How Good Are Your Eyes? Superhuman Test

hey guys what’s up is Charlie here and
today we’re going to be looking at how good your eyes actually are do you think
you’re a superhuman it sounds crazy but you actually might be if you pass this
test this test will be in four different levels and only 8% of people actually
get to the final level and pass it the first level will be very easy and
everyone with eyes should be able to get it right but as we progress through the
different tests it will get harder and harder but before we get into it why not
subscribe and press the notification bell – okay let’s start with an easy one
at level 1 as you can see on screen right now there are 10 colors 9 of them
are the same but there’s one which is different as this is the first test I’m
sure most people will get this one right so find the one color on this test which
is different from the rest if you fail on just one of these then
you fail the entire level but level 1 is pretty easy so good luck so this one is
very simple it was number 4 which is different I’m sure you also got this one which was
number eight and clearly this one was number one and finally that one was number five now
I hope you passed every single test on stage one but if you did I don’t think
you have superhuman eyes just yet after all 98% of people do actually pass
this stage the only people who don’t pass it are those who are blind or color
blind so if you didn’t pass stage why not then
see a doctor okay we’ve done the easy level one but now let’s move on to level
two which is normal this one’s not difficult but it’s also not easy and it
may take you a second to get the right color the different color on this stage
was number five and the different color on this stage was number one this one was number four I hope you got
it right and this one was lucky number seven and finally we have and number two okay
did you get level two normal correct if you got all of these right then well
done you have healthy normal eyes 57% of people get this one correct but if you
want to find out whether you’re superhuman or not continue on to the
next level level three is hard and many people get this wrong this first one on
level three was number two this next one was nine this one was six
wow that was a hard one the answer to that one was seven and the final
different color was one so that is level 3 completed now if you got every stage
on this level correct then well done your eyes are much better than average
as only 30% of people get this far but now it’s time to move on to the final
level 4 this is the super hard level and only super humans pass it these colors
may look identical but number 4 was actually different and if you look
really carefully the answers this one was number 5 hmm looks like the answer
to this one was number 3 and this one seems impossible but it was
actually number seven and this final one is crazy difficult but it was actually
number 10 so if you guys made it this far and you got all of the sections to
all of the levels correct then well done you are a superhuman as I said at the
beginning of this test only 8% of people get this far
that means 92% people are not superhumans but you are if you got this
far you may be what’s called a tetrachromats this means you have
additional receptors in your eyes basically this means you can see more
shades of different colors than other people and that’s all down to how your
eyes receive colors there are ways to train your eyes to become better and see
more colors but your eyes are actually born with a certain amount of receptors
so really whether you’re a superhuman or not it’s down to genetics but check out
the poll in the top right corner and you can vote for how far you got if you
passed level one then your eyes are normal if you passed level two then your
eyes are pretty healthy if you passed level three then your eyes are very good
better than average and if you passed level four then you are a superhuman
personally I got to level three but comment down below what your level was
if you guys want some more amazing videos then check out my second channel
they’ll be linked to that coming up on screen in a moment but as always thanks
for watching check out some more videos on screen right now leave a like if you
enjoyed and if you haven’t really what you’re waiting for subscribe to top


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  2. I have OVER 20-20 vision. I got one wrong in 2 😔. I got one wrong in three 😞. But somehow… I got them ALL right in level 4??????? Like what

  3. I was on the 2nd to last and when i was thinking i dropped my phone and heard the answer so i geuss i have to take another test

  4. I passed level 1 (of course) and failed level 2. It sounds like a pretty accurate test though. I know that I don’t have good eyesight.

  5. I finished the 4 one to end! But is it legal to pause the video 7s in the level wheen it was the black color i paused it for 7s and continued. Btw k think many just put that they went 4 even when they didnt

  6. I didn't pass level 2 or 3 but I passed level 4?!?!?!?!?!
    I was doing this at 11:30 pm (in my time) though so I am really tired

  7. It all comes down to this, either you have a bad vision or you have a pretty low quality monitor/display. So if you got a bad score maybe it cause of the display your watching on or you just have bad eyes

  8. I could see all of them on the last one except for one. But…. I couldn’t really see the others 😂

  9. I think I'm getting hurt in this test because I have bad internet and I'm watching in 144p so my eyes could be better than this video told me.

    Yeah 🙁

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