How Good Are Your Eyes? – 92% fail

How good is your eyesight? Let’s find out… In this test, there will be 4 stages. Each stage will be harder than the last. Stage 1 will be easy, but only 8% of people can conquer stage 4. For each question, you’ll be shown ten colours, and only ONE will be different from the others. To pass each stage, you must be able to answer which colour is different to the other nine colours. If you get any question wrong, you fail that stage. Let’s get into it! Stage 1. Easy, right? 97% of people pass stage 1. Now let’s make it a bit harder… Stage 2. Did you make it through? Only 55% make it through stage 2. If you made it through stage 2, your eyesight is average and healthy! Now it’s going to get even tougher… Stage 3. Wow, that was tough… Only 30% make it through stage 3. If you made it through stage 3, you have incredible eyesight! If you can make it through stage 4, you probably have superhuman levels of eyesight! Are you ready for this…? Stage 4. So, how did you do? Did you manage to defeat stage 4? If you did manage to pass each stage without getting a question wrong, you have unbelievably good eyes! It means that you are able to notice contrasts that 92% of people cannot even see! Leave a comment down below telling us which stage you failed on – or that you managed to pass the entire test! And make sure you subscribe to the channel for regular tests and other videos just like this!


  1. I got two right from stage 4 and others levels of stage 4 failed and didn't even have time to say it and Stage 1-3 Easy AF actually.

  2. 4–7–10–8– right
    9–3–4–10–2 right
    1–2- 5-5–9–right
    4–3– 7–9β€”2– three right

  3. Im super suprised because I have poor vison so I took my glasses off and I passed all stages and I eas like whoa looks like I dont need glasses anymore

  4. 3rd one for stage 4 was the only hard one…. Hmmmmmmmm strange….
    Also just because u screw one up doesn't mean you have bad colour vision

  5. Only got one right in level 4 but all right in the other 3. I'm 60 years old and had LASIK done about 16 years ago for nearsightedness…but I do wear readers.

  6. Hint: Adjust, Move the screen up, down, left, right-side of view. Clean the screen monitor, too. The very last test took time. 100% accuracy for Stage 4.

  7. I managed to pass to stage 3 by going further away from the screen and I’am nearly ,finally after getting a little more better I well not have to wear glasses anymore.!

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