depressed and anxious all at the same time! 🚀 Would love to hear what you think of it peeps, and if you like it, subscribe! (And always love your stuff Grace, this one and any 'Aunts Rant's are my absolute fave.) Loz 💋

  31. Honestly came across this while looking for motivation…. Subscribes I have named my demons. It's much more satisfying to swear at Alice than wonder why TF I'm anxious.

  32. There are a few suggestions worth trying
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  33. You and Hannah both do a good job of showing the problem instead of just talking about it. Its tough when you feel like you're on this track and you can't get out of your own way. I have anxiety and it can feel like an invisible wall. Sometimes the best thing to do is to not give in but respect how you're feeling, acknowledge it and even accept that you don't know the answer but that there is an answer to find. Lol am I talking to you or me there, maybe both =)

  34. It may sound weird, but I manage mine by delving deep into it. It can make one feel like he/she is drowning slowly, but I've always looked forward to a nice emotional crash every once in a while. Sounds terrible, but emotions are something i can't run away from and I know eventually I'll face them, so I let the depression train hit me hard. Anti depressants help alot since I found myself getting teary-eyed at the smallest trigger and at least now I feel I can manage it better, even if it feels like the meds are pulling me apart.

  35. As someone who’s been in and out of therapy, on and off medication, channukah duck channukah duck I can say that your videos always cheer me up. It’s not a a substitution for real change, but it is a nice temporary relief.

  36. again.. Depression is an illness, you can't just us "tactics" to get over it. Hey I got cancer, but that's ok I'll just play with my dog, and it will just go away. NO!. Lets see what I did the last time I had a major episode, oh I went to the emergency room to get my arm stitched up. You may have anxiety disorder, which I also have. and I also suffer from body dysmorphic disorder. But just doing shit does not end a depressive episode.

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