How I improved my Eyesight with Eye Exercises

Hey whats up! My name is Sjartan, come from Norway, and now I’m making this
video for you about eyesight and vision improvement. I’ve
been improving my vision for about a year now and it’s improved quite a bit. That’s
kind of hard for some people to believe, but eyesight improvement is real exercises do work and anyone can do them. Before starting doing eye exercises, I actually discovered it two or three years before I started
doing the exercises. I’m a pretty open minded person so I became very interested in it and read a
lot about. I read this book by doctor William H Bates which was very interesting. He had some
wonky ideas, but interesting nonetheless and I always planned to like – “ah someday
I’m gonna improve my vision” and I didn’t want to
wear my glasses and I didn’t want to get eye contacts or get LASIK or anything. It was like “ah someday I’m gonna improve my vision”
but I never did it. I was such a dabbler that I just never
committed to it, and therefore I didn’t even know whether
it worked or not. I was very doubtful whether it worked or
not. But that changed about a year ago when I got a job working as a
telephone interviewer and sitting there between calls I would do this one exercise. There was
lot of downtime so I did this exercise a lot and after
only a week, with like two or three work days, I
noticed a distinct improvement in my vision. I was like damn! My vision is better! It works! I was like cool let’s do this, so about a month or two after that I
really committed to doing exercises, and I’ve been doing them
daily since then. And I’ve been doing them now for maybe
11, almost 12 months, maybe. And my vision is a lot better. And in this video I am going to explain
to you how I did it, what I did, and how you can
do it. So the first thing you want to do is get rid of your old bad vision habits and implement new ones.
That being first of all, relaxing your eyes. My eyes were not relaxed at all, they are very tense, and
I don’t mean my eyes, I mean the muscles around my
eyes. They were very tense all the time and I have no idea. I had to close my eyes and just
completely relax my face and just notice whether there was any
tension there and just drop it. In the beginning when I
did this I noticed that I was almost all the way all the time tense around my eyes and I
had no idea. You can’t really feel it
unless you pay attention to it. So after a few months of doing that, naturally my eyes are way more
relaxed now. They are pretty much relaxed all the time and I
don’t have to worry about it that much, but in the beginning, I had to change that, and make it a habit, so that my eyes were relaxed. So that’s
something you want to do. You should never ever squint by the way.
Never squint to see something you should never strain to see something
that you can’t, you should always accept what you see
and if you need to see it you can move
closer. Or if it’s like an important situation, you can squint i guess, you can make a little hole, make a little tiny hole with
your hand and look through it, which makes everything
clear. I can see pretty damn clear like that, and the next habit that you should implement is while doing near work, close work, meaning looking at a computer, or reading, you want to every five or ten minutes
look away into the distance and blink once or twice. Or actually just blink however many times you
like, actually you should blink a lot. A lot of people don’t blink enough and
that’s not good. You should be blinking at least once every five seconds I think
that it is. Yeah and I don’t think I’m very good
at blinking enough, but and I try my best. And then…. Yeah, we have the four exercises that I’ve
done. The first one is the bread and butter
of vision improvement, it is palming. Palming is where you put both your hands over your eyes like this,
the other one, and you just envision total blackness, and relax your eyes. You can also use a sleep mask if you’re
lazy like me, I i’m too lazy to hold my hands up so I got a sleep mask to do
it. Now how this works, is that by seeing complete and total
blackness, it’s actually pretty hard in the
beginning, in the beginning you see like all these colors and like shapes and stuff, but
over time they will go away. And the more you
practice this the more blackness you will see, and the
more blackness the better, because when you see total blackness your eyes
are more relaxed. It’s actually your retinal cells that
become relaxed Your retinal cells in the back of your eyes,
they are the ones that are… They’re responsible for… They get hit by light and they send
the message back to the brain about what color they’re seeing, they are the
rods and cones right. So by seeing total blackness you’re
actually relaxing them maximally. They’re totally relaxed when
they see total blackness. And this is why we do this exercise.
Somehow this makes them better I’m not sure how but yeah it makes
them better. And you see things more clearly, colors
are vivid also This is very strange and interesting but
colors for me, seem way more vivid after doing a lot of palming. It sounds very
strange but yeah. I do… You should palm every day, and palm after every other exercise. That’s the
the typical way of doing it. I palm 20 min at least 20 minutes a day because I
combine it with meditation. Now while I meditate I’m actually
focusing on my breath and not seeing total blackness, but I still wear the eye
mask and see complete darkness. so I’m I’m pretty sure that it works for my vision improvement also and I also palm now and then throughout
the day just relax my eyes a bit. And the next exercise that I’ve done is
called shifting. Shifting is an exercise that I got from
Yoga for Your Eyes I will link Yoga for Your Eyes It’s by Meir Scheider, it’s this funky
dude who was born pretty much blind but got his vision back doing exercises. So this exercise involves looking at the
smallest detail you can, and looking at another point, another
point, another point, basically shifting your vision around
object for instance. This might be a little hard to grasp so I’m gonna link this article by this
dude named David and he seems to know a lot
about it I read his article and it was very good
and actually help me with my shifting For instance, with shifting you wanna
look from.. if you were to look at a square, if you
were to shift around this thing I have here on my wall. We look at
this corner that corner that corner that corner that corner, so you’re basically
tracing around it. But you don’t want to move your vision
slowly across like the border you want to look at the point point
point point point. You can look halfway too if you
want to, just look at a different point and you want to be constantly shifting, not straining to see what you can’t see
but just accepting what you can see. And as your vision improves you can look at
smaller details such as this thing in the middle you can shift around the thing, shift around the
ball and then yeah and that is shifting. Shifting is the exercise that it did at
my work between calls, and which I which made my vision better after just a week, so I’m 100 percent
sure that shifting works, and I’m also 100 percent sure that
palming works. Next is a very funky exercise called
sunning. Sunning is an exercise where you expose
your eyes to sunlight or actually not totally, because your
eyes are closed. You look straight at the sun and close
your eyes. You look left and right aiming to do one hundred and eighty
degrees, maybe even turning your torso also to do
it. And you do that for a while maybe a few
minutes, and then you will palm a few minutes, and
then you do it again. Eyes closed, completely relaxed. noticing… and this is um… you should read Meir Schneider’s book to
know how to do this exactly but it’s a good exercise. It’s help me with my sunlight
sensitivity, my eyes used to be really sensitive to lights, but it’s helped a
lot with that. And I’m not 100 percent sure whether it actually
improves your vision, but it does definitely decrease your sensitivity, your eyes’ sensitivity to
sunlight. So that’s something that I do it for. and the last exercise that I’ve
done is the peripheral exercise, also from yoga
for your eyes. It evolves blocking your middle field of vision, looking
straight forward, and stimulating the sides of your vision. Usually by turning your head, and moving something like your fingers, I
do this usually, or just moving up and down,
whatever. You can do whatever you want. You can wave like a piece of paper just stimulating your peripheral vision. Now, the way they do it in Yoga for Your Eyes is that they stick a piece of paper on their nose but I found that hard to do, so what
I did was I found this old headband. I put it on like this, and then I cut out these
pieces of paper, which I would stick underneath and which would block out my field
of vision, in the middle. Like that. So I would do that, I cut out three pieces of
paper. Smallest one, and then the biggest one. Starting out doing this exercise using the largest piece of paper, I could just
barely, barely, see anything on the sides. And I, when I started this exercise I thought that my peripheral vision was
excellent. I thought it was maxed out, I thought I
couldn’t see anything more, but as I did this exercise, and I haven’t
even done this exercise that many times, maybe thirty times in total, and it… like the results are
crazy. Your your field of vision literally
expands to the sides, as your, I guess it’s the retinal cells responsible
for your peripheral vision, that become stimulated so much, they get kind of exercised and because of that apparently they get better, stronger, I
don’t know, but you can see more to the sides and
it’s awesome. I love it. It’s like my, my vision is more panoramic right now than it used to be. So yeah, using this, at first I
could only see a tiny bit on the sides, but now I can see… like so much more, I can see a bunch. I mean I can see my door, I
can see it’s open, I can see into the bathroom to my right, I can see my
window to the left, and the curtains. I wouldn’t be able
to do that before! So yeah that’s an exercise I like a
lot. Those are the exercise that I’ve
used, mainly those. There are some others but I haven’t used
them that much, but I can vouch for these four exercises:
palming, shifting sunning, and the peripheral exercise. They are the bomb diggity. There are a bunch of other vision
improvement programs and products out there, and I’m sure a lot of
them work, maybe some of them aren’t as effective, I
don’t know, I’ve haven’t tried them out but, this is something that works. There are so
many skeptics who don’t believe in this, like they won’t
accept it. For some reason it’s just so hard for
people to accept that this actually is a reality, that you can
improve your vision. I’ve told… I actually refrain… I
avoid telling people about this because people think I’m weird,
people don’t believe in it. I told my parents before I started
out doing these exercises like “I’m planning on improving my vision with exercises” and they.. they just.. they didn’t even answer me. They didn’t comment or anything. They just kinda looked away and I I could tell yeah it’s pretty obvious they thought it
was total bullshit because they both have pretty bad eyesight and yeah, they’re a little old, they’re over 50 so they’re so ingrained in the reality that
you can’t improve your vision naturally, so an idea like that, it just it just doesn’t compute. They won’t
accept it into their reality, it messes with their reality basically. And now they actually believe in it
because my vision has improved. Vision improvement isn’t… The thing about
vision for a min is that it is slow. It is slow, tedious progress and that is why a lot of people… I think that’s one of
the reasons why a lot of people don’t actually do this. People are lazy and people won’t
actually try and do them for a while to figure out if it actually works before
dismissing it as some stupid idea. I’ve done it for about a year now and my
my vision has improved from about -3 to -2 and that’s not an amazing difference, but it is. For me it’s an amazing
difference, I mean I see way better than I used to and I’m very appreciative of that. But I’d still like to improve it more,
and it’s going to take time. You’re basically transforming your
eyes and it’s just like normal exercise, you can’t .. you can’t go to the gym for a month and expect
to be like this bodybuilder beefy dude. I mean.. It takes time, takes work! Just like
anything else. It’s almost like you’re learning a
skill, the skill of seeing. And learning any skill takes time, you
have to practice. And that means that if you are planning on doing this, you have to commit. This is
not easy. This takes time. It is actually very
very easy, the exercises, I mean I described them, but it is not easy because
it takes so much time, work, and effort. You have to commit if you want this. It all comes down to
how bad you want it, and I wanted a pretty badly. I did not
want to get laser surgery, and I hate wearing my glasses
so yeah. I don’t wanna wear glasses, I don’t
want to be dependent on these little things, these stupid
little things that I have to put on my head. I mean, do you
think cavemen wore classes? What do you think cavemen did when they had shitty vision? Do you think they had shitty vision at
all? Probably not, because we’re not designed to be sitting and
reading and shit. And that’s one of the reasons why we do
have developed bad vision. I think it was in China or
somewhere, that.. there were so many, I saw some statistic, but
there are so many people now that are getting bad vision. It was so much more than the previous
generations, and it is because of what you do
with your eyes, it’s bad vision habits. So yeah it’s something you have to work
on. For anyone who wants to do this, good look. I’m not saying you’re gonna
need it but you have to commit to it, you
have to be dedicated and I can tell you it is it worth it. It
is free, it only takes time, and yeah, it’s just awesome in general. If you have any questions at all leave a comment, send me a message, and I
will respond, most likely. Because I like
helping people and that’s one of the reasons why I’m making this video,
or that is the reason I’m making this video. I’m… I’m giving back to the internet because
I got all this information for free from the internet so just giving back, and I wanna help
out people. And I wish you the best. Bye.


  1. sorry but will this worsen my eyes (mainly the right one) because I was idiotic and at random times in the day (I don't do this now obviously) I would look directly at the sun and stair at it. (I just have ghost vision, and I know there most likely is next to no cure for that but what ever, I am happy I am not solidly not blind)

  2. You'll get more benefits from Palming if you really use your own hands. It's not only the darkness but the warmth from your palms that helps your eyes relax.

  3. umm.. i need help . I need glasses but i don't want to get them cause my head hurts if i wear them too long but then i need to see in the class and my vision is poor. Should I get glasses or do eye exercises also could you please tell me how much time will it take before it starts to show results?? also does it really work??

  4. thanks for the video. It is great. All the exercises you do (Palming, Sunning, Swifting and the middle vision field obstructed to give power to the peripheric vision) are great.

    I would like to get more info about the sunning technique. If you could post another video expanding more on it would be great.

  5. bro I am using this method for the last 3 weeks daily and i noticed a much improvement
    but this exercise did not cleared my whole vision
    i can say -2.50 dropped to 1.50
    how can i get – 0.25 below PLEASE REPLY ME NEED HELP

  6. I watched full video of ur….but buddy can u pls suggest me a book in which bates exercises are mention so that i can do them correctly…..

  7. I'm commenting today to let you know that I'm starting these exercices from now on. I will keep updating my comment with any kind of results. Wish me good luck!

  8. Hi, sorry I don't know your name. I just found your channel and subscribed. I watched some of your videos and now I done with this. I really like content and for me is it pure gold. That's why I want to show you another video you supposed to interest in. I do method is described in for a sometime and still improve over time. Just check it is really valuable.

    Edit: oh your name is Sharkan? Sorry I don't know to write it. 😉

  9. Thank you for making this video! My friends found me weird when I mentioned the same thing. But I think it’s pretty much like stretching for the eye.

    Did you wear the same pair of glasses while u were doing the exercises in that one year period? Because I tried doing it (not in a religious way) and I always have this question of whether wearing the same pair of glasses would just make my eyes lazy again after the exercise and tune back to the old eyesight just to adapt to the pair of glasses I’m wearing. Please let me know!

    I’m actually thinking whether I should buy a pair of less negativity so that I can exercise my eyes wherever I go, and if my eyes do improve, I’ll just buy an even less negative pair of glasses.

    Thank you again and I hope someone replied ! 💋

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  12. hi
    today I have done shifting method.
    while doing that I feel something in front of my eye like a thin layer or thin hair like kind of.
    is that a good sign? or what does it mean?

  13. I did not det your name properly.. Probably it is Shaka from Norway/ Just want to thank you. Your presentation on video was excellent, Your delivery was excellent, Your pronounciation & diction was excellent (Except in pronouncing your own name. Thanx a lot. God bless you. I am Harish, India, [email protected]

  14. This was great, thanks, I have been researching "how to improve eyesight without surgery" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Patlarny Quit Glasses Principle – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my colleague got amazing success with it.

  15. I just eant to.say that i realize if i am looking in only one weaker eye, other is clised or covered by a hand and push the corner of my eye ( weaker one) and watch into something what is tottsly blury i realize it get sooooooooooo dammm clear… Like when you use your camera and rotate the objective to get so clear picture… So try it and please let me response in the bellow.. P.S.BE GENTLE, DO NOT PUSH YOUR EYE HARD, JUST TAP HIM AND USE GENTLE PUSH !

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  19. In the beginning I was sort of worried regarding this eyesight improvement procedure fetching gobam site (Google it) however I should say that this is a great method. I could feel the difference in my eyes not to mention it came quicker than predicted..

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  21. Before anyone says anything like this is rubbish they should try it. It’s definately not going to do any harm to eyesight so what is there to lose trying? I’ve always had short sight so I’m used to it, but it stopped me from learning to drive for a few years. I tried convincing myself I wasn’t bothered about driving, in end I finally admitted I was desperate to be able to drive. My eyesight was boarderline with glasses. I could see the road and other cars etc, but reading a number plate at 20m was hard. I could just about read it at the exact distance with glasses which made me determined I would drive. I was fine having lessons never had any problem through my eyesight but reading number plates at different distances close to 20m struggled with.
    My instructor tested me many times then insisted I went to optician to see if I could get any better glasses. I knew I wouldn’t, but went and was told contact lenses may help me see that tiny bit further. Well I can’t stand anything touching my eyes so seemed like an obvious no don’t try, but that or not drive I decided I would give them a go. Big mistake after a struggle to get them in they hurt my eyes, I couldn’t help rubbing my eyes despite being repeated told not to. Luckily optician managed to get them out ok. Next was to consider laser. Thismay sound stupid after performance with contacts, but they put drops in your eyes to numb them yes getting drops in would be hard but after that it should be ok as I wouldn’t feel anything. After an appointment to see if I could have laser I was honest about why I wanted it in hope to see bit better to get through driving eyesight test. I was told laser could make my sight slightly worse than with glasses so it wasn’t worth having. I did get new glasses which was slightly better than my previous ones. By pass years and I have had many driving eyesight tests none through problems with eyesight and passed them all and been driving over 10 years with no accidents through my eyesight. Only time my eyesight does cause problem when driving is if I need to read direction signs tho I can safely do it I do struggle. So just need to make sure I don’t need to read any or get a passenger to read them for me.
    Now I do plan to try eye exercises to see if they work for me it is more case of having to remember to do them than not bothering. I have read blinking helps eyesight which has to be easiest thing but it’s case of remembering.

  22. i'm dedicating to recover my vision now for nearly a month, i have the same notion with you, i hate glasses, i want my eyes to be free of eyeglasses. without glasses, my eyes relaxes more.

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  25. Winner of a video, I have been researching "regain eyesight naturally" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Patlarny Quit Glasses Principle – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my co-worker got amazing results with it.

  26. Why did you not start with the palming exercise for relaxation of the eyes. It is a very effektive Eye relaxing exercise

  27. I've been palming since the 70's. And Oh Yes it works. When you palm adjust your hands till you see No light. Im in my late 60's and dont need glasses at all. Also to improve dyslexia, hold a pencil in front of eyes and move pencil back and forth, not moving your head , follow pencil with eyes. Love the paper one . thank you for sharing. I have told people for years about palming😍

  28. Thanx for the wonderful informations. I help people to improve their vision with power of their mind. Hypnotherapy has worked with all of my clients. I am at your service or anyone whom like or need to improve their eye sight. No side effect and I guarantee my work. @t 949 5221616.

  29. thanks a lot for the video, you selected and named the methods so easyly so i can remember them. lol though it might be a bad vision habbit for your youtube channel followers 😀 because your video recording is keep moving and it was tiring for my eyes to keep following you lol

  30. Hello, is your eyes normal now? would be very interesting to know how is your eye health in 2018. look forward to hearing from you. thanks

  31. i am in a natural vision program and i do palming, shifting, sunning, etc and my eyes are improving too .. i also wear super undercorrected lenses when i wear them at all

  32. Way to go, brother! Thank you very much : ) I would only add that there is a more intense way of palming in yoga: rubbing hands together to create heat for some seconds, then form a cup with both hands together and place them on the face, blocking the light. This transmits the energy from the hands to the eyes and is very nice when the eyes are already relaxed. Cheers!

  33. Thank you! I’ve done a few of the exercises you mentioned on my own a few years ago before I have heard anything about fixing you ur sight naturally, keep it up and good luck! Ive been looked at like a crazy person as well because of the thought of naturally fixing vision

  34. In his 1920 book – "perfect vision without glasses" Bates tells how he cured his own farsightedness, that after many specilalişti eye told him that "its lens are rock hard" and that "no one can do anything to stay". His findings showed that people tend to become myopic when under any some apprehension, anxiety, tension. Bates found that the eye is not the same consistently that refractive error change that mental tension and tension make this refractive error increased and relaxation – it does decrease. His conclusions were that to imperfect was not possible without first to produce a voltage mental, that eyes are remarkably resistant to what happens outside, they can quickly regenerate from scratchs, even burns but can be blinded by mental tension

    I studied dr.Bates method the talk of his books not from what is shown on Youtube. I currently work and to improve vision. According to Dr. Bates, poor eyesight was mainly caused by three things: 1. Stress or tension / strain mental 2. Visual bad habits and 3. Wearing glasses.

    William H. Bates method would sound like this: Entertainment, Universal Balancing and secured centrally. In fact, these three words represent the three principles underlying a perfect view after Bates

    The process of restoring vision best means mimicking / how sunlight-readable visual system with normal vision and the goal of this process is that the eyes can mimic this mode unconsciously (without the involvement of conscious will) as does the normal eye, healthy . In this context the phrase "restore sight" may be replaced with a phrase more accurately – "reeducation vision" because what needs to be "restored" is in mind and not in the eyes, are just a tool – the mind is the leads.

    I may suggest some exercises that I do:
    It is a Russian sisystem of exercises for the face which can be used to correct facial imperfections, but I practice these exercises not for cosmetic reasons but for healing my eyes. Try, you will see dramatic results.( Notice pressing points … are exactly the energetic points for healing eye)

  35. I disagree about it taking time. I had been wearing glasses for 55 years, now 81, I lost my glasses one day and had to drive home without them, realising I was breaking the law but kept to side roads for the 120 mile journey. My brain seemed to take over my vision which got clearer as the hours passed and we arrived home safely. I watched a video about improving your vision and did the exercises, I never did get new glasses and my eyes have got better and better.
    If my eyes feel tired after tv or computer work I do the exercises for a few minutes and they feel fine.

  36. I'm 54 and watching your video for the 1st time and I do believe what you are saying. Definitively gonna try it. Let see what happens.

  37. so many people trying to scam and make money off this by selling "programs.." some people say exercises truly do reverse your eyesight… others say its all bullshit. i dont know which side to believe. i wish i knew for a fact this works. has anyone had success?

  38. Thank you so much. I already started doing those exercises but I'm very stressed and nervous. You have inspired and motivated me. Thank you! 🙂

  39. The following video provides the best technique for improving your eyesight I have found so far:

  40. Eat carrots for your eye sight n cover your face under the blankets like I do n it's pretty dark wear sunglasses to protect your vision from the sun basic things n rotating your eyes bye looking to side n all around I don't believe this . Just don't get close to the TV and watch it with the lights on not in the dark & pray for healing that God do a miracle in your sight. Have a blessed great day.

  41. you have bedutiful eyes. I think you can get better result than just improving by power 1 for a year. Please update often. Thanks

  42. Loved your video! Please confirm that when palming are your eyelids open or closed? Thanks again, very inspirational!🐶

  43. Had you not stated you were from Norway at the start of this video, I would've assumed you were an American from a West or Midwest state. Your spoken English is virtually identical.

    As a Minnesotan (of 25% Norwegian ancestry), I would have zero inkling you weren't from here if I ran into you on the street. The same could not be said if I ran into someone from Tennessee or New England if I heard them speaking.

    Fantastic video BTW.

  44. Most of what Bates said is wrong, such as relaxing the muscles around your eyes: that is completely wrong. Bates falsely believed that blurry vision was caused by tight eye muscles, but of course we know it's actually caused by a misshapen eye/cornea. Palming is also completely wrong and a waste of time; the retinal cells have nothing to do with your vision clarity. Also obviously sunning is completely retarded and won't do anything to improve your vision.

    HOWEVER, the eye exercises of practicing focusing on things that are at the very edge of your clear vision (you call it "shifting"), that actually does work and will increase the range of your clear vision over time.

    If you want a science-based approach to cure myopia, check out Todd Becker. Bates has been completely discredited, he is a known fraud. However Todd Becker takes a science-based approach and gets actual results. And unlike Bates, Becker gives all the information for free; you don't have to buy a book or product.

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