How Does Smoking Affect Your Face?

– Nowadays, I smoke about a pack a month. – I smoke two packs a day. – If I’m working both
jobs in the same day, then it can be like three or four. If I’m drinking, then like five or six. – Been smoking since I
was probably fifteen? – I started smoking
because I was in a play. My excuse was method acting, but deep down I really wanted to just
try smoking cigarettes. – I went to college and started drinking and just had an occasional cigarette while drinking and it took me here. – I know smoking’s bad for me. It’s probably something that I want to quit eventually but it’s a lot easier said than done. – [Meredith] I’ve quit for, a
few times, a couple weeks tops and then end up just buying a pack again. – [Edd] I hope to get scared out of smoking cigarettes anymore, and finally be able to fully quit. – [Meredith] I’m upset with myself that I have decided to pick up this habit and hopefully seeing the physical changes to my face, it’ll help me make a positive choice in
my life to quit smoking. – I don’t think it’ll change my mind, but it’s worth giving it a shot. (sigh) – Aww! – Oh my god. – Oh shit, oh wow, ahh. – I’m so old. – The craziest part about
it is it doesn’t look like I have makeup on, it just
looks like I’m an old man. – Ah, that’s awful. – [Meredith] Lines
around the lips will make my lipstick bleed, and I
do like to wear lipstick. – [Edd] The looseness of the skin gives it a very almost frail texture. – [Michael] Well my teeth
are absolutely disgusting and I’m kind of taken
back, it’s pretty bizarre. – If this is what my outside appearance looks like, just from smoking cigarettes, then I cannot even imagine
what my insides look like. – It’s kinda depressing, I just, I feel like I’m an old man. – After this experience, I definitely want to cut cigarettes
out of my life completely. – I don’t want to continue smoking. – I’m going to reconsider
smoking less or quitting. – Try to make sure that my body ages naturally and not super-advanced like this process shows. – A lot of people say they only smoke when they’re drinking alcohol, and that’s exactly how I started doing it. It can turn into a habit
that you do every day. – I still kind of really want a cigarette, which is how upsetting of a hold cigarettes can have on your life. – It’s not worth it.


  1. i am 16 years old now and i started when i was 15 and i still do it. I could smoke up to one pack a day and idk how to stop

  2. 2:03 I feel like an old man! really? you are almost 60 years old at that time and you think you suppose to look young? what a joke!

  3. People would rather be cool that care about their health, then use exuses like peer pressure or stress, stfu with that bs

  4. Look… I have a friend… I just don't understand why he opts for cigarettes to weed… Can a cigarette smoker help me understand… And he thinks Cigarettes are healthier compared to marijuana

  5. Tobacco kills 20,000 and seriously injures over 300,000 people in the world every single day! It is one of the biggest threats humanity has ever faced!

  6. It pissed me off all the hate comments like you people don’t understand how hard it is to quit. You can’t just stop one day it just doesn’t work like that.

  7. YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY. Disbelieve or mock me if you want, but I have a baby smooth face after 40 years of that. I also don't cough or expectorate abnormally, and I'll live to 90, probably still playing tennis, whether you like it or not.

    Don't be bullshitted by the smoking haterz – including the medical community – who deceive you with the INCORRECT SCIENCE of false causality. There's correlation, not causation, with ill effects from smoking. Just don't be sedentary and don't have the other-than-smoking coronary risk factors and you very well may be just fine. I'm living proof. I'm easily on track to live to 90. Haven't you ever noticed that those 90 year olds often chain smoke unfiltered Camels yet they have no lung or vascular disease? It's because smoking is NOT BAD FOR THEM and poor science doesn't change that. But your mileage may vary. There's lots of factors – both environmental and genetic – in lung and in heart and in circulatory (stroke) disease. Smoking in and of itself absolutely is not necessarily the culprit.

    Except, it is. For a yellow index finger. That washes off though 🙂

  8. I don‘t even smoke that much like 5-10 cigarettes a week and my voice is really fucked up its really raspy and cracky it sounds like i smoke 2 packs a day

  9. The guy and the girl. The 2 younger ones (24 and 25 years old people) don’t look their age. They already look old and so does the other guy with ginger hair

  10. Those that quit and relapse haven't experienced the true sense of freedom and wellbeing we all deserve. It's all about being healthy and let nature take its course. Try checking out Nemery Thentel’s website for a program you can follow on your own terms, and actually enjoy the process.

  11. My mom and her friend thinks this is a joke, I showed them this video and other bideos of what will happen when they smoke too much, and they just laugh and say "that? U think that will happen to us?" So few years passed by my mom keeps on coughing and coughing every single day and night I decide not to mind her business bc ik she wont promise me that she will not stop smoking so i will wait until something happens to her hopes she regrets it.

  12. Been a smoker for 15 years , so far one week without smoking and my energy levels rise , knowing how bad I felt when I smoked and how good I feel now I will never going back to smoking .

  13. Great video! I've included it here

  14. Good is bias the best way to quit is don't start easier said than done but at least down the road you won't get sick I'm you won't know I don't know if you won't get old but at least it won't make you look like you're gaining weight I don't know I don't smoke thank God I never really saw the appeal and I never actually did it but I was offered a cigarette once then I said no

  15. Just Quit…Thank God!! I was smoking almost 3 packs a day, So if I can do it…ANYBODY can!! Good Luck to Everyone who wants to jump on this band wagon!!

  16. I vape and it has nicotine in it. Will it affect my face and health ? I don't smoke cigarettes because it has nar and it's just not my thing. But I love vaping cuz I have anxiety and the nicotine calms me down. someone please tell me

  17. So they've been smoking for a while…and a lot….so to see what smoking for a while and a lot does to you they had to artificially make them look old to make them look old…. okay yeah that's convincing and totally something that will change people's behaviors.

  18. Aging affects you face. But smoking is the WORST!! LOOK AT ME-
    I'm 40.. smoked since 14!! But only cannabis!!

  19. My girl smokes and I don’t want to be with her anymore. She cries for me to stay. I just hate her addiction

  20. Lol this whole video is so misleading and such propaganda xD if you're concerned about your health stop smoking but if you just think it's bad and want people to stop mind ya business. That's what individual liberty and true freedom is and we all know the risks so dont trip let people do them and you do you.

  21. if buzzfeed would give a f…., they would have convinced some ppl to stop smoking and then compar. this is just the make up artists idea

  22. For everyone who wants to quit, it takes time, keep quitting and dont get discouraged if you fail. You will get there. 🙂

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  24. I would appreciate it, that smokers stopped smoking in front of me. So i dont have to walk in the smoke. Its disrespectfull. Seems i'm the bully object for smokers. I'll laugh when they have cancer.

  25. I had my last cigarette 2 days ago. Want to quit it but have been failed many times. At some points, I feel like going to buy cigarettes 😀

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  27. My ass smoking affects your outer appearance my mom smokes for 20 years and she’s just fine and my dad never smoked and he’s like Herbert the pervert from family guy

  28. I started smoking when i was 14 and i had alot of acne in my face after like 4months of smoking my acne disapeared

  29. I fee ashamed when i look infront of the mirror.. Oldage and yellowish of teeth all these happens due to smoking… 😥… Its better to quit now or never.. Orelse whole of the life we should have to regret for silly mistake…

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