How A Serious Event Can Become A Humorous Story. You Have To Look Back And Laugh With Mental Health.

hey everybody its jeremiah levin again
we all know that mental illness is kind of a touchy subject to people to talk
about it’s very serious but you know sometimes it has its humor too
and so I want to open up like who I really am and the things that I do and I
can look back on and laugh about it but at the time is pretty serious but anyway
there was a story that happened to me and basically if you wonder why I have
my backpack arm is because it’s part of the story so picture it I’m heading to
the gym which I thought I was bringing my trusty water bottle and I didn’t I
didn’t have it with me up my backpack on and I was with my partner can and we’re
walking down the street and we live like eight blocks away from where my gym is
and so we got halfway down and I realize I don’t have my water container so I
kind of have a little meltdown a little freaked out I’d say I hate the gym never
going to gym gym stupid over there so we stomp back to the house so we some back
in I’m in silence I’m not talking I know I ain’t acting irrational but it was
something that I had to do I mean I couldn’t get out of it I was just
involved in my I was just stuck so we get back home and the first thing I do
is I stomp into the bathroom so I’m sitting there on the toilet clothed with
my backpack on and my sunglasses so Ken that’s me are you gonna take your
backpack off and I do my little yeah why are you picking on me leave me alone I
just wanna be here on my own so I sat in the bathroom for like 20 minutes and
then I get up and I’m emotionally and mentally drained and so I go in the
bedroom still of my backpack on and my sunglasses and I lay down and I end up
taking a nap for an hour so I wake up and my sunglasses a sideways and my
backpack is still on so I walk into the living room and those can asleep on the
couch so I go hey and he wakes up star old and his
oh my god and they said why did you still have your backpack on and so I
stood my usual wrangling anemia low and something came out man so him getting up
and making dinner and then I was about 20 minutes of me sitting in silence I
really I came out of my depression about myself or something and so I ended up
saying to him can you help me take my backpack off so this is her reason why I
have my backpack up so every now and then when I have anxiety or if I’m
getting stressed out or things are really bothering me I put my backpack on
it’s a security thing I know it is funny it reminds me of the time it helps me
come hour of my funk so anyway I just wanted to share that
with you and know that as much as it’s really serious it’s sometimes you have
to look back and say this is funny because you know the old saying goes
laughter is the best medicine you can have so I hope you find this humor in it
and I will get back to you when I think of more great great stories
all right peace be with you thank you for the support and all the follows and
the subscriptions on YouTube and hopefully hit me up on Twitter and
Instagram Facebook and I’ll be sending up a message there all right you all
have a great day you take care bye

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  1. That's pretty funny. Interesting way. Looks like you've subbed up. Congratulations, you'll be thousand subs by the end of the year.

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