How does a pediatric optometrist check a child’s eyes & vision? by an eye doctor for kids

This is a video to get kids to get ready for their eye exam. Hi, my name is Dr. Vicky Fischer. I’m pediatric optometrist, sometimes
called an eye doctor for kids. I’m going to show you how I check your eyes to make sure they are healthy and that you can see your best. Are you ready for your eye exam? Yes! Great, let’s go. First we’re going to use a special camera called an autorefractor to help me know if you need glasses. Look inside, what do you see? Cool! Look at the farm and open your eyes really big. The first number tells me if you’re
nearsighted or farsighted and the second member tells me how much
astigmatism you have. Yay!!! We did it! Who gets a sticker? Now let’s go to the exam room. Have a seat in the big grey chair. First, we measure your visual acuity which is the smallest line of letters
you can see. The eye chart is seen through a mirror to create distance of 20 ft. For kids who haven’t learned their letters yet, I designed a special eye chart that uses the shapes to check their vision. Even one year olds can start to practice their shapes at home before their eye exam. This is a circle. Circle! Moon, star, heart, and triangle! What is that? What is that shape? Circle! What is that one? Heart! Now I’m going to check your near visual acuity and make sure your eyes are straight. Watch the shape. Its going to jump! It’s a moon! This is a phoropter. It’s like a big telescope.Can you see what shape that is? Moon! What happens when I do that? Better or worse? Worse! What happens when I do that? Does that get better or worse? Worse! You’re right. What happens when I do that? Better! Can you show me where the star is? Yay! Can you see where the circle is? Where’s the circle? Where’s the triangle? Which one is the triangle? Yay!! You’re right, that’s the triangle. Now, we’re going to check for color vision. This is a circle, star, square. Can you find the star? Very good, it’s this one.
I’m going to check your eye pressure. I’m going to get very close and you’ll hear a few beeps. I’m going to dilate your eyes to get a better look at the inside of your eyes. It takes twenty minutes for the drops to work. So, if you need glasses you should try on frames while you wait. Your near vision will be blurry for the next 2-4 hours and you should wear sunglasses if its sunny outside. Now it’s time to finish the exam. This is a special light to look at the health of the inside of your eye. I’m going to look at your eye with this big magnifying glass. Follow the toy Look at the toy. Good job. Thank you so much for coming in for your eye exam today. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing you for your routine eye exam next year.


  1. hi mam my daughter is 3and1/2 years old . doctor says it's a squint and give a espect no -1.75 and the second visit is 1 month later but she say it is u come after 6month .I am very upset for my little girl eye please help and suggest me what can I do please

  2. My eye doctor has this machine where I look in and it's greenish and there is some beeps
    Next is I look into this thing and it blows some air stuff in my eyes.
    Next I go into a different room where I look in to a big glasses thing it switches and I say if it's better or worse
    Next I see the color blindness and stuff then I pick my glasses and go

  3. *I've suffered from dry eye for many years. When I wake up in the morning, I can't open my eyes until applying artificial tears. I started using this ===>>>  system and so effective

  4. I wish I had this doctor I live in a small Australian town near the out back I go to that rusty old fucking house then I get a slap upside the head and he goes what does it say kid and I say it then he groans. My better or worse was shit house or pretty good

  5. Please help me. I have extreme eye strain, and i just can't fix it. I've been taking huge breaks from my phone, but that won't help. I have to do these weird twitching things with my eyes just to make them feel comfortable every 3-5 seconds, and my eyes start hurting randomly out of nowhere. I ask my parents if i could go to the eye doctor, but they say I'm "fine', and that i don't need one. I've also had a big decrease in vision. I can't even look at a light without something like blurriness happen to my vision. At my age, this is a big deal. Please, i really need help with this problem. Who knows what could happen to my vision in the future.

  6. Can my vision come back after retinal detachment where I was subject to investigations for months to find out why my vision was blurry …?
    till it was too late to do the operation
    Now I’m blind in the eye with detached retina
    My life ruined, lost confidence depressed
    Any advices doctor?
    Many people told that the hospital should compensation

  7. I wish i could have that level of happyness and patients but then again autism makes you more happy being alone then with other people (why the fuck do you think im on youtube in the first place)

  8. Hi can I ask a question
    do the autorefractor see any problems caused by cellphones
    even if my eyes are still

  9. I love going to the eye doctor!! But I also love anatomy. The eyes are one of the hardest working organs in the body. When refractive errors occur they need to be fixed as soon as possible. I ❤️ my 👀!

  10. the better the test, the tougher the prescription. I am sorry, but I really wish I never went to an eye doctor … each visit = new glasses

  11. wow wow wow… @ 2:21 does everybody see grey squares except for the bottom left star? is this a camera/ video upload problem or should i go see an eye doctor asap

  12. I literally need to get my eyes checked because I’m having trouble seeing things far away but my parents are like


  13. Wish she’s as happy and alive as my son’s Dr. my little one should not need 4 people to hold him when they put the dilation but I guess the Dr. cares more on her trainee, busy teaching her what to do

  14. I’m going to have a appointment tomorrow and if I get worser lens i will have to live with watching my iPad 2 hours…. goodbye… 😭😭😭

  15. I had my eye appointment on Saturday cause I can’t see nothing with my right eye and they told me that I had to get glasses so I can’t wait to get my glasses I’m getting them on the 29 this September I got clear blue/teal and Hot pink

  16. i want glasses but idk if i need them i mean i think i do i wore my friends glasses and i could actually see better and not that blurry xD

  17. Iam also trying like that, me also optometrist iam really enjoyed my profession nd i respect my profession

  18. Great video Dr Vicky Fischer you do an incredible job in your profession each day and help lots of kids. You're also really beautiful. Keep it up. God bless

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