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Friends, although the public transit system in Canada is really good but still having a car in Canada is as important as having a house or a job In Canada, there are a lot of options to buy a car but before you plan to do that you need to apply for and get a driving license . The whole process of getting a driving license in Canada can be a problem at times Hello friends, I am your desi friend Vaibhav and I welcome you to another episode of Desi Chale Canada where I will tell you the complete process of getting a driving license and how I got my driving license within 10 days of landing in Canada First,let me tell you some basics about Canadian driving Canada has left hand driving system So, like back home the staring of your car is on the right here in Canada it is on the left , and the traffic runs on the right side of the road So this change in the entire traffic system can become is a major problem for us at times Now, let’s talk aboutthe driving license process in Canada Although this video is specially made for Ontario driving license process but you will get a fair idea about the general driving license proceduresin Canada The driving license system of Ontario is called Graduated licensing system There are three steps to complete this system First comes the knowledge test You can go to any Government of Canada driving centre where you would have to pay the required fees which would be followed by an eye test and then you can immediately give the knowledge test You get a G1 license on passing the knowledge test You can also call it as a learners driving license You may drive with a G1 license licensebut the only condition is that the person sitting besides you on the front seat should have a driving experience of more than 4 years In other words, G1 gives you a chance to learn driving with a more experienced driver before you become eligible to give the road test You can check the address and location of your nearest driving center on In the future episodes, I will tell you more on how you can clear your knowledge test in one go Then comes G1 road test Usually for giving this test there is a waiting time of 12 months post your knowledge test But, further in this video, I will guide you on how to make this process short and easy In G1 road test your basic driving ability is tested like left or right turn, parking, etc After passing G1 you get your G2 license You can drive on roads with this license but with a condition that while driving your blood alcohol level should be zero After getting your G2 license there is again a wait period of 12 months post which you can give your G2 road test In the G2 road test your advance driving skills are tested like highway driving, parallel parking, etc Once you pass this test then you get a full G license and then you can drive anywhere in Canada without any restrictions Normally getting a full G license is a 2-year process But, in this video I will tell you how within 10 days of landing in Canada I got my full G license First, you have to make sure that the driving license of your home country is in good condition and is valid If not then get it renewed Then you have to get a letter from your local transport authority mentioning the complete details of your license like its validity and expiry date and your driving record After that, you should get it attested by the ministry of external affairs of your country If you show this letter to the driving test center in Canada then post giving your knowledge test you can get a chance of directly giving a test for full G license And if you pass in this test then you can get a full G license immediately after coming to Canada Even if you fail in full G test then you can give your G2 test and then again go for full G test This is how you can avoid the 2 year waiting time of getting a license After coming to Canada I did my driving registration and knowledge test on 23rd September and after clearing that,I gave my full G road teston 2nd October and cleared that. This is how within 10 days I got my Canadian driving license So friends, this was some basic information on getting a Canadian driving license In a future episode of Desi Chale Canada, I will tell you more about this and also give some tips on how you can clear your knowledge test and road test in first attempt Do not forget to like and subscribe Desi Chale Canada’s YouTube channel So, stay tuned and let’s rock

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